Friday, December 7, 2012


Here we go. The final post of my blog. When you're done reading this go right over to my WWE '13 Universe. I'll post the link on December 8, 2012.

Match 1. Christian vs. Dean Ambrose   WWE Intercontinental Championship
Christian hit Dean with a double boot to the face. He then hit the Killswitch. It looked like that would be all for Ambrose. Dean came back with a reverse face buster. He then connected with a running knee. Christian came back with a couple of near falls. Dean landed a Lou Thesz Press and won.

Match 2. Big Show and Mark Henry vs. Team Hell No   WWE Tag Team Championship
These two teams have been going back and forth for months. They fought at TLC and Royal Rumble. Kane and Show fought on the outside. Bryan came in and attempted to lift Show up, but he reversed it into a DDT. Henry and Show double teamed Bryan. Bryan got up and locked Show in the No Lock. Show hit Kane with the knockout punch and won.

Match 3. Ladder - Shelley vs. Sabin vs. Ion vs. Robbie vs. Creed vs. RVD   X-Division Championship
Zema left the ring as soon as the bell rang and brought in a ladder. Zema climbed the ladder, but Creed knocked him down. Zema busted Shelley open with a bulldog. RVD hit Robbie with a 5-Star Frog Splash. Robbie busted Sabin open with a float-over DDT. RVD hit Shelley with a neck breaker from the top of the ladder. RVD hit Robbie with a frog splash. Creed climbed the ladder and pulled down the title.

Match 4. Chavo and Hernandez vs. Kid Kash and Gunner   TNA Tag Team Championship
Hernandez and Chavo isolated Kash from Gunner with some tag team moves. Hernandez hit Kash with the Border Toss, but he kicked out. He hit another Border Toss on Gunner. He went for a second one to Gunner, but he reversed it and planted Hernandez on his head with a DDT and won.

Match 5. Austin Aries vs. Abyss   TNA World Championship
There have been 3 title changes already. Will this be the fourth? Abyss was walking down the ramp when Aries attacked him from behind. Talk about champion's advantage. Both superstars introduced weapons into the match. There was a garbage can, crutch, guitar and a chair. Abyss hit Aries with a Black Hole Slam. They made it back into the ring where Abyss landed a chokeslam and another BHS to win.

After the match, Aries threw a huge fit, tearing apart the announce table and punching Michael Cole.

Main Event. Triple H vs. Ryback vs. ???  WWE and World Heavyweight Championships
Who is John Cena's replacement? It's CM PUNK! The winner will walk out as both the WWE and World champions. Punk walked down to the ring and Barrett attacked him from behind. Ryback brought in a sledgehammer. Triple H hit Punk with a Pedigree. He then busted him open with a chair shot and won. The match was less than 3 minutes long.

After the match, Bully Ray returned and attacked The Game.

Recap: I like Triple H as both champs, but I hate that it was so short. I wish Bully Ray returned last week. Overall, good WrestleMania and good end to my WWE 12 Universe.

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