Friday, October 5, 2012

March Week 2, Year 5

20 days until WrestleMania.

Match 1. Jericho vs. Kane, Tensai and Cesaro
This is going to be tough for Jericho. Tensai went for a slam, but Jericho reversed it into a reverse Russian leg sweep. Jericho went for a back breaker, but Tensai broke out of it. Cesaro came in and landed the Neutralizer to win.

Match 2. Big Show vs. Dolph Ziggler
Ziggler landed a few moves on Show. He hit him with a clotheslines and then later a gut buster. Show became angry. He hit a running DDT and then the Final Cut. Show picked Ziggler back up only to put him down with the WMD to win.

Match 3. Punk vs. Barrett
Despite being knocked out, Jericho ran down to help Punk. Barrett landed a second-rope elbow drop. He then picked Punk up and hit Wasteland. Punk got up and locked Barrett in the Anaconda Vice. A minute later, Punk hit a second-rope splash to win

Main Event. Cena vs. Triple H
These two couldn't build any momentum. They kept on reversing each other's moves. Triple H hit Cena with a pile driver. Cena hit Triple H with a chair over the head, but only got a 2 count. Triple H came back with a Pedigree, but he got a 2 as well. Triple H brought him back in the ring and hit another Pedigree, but Cena wouldn't stay down. Cena hit an AA and then hit Triple H with a mop before getting the win.

After the match, Cena left the ring as Lesnar entered. Brock stomped a mudhole in Triple H. Cena turned around and saved Triple H.

Match 1. Ryback vs. Daniels, Kaz and Kash
These three men did their best to keep Ryback down, but he was just too strong. Kash pounded on the back of Ryback, bringing him down to the mat. He then hit a belly-to-belly. Ryback got up and hit Kash with Shellshocked to knock him out. 

Match 2. Aries vs. Bully Ray
Anderson ran down to the ring, but just stood there. Bully got a couple of near falls on Aries. Aries got up and landed a super kick on Ray. Aries went for a suplex, but Ray reversed it into a neck breaker. He then landed the Bully Cutter to win.

After the match, Aries was taken away on a stretcher...again.

Match 3. CM Punk vs. Crimson Ziggler
Crimson came out and introduced Ziggler as Punk's replacement opponent. Ziggler landed a release German suplex. He then hit the Name Dropper and locked Punk into a sleeper hold. Punk hit a couple of elbows to the side of Ziggler's head. He connected with the GTS and won.

After the match, Crimson came in and argued with with Ziggler.

Main Event. Magnus vs. Jey Uso
I accidently simmed this match. Magnus won.

Recap: Aries is injured again. Ouch. 

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