Friday, December 7, 2012

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I've completed one full year. There's already exciting stuff happening in year two, including a Superstar winning two titles on the same pay-per-view.


So, 6 years of WWE 12 Universe is done.

The things I'll remember most are the abundance of injuries, and superstars returning on the wrong show and the different eras. I went from using the characters in the game, to WWF/WCW, to WWE 2003-2005 to WWE now and then introduced TNA.

I also remember the greatest tag team name I ever made: Latino Heartbreak (Eddie Guerrero and Shawn Michaels). It was probably the best name ever.

So, here are the final champions:

World Heavyweight: Triple H
WWE: Triple H
Intercontinental: Dean Ambrose
United States: Cody Rhodes
Tag Team: Big Show and Mark Henry

TNA World: Abyss
Television: Samoa Joe
X-Division: Consequences Creed
Tag Team: Kid Kash and Gunner

Thank you all for following me on this hectic journey and I hope you continue with WWE 13.


Here we go. The final post of my blog. When you're done reading this go right over to my WWE '13 Universe. I'll post the link on December 8, 2012.

Match 1. Christian vs. Dean Ambrose   WWE Intercontinental Championship
Christian hit Dean with a double boot to the face. He then hit the Killswitch. It looked like that would be all for Ambrose. Dean came back with a reverse face buster. He then connected with a running knee. Christian came back with a couple of near falls. Dean landed a Lou Thesz Press and won.

Match 2. Big Show and Mark Henry vs. Team Hell No   WWE Tag Team Championship
These two teams have been going back and forth for months. They fought at TLC and Royal Rumble. Kane and Show fought on the outside. Bryan came in and attempted to lift Show up, but he reversed it into a DDT. Henry and Show double teamed Bryan. Bryan got up and locked Show in the No Lock. Show hit Kane with the knockout punch and won.

Match 3. Ladder - Shelley vs. Sabin vs. Ion vs. Robbie vs. Creed vs. RVD   X-Division Championship
Zema left the ring as soon as the bell rang and brought in a ladder. Zema climbed the ladder, but Creed knocked him down. Zema busted Shelley open with a bulldog. RVD hit Robbie with a 5-Star Frog Splash. Robbie busted Sabin open with a float-over DDT. RVD hit Shelley with a neck breaker from the top of the ladder. RVD hit Robbie with a frog splash. Creed climbed the ladder and pulled down the title.

Match 4. Chavo and Hernandez vs. Kid Kash and Gunner   TNA Tag Team Championship
Hernandez and Chavo isolated Kash from Gunner with some tag team moves. Hernandez hit Kash with the Border Toss, but he kicked out. He hit another Border Toss on Gunner. He went for a second one to Gunner, but he reversed it and planted Hernandez on his head with a DDT and won.

Match 5. Austin Aries vs. Abyss   TNA World Championship
There have been 3 title changes already. Will this be the fourth? Abyss was walking down the ramp when Aries attacked him from behind. Talk about champion's advantage. Both superstars introduced weapons into the match. There was a garbage can, crutch, guitar and a chair. Abyss hit Aries with a Black Hole Slam. They made it back into the ring where Abyss landed a chokeslam and another BHS to win.

After the match, Aries threw a huge fit, tearing apart the announce table and punching Michael Cole.

Main Event. Triple H vs. Ryback vs. ???  WWE and World Heavyweight Championships
Who is John Cena's replacement? It's CM PUNK! The winner will walk out as both the WWE and World champions. Punk walked down to the ring and Barrett attacked him from behind. Ryback brought in a sledgehammer. Triple H hit Punk with a Pedigree. He then busted him open with a chair shot and won. The match was less than 3 minutes long.

After the match, Bully Ray returned and attacked The Game.

Recap: I like Triple H as both champs, but I hate that it was so short. I wish Bully Ray returned last week. Overall, good WrestleMania and good end to my WWE 12 Universe.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

March Week 4, Year 6

This is it. The final week. I'm so ready to move on to WWE 13.

Match 1. Jericho and Tensai w/ Cesaro vs. Brock Lesnar and ???
Who could possibly want to team up with Lesnar? His partner was...Sin Cara. The biggest let down all Universe. The match went almost 18 minutes. Lesnar hit Tensai with a fisherman suplex, but he kicked out. Lesnar tossed Sin Cara onto Tensai for a crossbody. Jericho landed a heel kick. Lesnar fought back and hit a fall away slam. Lesnar hit an F5 on Jericho, but he quickly left the ring. He made it back in and hit the Codebreaker to win.

After the match, Sin Cara checked on Lesnar. Jericho and Tensai grabbed chairs and hit them both.

Match 2. John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose
What an opportunity for Ambrose, who I controlled. Ambrose left the ring and grabbed a chair. After an armbreaker, Ambrose went for a pin, but Cena kicked out. Cena landed a tilt-a-whirl slam. The match spilled to the outside where Cena hit the AA. Ambrose got up in time to beat the 10-count. Cena then hit another AA while Seth Rollins came down. The ref was distracted by Rollins. Ryback ran out from the crowd. Rollins landed the super kick. Ambrose landed a face buster and won.

After the match, Cena was taken away on a stretcher.

Match 3. 6-man Tag - Rock, Riley and Miz vs. Triple H, Barrett and CM Punk
I'm expecting this match to go at least 20 minutes. Wow, was I wrong? Triple H hit Riley with the Pedigree. Rock tossed Riley onto Triple H with a crossbody. Riley then hit a back suplex and the Final Score. Triple H busted Riley open with some right hands. Barrett hit Riley with a pump handle slam. Punk caught Riley in a roll-up and won.

Main Event. Jack Swagger vs. ???
The mystery opponent was Jericho. Be careful, Chris. I don't need another injury. Cesaro walked down with a chair. Henry ran out from the crowd. Both men left and Jericho landed a heel kick. He then landed the Codebreaker. Jericho landed a huge springboard and pin, but Swagger kicked out at 2. He hit another Codebreaker and won.

Match 1. Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin
Former partners going head to head on the final Impact. After a Russian leg sweep, Sabin hit a sit-out spine buster and the Cradle Shock. Shelley kicked out, but Sabin continued. He hit a heel kick and a northern lights suplex. The match spilled to the outside where Shelley hit a super kick. They made it back in and Shelley hit Shellshock to win.

Match 2. Extreme Rules - Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries
Jeff was waiting in the ring when Aries attacked him from behind. Aries locked Jeff in the Horns of Aries. He then left the ring and brought in a table. After back and forth battling, Aries put Jeff through the table with a leg drop. Jeff hit the Twist of Fate. Aries then hit a German suplex with a pin and won.

After the match, Aries grabbed a chair and hit Jeff a few times.

Match 3. Sting vs. Kurt Angle
Angle hit a tiger suplex early in the match. Angle landed the triple German suplexes. Shelley ran down and hit Angle with the Shellshock. Sting hit the Scorpion Death Drop, but got a 2 count. He hit another SDD, but Angle got right up. Sting won with a suplex and pin to win.

Main Event. TLC - Desmond Wolfe vs. ???
Who could Wolfe's opponent be? It's James Storm! Storm hit Wolfe with a back drop and put him through the table. He then hit the Eye of the Storm. Wolfe came back and drove his forearm across the chest of Storm. Wolfe then climbed the ladder, but Storm knocked him off. Both men climbed, but Storm punched Wolfe off and he was able to pull down the briefcase.

Recap: With WrestleMania six days away, Cena will be stripped of the WWE Title and replaced in the main event. Now, who to replace him with?

March Week 3, Year 6

Almost at the end. A couple of more weeks.

Match 1. Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Jericho
Lesnar and Jericho were staring each other down. Lesnar turned around and hit a cross body on Tensai and Cesaro outside the ring. Jericho ducked a clothesline and hit the Codebreaker. Lesnar got up and hit a running slam and Shooting Star Press. After a 2 count, Lesnar hit a fisherman suplex with a pin to win.

After the match, Cesaro and Tensai came in and attacked Lesnar.

Match 2. Damien Sandow and Alberto Del Rio vs. Primo and Epico
Del Rio and Sandow hit Primo with a clothesline and spear combo. Epico hit Del Rio with a backstabber. Del Rio fought back and locked Epico in a cross armbreaker. Primo reversed a powerbomb and hit Del Rio with a DDT. Sandow hit a drop toe hold and pinned Epico for the win.

Match 3. CM Punk vs. Sheamus
Punk hit the GTS and went for a pin, but Sheamus kicked out. Punk then hit a springboard elbow and a pump handle. Sheamus fought back and landed the Brogue Kick. Punk got up and landed the running knee/bulldog and then forced him to tap out from the Anaconda Vice.

Main Event. Kane vs. Randy Orton
Orton walked down the ramp when Barrett appeared and punched him. Kane hit Orton with a back breaker. Orton got up and drove his knee across Kane's forehead and then hit the RKO. Kane kicked out and knocked Orton to the outside. Orton went for an RKO, but Kane reversed it and hit the chokeslam. He dragged Orton back in and won.

After the match, Aries ran down and hit Kane with the TNA Title.

Match 1. D'Angelo Dinero vs. Kurt Angle
The Pope hit a springboard elbow and a huge uppercut. He then hit a modified Swagger Bomb. RVD walked down with a chair. Angle landed the Angle Slam, but the ref was distracted by RVD. The Pope hit a Codebreaker. He then locked Angle in a rear naked choke and made him tap.

Match 2. Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries vs. Abyss and Gunner
Jeff walked down the ring by himself. The champ was nowhere in sight. Abyss and Gunner took advantage of the 2-on-1 and beat down Jeff. Abyss landed a shoulder tackle and a belly-to-belly before getting the 3 count.

After the match, Abyss left the ring and grabbed a chair. He was going to hit Hardy when Aries ran down. Aries took the chair and hit Jeff anyway.

Match 3. Jay Lethal vs. RVD
This has the chance to be an exciting match between to high-flyers. Angle walked down with a chair. He must be pissed after RVD interfered. RVD landed the Rolling Thunder. Roode ran down to even the odds. All four men fought in the ring. RVD landed a frog splash, but Lethal got up. After a rolling fireman's carry, RVD landed another frog splash to win.

Main Event. Bobby Roode vs. Rob Terry
Terry landed a huge powerslam. He then hit a chokeslam, but Roode kicked out. Roode fought back and locked Terry in a crossface. Terry broke out and landed another powerslam. He ended the match with a huge spine buster and 3 count.

After the match, Terry left the ring when Big Show's music hit. He ran down and attacked Terry.

Recap: There is some brand warfare going on as we get ready for WrestleMania. Another WWE Superstar returns on TNA. What the hell?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

March Week 2, Year 6

Match 1. Brock Lesnar vs. Sin Cara
This is a Remarkable Match for some reason. I took control of Lesnar. Tensai attacked Lesnar from behind. Sin Cara landed some kicks to the calves. Lesnar left the ring and grabbed a chair. After a belly-to-belly, Lesnar hit the F5, but Sin Cara kicked out. Cara hit a flipping pile driver, but Lesnar immediately left the ring and brought in another chair. After a fall away slam, Lesnar hit the Shooting Star Press to win.

After the match, Tensai, Jericho and Cesaro came out and stared down Lesnar.

Match 2. R-Truth and Kofi vs. Dean Ambrose and ???
Dean's partner was...Seth Rollins! What are these guys doing in the WWE and how did they get here? Rollins broke out of a sleeper hold and hit Truth with the Avada Kedavra super kick. Kofi and Truth hit Dean with a double back elbow and a double hip toss. Rollins landed a tornado DDT, but Truth kicked out. Rolling ended the match with a Phoenix Splash on Truth.

Match 3. Ryback vs. John Cena
The Rock walked down with a chair. Rollins ran down as Ryback landed Shell Shock. Rollins entered and broke up Ryback's pin. Cena went for a suplex, but Ryback reversed it into a neck breaker. Cena got up and landed the AA for the win.

Main Event. Jack Swagger vs. Mark Henry
Henry hit a fall away slam and a back breaker. Swagger drove his knee into the face of Henry in the corner. He then picked him up for the gutwrench powerbomb and won.

Match 1. Magnus vs. Mr. Anderson
Anderson landing the rolling fireman's carry. He went for the Mic Check, but Magnus reversed it. Anderson continued with a spinning DDT. Magnus got up and hit a pump handle slam. He then hit the Mac Daddy Driver. Anderson got up and hit the Mic Check to win.

Match 2. Abyss and Gunner vs. Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries
Gunner and Abyss kept Aries away from Hardy with a couple of tag moves. Aries and Jeff took their turn with Abyss. Jeff then hit Abyss with a Twist of Fate. Abyss got up and hit Aries with the Shock Treatment. Abyss then went for a chokeslam on Jeff, but Jeff reversed it and got the 3 count.

After the match, Hardy and Aries celebrated. Aries turned around and took out Jeff.

Match 3. James Storm vs. Rob Terry
I decided to take control of Storm. After a diving shoulder block, Storm hit a backstabber. He then went for the Last Call, but Terry reversed it and landed a chokeslam. Storm hit another backstabber, but Terry kicked out. AJ Styles ran down and hit Terry with a Styles Clash. Terry came back and hit a huge spine buster to win.

After the match, James Storm was taken away on a stretcher.

Main Event. Desmond Wolfe vs. Robert Roode
About 30 seconds into the match, Angle ran down. Roode wanted to team up, but Angle turned on Roode and Wolfe took advantage. Desmond went for a double underhook a couple of times, but Roode kept reversing it. Wolfe planted Roode with a DDT and won.

After the match, Wolfe left the ring, but was stopped by the returning Randy Orton. Orton attacked Wolfe and tossed him into the steps.

Recap: Aries and Angle are both heels. I take somewhat of the blame for Storm's injury. Why doesn't my Universe know to return guys on their own show? Good to have Orton back though. 

March Week 1, Year 6

Four weeks until WrestleMania!

Match 1. The Rock and Alex Riley vs. Wade Barrett and Triple H
Triple H and Barrett left the ring and met Rock and Riley on the ramp and attacked them. Triple H hit Rock with a spine buster on the ramp. They made it to the ring and Triple H wasted no time as he landed the Pedigree on The Rock. Riley and Rock attempted a comeback, but the attack was too much. Barrett landed some right hands on Riley and won.

Match 2. Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz   #1 Contender's match
This is Ambrose's first official match and he could be going to WrestleMania with a title shot. Cena walked down with a chair. Rock ran down soon after and went after Cena. Rock hit Cena with a Rock Bottom. Ambrose landed a back suplex. He landed a clothesline and another suplex before getting the 3 count.

Match 3. Kane vs. Jack Swagger
Swagger brought in a chair to take down the big man. Kane landed a Tombstone, but Swagger was able to kick out. He landed another Tombstone about 30 seconds later. Cesaro ran down, which allowed Swagger to make a comeback. Cesaro hit the Neutralizer. Kane got up, hit a pump handle slam and won.

Main Event. John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar
Lesnar was waiting in the ring when Cena attacked him from behind. Cena landed the AA in about a minute, but Lesnar kicked out. Cena hit a second AA, but Lesnar rolled out of the ring. Cena followed and landed his third AA. Cena hit the Throwbacks face buster and won.

After the match, Cena left the ring and grabbed a chair. He was about to hit Lesnar when Jericho ran down and took the chair. He turned around and hit Lesnar.

Match 1. Kurt Angle vs. RVD
The Pope ran down. Angle landed the Angle Slam while Dinero just stood around. Pope hit Angle with a backstabber. Angle landed a back breaker. After kicking out of a pin, RVD caught Angle in a roll-up, but Angle kicked out. Angle landed the triple German suplexes and won.

Match 2. James Storm vs. Desmond Wolfe   #1 Contender's match
The winner faces Samoa Joe for the TV Title next week. Wolfe landed a side slam, but Storm got right up and hit a clothesline. Wolfe left and grabbed a chair. Storm countered and hit a codebreaker. He then hit the Eye of the Storm, but Wolfe kicked out. The match ended after a Last Call superkick.

Match 3. Chavo and Hernandez vs. Kash and Gunner
I controlled the tag champs. Chavo and Gunner kicked things off. He landed a float-over DDT. He then landed a hurricanrana from the top rope. Hernandez came in and landed a spear. Chavo came back, but Gunner tagged in Kash. Chavo and Kash went at it. Chavo and Hernandez landed a double suplex. Hernandez then hit the Border Toss to win.

After the match, Hernandez and Chavo were celebrating when Hernandez turned on Chavo.

Main Event. Austin Aries vs. Abyss 
Abyss came out and introduced Chris Sabin as Aries' new opponent. Abyss is already getting into the head of the champion. Sabin landed Future Shock, but Aries kicked out. Sabin continued with a clothesline and neck breaker. He hit another Future Shock about 4 minutes later, but he kicked out again. Sabin won with a sit-out powerbomb.

After the match, Sabin grabbed a chair and went to hit Aries, but Jeff Hardy's music played and out he came to save the champ. 

Recap: Ambrose is going to WrestleMania! Hernandez is heel and Jeff returned.

February Week 4, Year 6

Five weeks, 40 matches, until the final WrestleMania.

Match 1. Triple H and Wade Barrett vs. The Rock and ???
The Rock's mystery partner was Alex Riley. Man, this kid is getting huge opportunity right now. Barrett hit Riley with Wasteland, but he kicked out. Triple H and Barrett kept Riley away from The Great One. Rock came in and hit Barrett with a Rock Bottom. About two minutes later, Barrett hit him with Wasteland and won.

After the match, Barrett grabbed two chairs as he and Triple H hit Rock and Riley.

Match 2. Brock Lesnar vs. Jack Swagger
Lesnar hit a back breaker and then climbed the ropes and landed a Shooting Star Press. Henry ran down and broke up Lesnar's pin. Lesnar went for an F5, but Swagger reversed it and hit the gutwrench powerbomb. Lesnar landed a belly-to-belly and won.

Match 3. Hell No vs. Primo and Epico
I controlled Daniel Bryan. Bryan landed a bunch of right leg kicks to the chest and head of Primo. Kane was tagged in and received a tag move from the Colons. They then hit Kane with a double flying forearm. Bryan locked Epico in a camel clutch and forced him to tap.

Main Event. Rumber Winner's Event - John Cena vs. Austin Aries
Abyss came down to scout out both champions. Abyss grabbed a chair and DDT'd Aries on it, causing a disqualification.

Match 1. Lethal and Creed vs. Robbie E and Zema Ion
Robbie busted Lethal open with a float-over DDT. Ion brought in a chair. Robbie hit Lethal with a super kick. Ion hit Creed with a DDT and got the 3 count.

Match 2. Kurt Angle vs. Abyss
Desmond Wolfe ran down and attacked Angle. Abyss went for a chokeslam, but Angle reversed it. Abyss connected with the Black Hole Slam, but Angle got right up. Angle locked in the Angle Lock. He then hit the Angle Slam. Angle caught Abyss in a roll-up and won.

Match 3. James Storm vs. Rob Terry
Terry was walking to the ring when Desmond Wolfe attacked him from behind. Terry was able to recover from the attack as he lifted Storm up by the neck. Storm landed a northern lights suplex and the Last Call to win.

Main Event. Bobby Roode vs. Bully Ray
Ray hit the Bully Bomb on Roode outside the ring. They made it back in as Roode landing an inverted neck breaker. Both men got near falls as the match got close to the 10-minute mark. Roode kicked out and hit the Pay Off suplex to win.

After the match, Bully Ray was taken away on a stretcher.

Recap: Triple H and Barrett are an official team. I approve of it. Did the DDT signify that Abyss is going after Aries? Ray is injured. It's one less person in the way of Aries.

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Match 1. 6-man Battle Royal - Creed vs. Petey vs. Styles vs. Sonjay vs. Kid Kash vs. Robbie E
The winner will face Zema Ion at WrestleMania for the X-Division Title. Dutt made the first elimination as he dropkicked Petey out of the ring. Kash was the next eliminated by Creed. Styles and Creed battled against the ropes. Styles dropkicked Creed out of the ring and Dutt flipped out Robbie E. Dutt thought he eliminated Styles, but he held on. Styles landed the Styles Clash. Dutt recovered and eliminated Styles to win.

Match 2. The Miz vs. Cody Rhodes   United States Championship
Rhodes landed a swinging neck breaker and a bulldog. He then hit a back suplex. After the Silver Spoon DDT, Rhodes got the 3 count. Miz didn't get much offense in as loses both of his titles in a month's time.

Match 3. Chavo and Hernandez vs. Daniel and Kaz   TNA Tag Team Championship
Kaz and Daniels landed a double super back drop on Hernandez. A couple of minutes later, Hernandez hit Daniels with the Border Toss. Daniels hit Hernandez with the Best Moonsault Ever, but Chavo broke up the following pin. Chavo hit Daniels with the Gory Bomb and won.

Match 4. Chamber - Swagger vs. Lesnar vs. Punk vs. Henry vs. Barrett vs. Ryback
The winner will face John Cena and the winner of the World Title match in a Triple Threat Unification match. Swagger and Lesnar started the match. Lesnar landed a huge back drop. The first man to leave his pod was Mark Henry. Lesnar lifted Henry up for a belly-to-belly. Barrett was the next to enter. CM Punk was the third man to enter and he went right after Lesnar. Swagger and Henry battled in the corner. Ryback finally entered and all six man went at it.

Henry hit Swagger with a fall away slam. Lesnar hit Barrett with an F5, but he kicked out. Lesnar hit Henry with a running slam. Swagger almost eliminated Barrett with a gutwrench. Punk scored the first elimination on Barrett. Lesnar hit Henry with an F5. Punk eliminated Swagger after a GTS. Ryback eliminated Punk after a Shell Shocked. Ryback eliminated Henry after Lesnar hit him with a second F5. Ryback and Lesnar are the last two. Ryback won when he pinned Lesnar after a German suplex.

Match 5. The Rock vs. Triple H   World Heavyweight Championship
Two former partners battling for the World Title. The Rock was walking down the ramp when Cena attacked him from behind. Rock came back and landed the Rock Bottom. Triple H landed his spine buster and Pedigree. Triple H pinned Rocky, but the ref only counted to 2. Triple H was upset and tossed the ref across the ring. After a neck breaker, Triple H got the win.

After the match, Cena came in an celebrated with Triple H.

Main Event. Chamber - Aries vs. Roode vs. RVD vs. Angle vs. Storm vs. Wolfe   TNA Championship
Desmond Wolfe and James Storm started off the match. RVD was the first to join the match. Wolfe hit Storm with a neck breaker. Aries was the next to enter. His chances of retaining his title or small. Storm hit Aries with some punches in the corner. Bobby Roode came in third as he and Storm attacked RVD. Aries stood back as the other four men fought. Angle entered the match and all six men are in the ring.

Wolfe hit Storm with a rolling fireman's carry and Angle pinned him for the elimination. Roode locked Aries in a crossface. Wolfe locked Aries in a camel clutch, but he broke out again. RVD busted Wolfe open with a heel kick. RVD hit Aries with a standing moonsault. Angle caught Wolfe in a roll-up and eliminated him. Aries locked Angle in a single-leg Boston Crab and RVD had Roode in a camel clutch, but both men broke free. Aries hit Roode with the chokebomb and turned his attention to RVD. Roode hit RVD with Pay Off and eliminated him. Aries eliminated Roode with a spine buster. Maybe Aries can retain his title. After a double underhook back breaker, Aries eliminated Angle for the win.

Recap: Cena screwed The Rock out of his championship match. For WrestleMania, the two main title matches are Cena vs. Triple H vs. Ryback and Abyss (the Rumble winner) vs. Austin Aries.