Wednesday, December 5, 2012

March Week 2, Year 6

Match 1. Brock Lesnar vs. Sin Cara
This is a Remarkable Match for some reason. I took control of Lesnar. Tensai attacked Lesnar from behind. Sin Cara landed some kicks to the calves. Lesnar left the ring and grabbed a chair. After a belly-to-belly, Lesnar hit the F5, but Sin Cara kicked out. Cara hit a flipping pile driver, but Lesnar immediately left the ring and brought in another chair. After a fall away slam, Lesnar hit the Shooting Star Press to win.

After the match, Tensai, Jericho and Cesaro came out and stared down Lesnar.

Match 2. R-Truth and Kofi vs. Dean Ambrose and ???
Dean's partner was...Seth Rollins! What are these guys doing in the WWE and how did they get here? Rollins broke out of a sleeper hold and hit Truth with the Avada Kedavra super kick. Kofi and Truth hit Dean with a double back elbow and a double hip toss. Rollins landed a tornado DDT, but Truth kicked out. Rolling ended the match with a Phoenix Splash on Truth.

Match 3. Ryback vs. John Cena
The Rock walked down with a chair. Rollins ran down as Ryback landed Shell Shock. Rollins entered and broke up Ryback's pin. Cena went for a suplex, but Ryback reversed it into a neck breaker. Cena got up and landed the AA for the win.

Main Event. Jack Swagger vs. Mark Henry
Henry hit a fall away slam and a back breaker. Swagger drove his knee into the face of Henry in the corner. He then picked him up for the gutwrench powerbomb and won.

Match 1. Magnus vs. Mr. Anderson
Anderson landing the rolling fireman's carry. He went for the Mic Check, but Magnus reversed it. Anderson continued with a spinning DDT. Magnus got up and hit a pump handle slam. He then hit the Mac Daddy Driver. Anderson got up and hit the Mic Check to win.

Match 2. Abyss and Gunner vs. Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries
Gunner and Abyss kept Aries away from Hardy with a couple of tag moves. Aries and Jeff took their turn with Abyss. Jeff then hit Abyss with a Twist of Fate. Abyss got up and hit Aries with the Shock Treatment. Abyss then went for a chokeslam on Jeff, but Jeff reversed it and got the 3 count.

After the match, Hardy and Aries celebrated. Aries turned around and took out Jeff.

Match 3. James Storm vs. Rob Terry
I decided to take control of Storm. After a diving shoulder block, Storm hit a backstabber. He then went for the Last Call, but Terry reversed it and landed a chokeslam. Storm hit another backstabber, but Terry kicked out. AJ Styles ran down and hit Terry with a Styles Clash. Terry came back and hit a huge spine buster to win.

After the match, James Storm was taken away on a stretcher.

Main Event. Desmond Wolfe vs. Robert Roode
About 30 seconds into the match, Angle ran down. Roode wanted to team up, but Angle turned on Roode and Wolfe took advantage. Desmond went for a double underhook a couple of times, but Roode kept reversing it. Wolfe planted Roode with a DDT and won.

After the match, Wolfe left the ring, but was stopped by the returning Randy Orton. Orton attacked Wolfe and tossed him into the steps.

Recap: Aries and Angle are both heels. I take somewhat of the blame for Storm's injury. Why doesn't my Universe know to return guys on their own show? Good to have Orton back though. 

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