Wednesday, March 28, 2012

May Week 3, Year 2

Match 1. Extreme Rules - Foley vs. Al Snow vs. Steve Blackman
The Lethal Weapon debuts on Raw! The Hardcore Champ was in control, taking on both opponents. Foley brought in a table while Blackman brought in a ladder, then a sledgehammer. Snow added a chair to the mix and quickly hit Foley over the head. Snow pinned Blackman after a leg whip.

Match 2. Edge and Angle vs. Rock and Vince
Vince decided to show up this week. Edge and Angle kept Rock isolated in their corner. Rock was going to tag in Vince, but Angle hit him with a German suplex. Rock and Vince finally got the upper hand by double teaming Edge. Rock received an Angle Slam outside the ring. Edge then hit the top-rope spear, but Vince broke up the pin again. Angle tried for a third time and succeeded.

Match 3. Extreme Rules - Test vs. Goldust
Goldust made his return last week, winning a triple threat match that also featured Stone Cold. Test was having none of it in the early going. Test brought in a kendo stick and a chair. However, Goldust was able to hit Shattered Dreams. Test eventually won with his modified F5.

Main Event. Cage - Austin vs. Kane
If only I could use Masked Kane in Universe, then this roster would be complete. Oh well. Anyway, these two were going back and forth, not letting the other gain momentum. Kane looks like he'll be the next challenger to Austin's WWF Title. Kane reversed the stunner and hit two chokeslams back-to-back. Austin hit a DDT and began climbing the cage. Kane attempted to bring him down, but Austin kicked him to the mat and won.

Match 1. Goldberg vs. Luger
Both men are coming off victories last week. These two could be fighting for the WCW Title in the near future. Luger was keeping Goldberg on the mat with slams and suplexes. Goldberg went for the Jackhammer but Luger reversed it and locked him in the Torture Rack. Luger got the pin after a running powerslam.

Match 2. Eddie and Rey vs. Steiner and Bagwell
The former tag champs take on the 2nd-ranking heel tag team in WCW. Rey and Eddie, in their matching green attire, used their speed to take it to Steiner and Bagwell. Steiner and Bagwell eventually got the upperhand on Eddie and Rey. Bagwell hit Eddie with a spear to score the victory.

Match 3. Steamboat vs. Hall
A rematch from last week, The Dragon wants another shot. Hall was on his way to the ring when Mr. Ass attacked him from behind. Hall was building up a comeback, but Steamboat reversed the Last Call. Hall hit two huge powerslams and pinned Steamboat in the middle of the ring to make in two in a row.

After the match, Mr. Ass ran down to the ring and beat Hall with a lead pipe.

Main Event. Flair vs. Nash
Nash was on his way to the ring and Mr. Ass attacked him, too. Well, Billy Gunn single-handedly took out both members of the nWo again. However, Nash wasn't affected and began his beatdown on Flair. The steel steps were brought in the ring and Flair was the first to used them. Flair hit a clothesline in the corner and pinned Nash to win.

After the match, Benoit joined Flair in the ring and raised his hand in victory.

Recap: Surprisingly, Raw didn't have any interference or cut scenes. Looks like things are finally under control. I want to know why Mr. Ass is still attacking Hall and Nash. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

May Week 2, Year 2

Match 1. Battle Royal - Show vs. Lawler vs. Godfather vs. Snow vs. HHH vs. HBK
I predict Michaels will win. Depending on the winner, I may use them as a future contender for Test's IC Title. Godfather was eliminated by HBK. Show kicked HBK out of the match. Al Snow tossed Lawler out of the match next. Show tossed HHH out right after. Snow and Show remain. Show won by last eliminated Al Snow. 

Match 2. Rock and Vince vs. Angle and Edge
Before the match started, Rock was shown heading to the ring alone. Is this the beginning of Vince's turn? After a few German suplexes and a double team move, Angle pinned Rock.

After the match, Vince ran down and checked on Rocky.

Match 3. Undertaker vs. Kane
This is the first meeting between these two and it should be a good one. Each man was trying to gain the upper hand by using their strength to hurt the other. Taker hit Kane with a Tombstone but Kane got right back up. Taker pinned Kane after hitting him with a headbutt.

Main Event. Austin vs. Test vs. ??? Goldust
Austin was making his way to the ring when Test attacked him from behind. The mystery man was Goldust. Goldust is back! Test injured Goldust in their IC Title match at Extreme Rules. Test is trying his best to re-injure Goldust. However, Goldust wins by knocking out Test with the Final Cut.

After the match, Test throws a fit by the announcers and knocks out Cole.

Match 1. Goldberg vs. Hogan
Nitro definitely knows how to book a card. Having a possible World Title main event start the show is amazing. Hogan hit Goldberg with the same piledriver that injured Benoit's neck, but Goldberg kept going. Goldberg hit a neckbreaker and some elbows to the neck of Hogan before pinning him for the win.

After the match, Hogan was taken away on a stretcher.

Match 2. Anderson, Malenko, and Sting vs. Luger, Jericho and Jarrett
Anderson and Jericho kicked things off. Malenko then came in and got the upper hand over Jericho. Jarrett was able relieve Jericho and tag himself in. Luger had Anderson in the Torture Rack but he escaped. Sting hit Jericho with the Scorpion Death Drop. The second half of the match featured Sting and Luger as the two main guys. Luger made Sting tap from the Torture Rack.

Match 3. Steamboat vs. Scott Hall
Billy Gunn attacked Hall from behind as he was heading to the ring. Despite the attack, Hall was back on his feet. I thought the NAO vs. nWo rivalry Steamboat was proving to Hall and the rest of Nitro why he is the US Champ. Hall hit a backbreaker and an elbow drop after hitting the Outsider's Edge earlier to win.

After the match, Gunn attacked Hall with his Tag Title and left him in the middle of the ring.

Main Event. Flair vs. Nash vs. ??? Benoit
Could Benoit be returning tonight? As Nash was heading to the ring, Billy Gunn attacked him, too. Benoit is the third man! As big as Gunn is, he wasn't able to keep Nash down. Benoit was close to making Nash tap, but Flair broke it up. Nash hit a Jackknife if Benoit and pinned him.

After the match, an EMT checked on Benoit, who was laying face down.

Recap: Although returning in the main event, Goldust is still listed as injured. Looks like Hogan got a taste of his own medicine. Mr. Ass has single handedly attacked the WCW Tag Champs in one night. Benoit is injured again despite competing tonight.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

May Week 1, Year 2

After a successful PPV with the new rosters, we move on to May. 

Match 1. Bourne and Clay vs. HBK and Christian
I went to edit this but I simulated it. Oops. I do hope I don't see this on the card anymore, though.

Match 2. Rock and Vince vs. Angle and Edge
I am waiting for Vince to turn on Rocky. Angle and Edge attacked Rock and Vince from behind on their way to the ring. Rock tagged in Vince, but he received an Angle Slam. Vince hit the Mac Stunner on Edge. Edge won the match after hitting Rock with a spear.

After the match, Edge and Angle grabbed chairs and beat down their opponents.

Match 3. Foley and Austin vs. Test and Kane
Test started the match off against Foley, keeping him by his corner. Kane was tagged in with Austin as the other legal man. Foley and Stone Cold isolated Kane in their corner for a couple of minutes, but Test was able to come in. The match spilled to the outside. It ended with Foley pinning Test.

Main Event. Bradshaw vs. Shamrock
This is a main event I thought I would never see. Is Bradshaw seeing singles competition? Despite the beating he received, Bradshaw was still in the match. Shamrock reversed the fall away slam. X-Pac ran down to the ring, but left before doing any moves. After a series of kicks and a shoulder tackle, Shamrock picked up the win.

Match 1. Flair vs. Hall
The WCW Champ is kicking off Nitro against one of his rivals. Hall's partner, Nash, was unable to bring more gold to the nWo. Hall hit the fall away slam, but Flair reversed the Outsider's Edge. Hall eventually hit the Outsider's Edge and won the match.

Match 2. Lesnar vs. Sheamus
I'm only keeping this match to sim it. Hopefully it won't appear next week.

Match 3. Benoit vs. Hogan
Steiner was shown at ringside holding a ticket. Does he know he has a match next? Both men did their best trying to build up momentum. Benoit locked Hogan in the Crossface, but he broke out. Hogan pinned Benoit outside the ring after hitting his Hulkamania punches.

After the match, Benoit was taken away on a stretcher. 

Main Event. Nash vs. Steiner  #1 Contender's Match
Big Daddy Cool is looking to get back into the title picture after his lost at Extreme Rules. Out of nowhere, Nash hit Steiner with the Jackknife. Bagwell ran down to help his partner. Hall ran down next to even the odds. Nash won after hitting a big boot in the corner.

Recap: I wish I didn't sim that match cause there are Superstars I need to get on Raw. What was X-Pac's motive? You can add Benoit to the injured list.


Match 1. Eddie and Rey vs. nWo  WCW Tag Team Championship
After dealing with the New Age Outlaws and Sting and Savage, Nash and Hall finally get their title shot. Hall started it off against Eddie, then focused on Rey. Eddie hit the Brainbuster on Nash. A couple of minutes later, Nash hit the Jackknife on Rey and pinned him for the win.

Match 2. Iron Man - Goldust vs. Test  Intercontinental Championship
This is the Corporation's second attempt at gold. The first attempt was successful as Shamrock captured the European Title. Goldust hit the Final Cut with 10:50 left to score the first point. Test hit a modified F5 to tie the score with 8:45 left in the match. Goldust hit another Final Cut at the 7:30 mark, 2-1. Test tied it with his finisher again at 6:27. Test took a 3-2 lead after turning Goldust inside out with a huge clothesline. After a knee to Test's head, Goldust scored his third point. After about 3 minutes of back and forth action, Test hit his finisher for the 5th point (I apparently missed the 4th). Test wins the IC Title by a score of 5-3.

After the match, Goldust was carried away on a stretcher.

Match 3. Extreme Rules - Flair vs. Nash vs. Saturn  WCW Championship
Can Nash capture the WCW Title tonight, too? Perry brings in the first weapon - a guitar. Flair is staying back, letting the other two go at it. Saturn hit a T-bone suplex on Flair, then Nash hit the Jackknife on Saturn. The match continued with many weapons brought into the mix. There was a table on fire at one point. Flair retained after hitting Saturn with his finisher, which is grabbing the um, male area really hard.

Match 4. Rock n Sock vs. Shamrock and Kane
The Corporation is taking over the PPV. Foley tagged in Rock as Kane grabbed a chair. He DDT'd Rocky on it. Rock and Foley were making use of the quick tags, isolating Shamrock. He and Kane were doing the same to Foley. After a long, back and forth match, Kane pinned Rock.

Match 5. Benoit vs. Steamboat  United States Championship
Two men going at it with very similar styles. I expect this match to be better than the WCW Title match. Each man reversed the other's attacks. Benoit locked in the Crossface but Steamboat broke out of it. The latter part of the match was all Steamboat. He was hitting move after move off the top rope. He finally won after a cross body from the top.

Main Event. Extreme Rules - Austin vs. Angle  WWF Championship
Austin was in control, hitting a suplex and a backbreaker during the early going. Angle made things worse for Angle by hitting him with a table. Out of nowhere, Angle hit the Angle Slam. He then evened the odds by hitting Austin with a mop. Yeah, a mop. But he wasn't affected and hit Angle with a Stone Cold Stunner to retain.

After the match, a medical personnel checked on Angle who was lying in the middle of the ring.

Recap: The nWo's reign on WCW begins now. The WCW Title match was 20 minutes of awesomeness. WCW has put on some good matches in the short time they've been around. Angle and Goldust are injured indefinitely.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

April Week 4, Year 2

Match 1. Battle Royal - X-Pac vs. Godfather vs. Christian vs. Henry vs. Jeff vs. Shamrock  European Title
Six days before Extreme Rules, so I figured another title match was due. Christian was the first eliminated. X-Pac was next. There will be a new champion. Shamrock tossed out Henry. Godfather was the 4th eliminated. Shamrock tossed out Jeff to win the title.

Match 2. Rock vs. Edge and Angle
Rock was doing everything he could, but Edge and Angle seemed to be too much. I wonder what role Vince will play going forward. Angle landed a big moonsault then the Angle Slam for the win.

After the match, Edge grabbed a chair to hit...Vince? But Rock made the save.

Match 3. Test and Kane vs. Stone Cold and Foley
I wonder if Foley will no-show again. He was on the apron as Austin's partner. Kane refused to tag Test in. He was dominating both Foley and Austin. Test did, eventually, come in and when he did, Austin was in control. Kane came back in and hit Foley with the Tombstone. 

Main Event. Taker vs. Billy Gunn
I don't know what Gunn did to deserve this match. Gunn reversed the Last Ride, but he did hit the Tombstone. Angle ran down to the ring and hit the Angle Slam on Taker. Gunn hit the Fame-Asser, but Taker kicked out at 1. After a back suplex, Taker pinned Gunn for a 3-count.

Match 1. Steamboat vs. Saturn
A match between two rising stars on Nitro. The Dragon beat Luger last week and Saturn beat Bret Hart 2 weeks ago. Will Saturn challenge Benoit for the US Title in 2 days? After a scoop slam, Steamboat pinned Saturn to win.

Match 2. Jericho vs. Goldberg vs. DDP
Jericho grabbed a chair about a minute into the match. Jericho kept himself out of the match for the most part. He rarely got involved. Goldberg hit the Jackhammer twice on Jericho. He knocked him out on the third try.

Match 3. New Age Outlaws vs. nWo
We get the first WWF vs. WCW match featuring two big teams. Road Dogg came out alone. Looks like Taker took care of Gunn really good. Dogg was just a piece of meat for these two. Nash hit a running boot while Dogg was in the corner and then pinned him.

After the match, Hall and Nash celebrated their victory.

Main Event. Flair Benoit vs. Hogan w/ Steiner
Can Flair beat Hogan even with Scott Steiner at ringside? Flair walked out of the back holding his arm. He found a replacement in Chris Benoit. Early on, Hogan and Steiner were double teaming Benoit. He was able to lock in the crossface, but Hogan escaped. Hogan "Hulked up" and knocked Benoit out.

After the match, Steiner picked up a chair and hit Benoit a couple of times. Hogan then got the chair and hit Benoit again.

Recap: There weren't any #1 Contender's matches on Raw. The European Title is now with the Corporation. I think that cutscene on Raw was glitched. Vince should have made the save. Angle has joined Edge and Christian, forming Team ECK. 

April Week 3, Year 2

Match 1. APA vs. Triple H and X-Pac
Farooq and HHH started the match. Pac was quickly tagged in. After receiving a piledriver, Farooq tagged in Bradshaw. The match spilled to the outside on a couple of occasions. Farooq reversed Triple H and pinned him on the outside to win.

Match 2. Rock vs. Vince
Edge attacked Rock as he was walking to the ring. Can Vince make it 2-0 against The People's Champ? Mid-way through the match, Kurt Angle came in and took out both men. Vince kicked out at 2 after a Rock Bottom. Vince pinned Rocky after a quick bodyslam.

After the match, Angle came back into the ring and continued his beatdown of The Rock. Vince turned around and saved Rocky.

Match 3. Austin and Foley vs. Kane and Test
Austin was shown coming out alone. Despite not having Foley, Austin was holding his own against these two big guys. Austin wins by pinned Test after a huge DDT.

After the match, Foley was at the top of the ramp clapping for Stone Cold.

Main Event. Taker vs. Angle
We saw Kurt interfere in Rocky's match earlier in the night. The match quickly moved to the outside but was brought back in the ring. Taker hit Angle with the Tombstone, but wasn't done yet. He grabbed a chair, but Angle evened things up with a sledgehammer. Taker pinned Angle after a high-angle arm drag.

Match 1. Steamboat vs. Luger
Lex got his ass handed to him during the Iron Man match. Steamboat won a tough triple threat match last week. This was a classic match featuring two legends in the business. Steamboat pinned Leger after a diving axe handle. 

Match 2. Rey and Eddie vs. Vader and Regal
Tornado Rules may give Rey and Eddie the advantage, but we'll see. Eddie hit Vader with an explosive Frankensteiner. Vader hit a powerbomb on Eddie, but he kicked out. Rey hit the 619 on Regal to win.

Match 3. nWo vs. Sting and Savage
Will Road Dogg and Billy Gunn appear on Nitro for the third straight week? They weren't seen before the match, so they could appear afterwards. All four men were getting their offense in. After many tags, Nash ended it with a Jackknife on Savage. 

Main Event. Hogan and Steiner vs. Flair and ??? Benoit
Who could Flair's partner be? Benoit is his partner. Hogan went for a handshake but faked it and knocked down Flair. As soon as Benoit was in, he hit Hogan with a German suplex. After that, though, Benoit was manhandled by Hogan and Steiner. Benoit later hit the triple Germans on Hogan. This match has been very back and forth. It finally ended when Steiner pinned Benoit after a double team atomic drop/big boot combo.

Recap: McMahon is now a face. Is Vince leaving the Corporation? What about Foley, why did he ditch Austin? There was no sign of Gunn and Dogg this week. 

April Week 2, Year 2

Unless it's for obvious reasons, I won't be editing the card that much. I wanna see how Universe books the Attitude and Nitro stars.

Match 1. Extreme Rules - Al Snow vs. Foley vs. Big Show  Hardcore Championship
Since it is no longer the secondary title on Raw, the Hardcore Title will be defended on Raw every so often. Show grabbed a garbage can, Snow grabbed a chair and Foley brought in a table. Foley put Snow through the table. Foley hit Snow with Mr. Socko to win the title.

Match 2. Vince vs. Rock
After getting through Test, Rocky now gets the Chairman. As Rocky was making his way to the ring, Angle came out from under the ring and attacked Rock. To send a message to the rest of the corporation, Rocky grabbed a chair. Vince took it away and countered many of Rocky's moves. He then hit the Mac Stunner for the win.

After the match, Vince went to shake Rocky's hand, but he slapped it away. 

Match 3. Taker vs. Henry
Taker is looking to take Henry down a peg after his win over the Godfather. Taker was slowly punished Henry. Taker wanted to send a message, so he picked up a chair. Taker hit the Tombstone on the outside and pinned him for the win.

Main Event. Table - Austin vs. Angle
After what happened when Raw closed, these two wasted no time facing each other. The table stipulation seems early in the feud, but things can only get better. There were three tables in the ring, but no one has gone through them, yet. Stone Cold finally speared Angle through a table to win.

After the match, Test and Kane pointed at Austin.

Match 1. Bret vs. Saturn
After winning the 4-way match last week, Saturn will be challenged taking on The Hitman. This was a very technical match - nothing fancy, nothing high risk. Saturn hit a corkscrew fisherman's suplex to score the victory.

Match 2. Dragon vs. Chavo vs. Steamboat
The Cruiserweight champion is looking at two of his possible challengers down the road. The champ was being beaten by both of his opponents. In what was a very entertaining match, Steamboat won with his finisher off the top rope.

Match 3. nWo vs. Sting and Savage
Are the New Age Outlaws going to appear again? Dogg and Gunn attacked nWo as they made their way to the ring. Sting and Savage were double teaming Hall outside the ring, using a chair in the process. Hall was able to tag out. Nash hit Sting with a back body drop and knocked him out.

After the match, the New Age Outlaws ambushed Nash and Hall.

Main Event. Iron Man - Flair vs. Luger
If Luger could beat the champ in an Iron Man match, then he could beat him at the PPV when the title is on the line. Hogan came out and Luger wanted him to help with Flair. Hogan then took down Luger. Flair didn't know what to think about it. Flair scored the first point with 9:17 left. I missed his second fall,but Flair went up 3-0 with 6:44 left. He pinned Luger at 5:30 to score his 4th point. Flair hit another finisher at 4:33 to go up 5-0. Flair has been in complete control. Luger finally scored with 3:02 left with the Torture Rack. He hit another Torture Rack with 1:15 left in the match, 5-2. After a huge clothesline, Flair pinned Luger with 37 seconds left. It looks like Luger isn't even close to being in Flair's league.To make it worse, Flair scored his 7th point with 3 seconds left.

After the match, Steiner and Hogan beat down Flair.

Recap: The Corporation has their sights set on Rock and now Austin. What do the WWF Tag Champs want with the nWo? Why are all my Iron Man matches blowouts? 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

April Week 1, Year 2

With the new rosters and titles set, let's get this new year under way.

Match 1. Hardys vs. Edge and Christian
We are starting Raw off with a bang. The match started on the ramp as Edge and Christian attacked the Hardys. E&C quickly won the match with a Northern lights suplex on Matt.

After the match, E&C grabbed chairs and attacked the Hardys.

Match 2. Godfather vs. Henry
Former members of the Nation of Domination battle in a mid-card match. Godfather was in complete control. Henry reversed the Pimp Drop and made Godfather tap with a bear hug.

Match 3. Rock vs. Shamrock w/ Test
The Corporation made Rock their first target of the year. Test was distracting the ref, but Rocky knocked him off the apron. Despite the distractions, Rock won with the Rock Bottom.

After the match, Kurt Angle attacked Rock from behind.

Main Event. Stone Cold vs. Kane
The muscle of the Corporation is taking on the WWF Champ. Mr. McMahon and Test were heading down the ramp, but Austin took them out with a crossbody. Stone Cold hit the Stunner a minute into the match to win.

After the match, Angle and Christian came out. Angle pointed at Austin.

Match 1. Booker vs. Luger
Luger was giving Booker a run for his money. Lex is currently the #1 contender to Flair's WCW Title. Let's see if it'll last. Luger started his career off right by withing with the Torture Rack.

Match 2. Eddie and Rey vs. Steiner and Bagwell
This is a non-title match. Strength vs. speed in this match. Rey was receiving most of the punishment from his opponents. After a completely dominate match, Steiner pinned Eddie.

Match 3. Saturn vs. Malenko vs. Regal vs. Jarrett
There are very good, technical wrestlers in this match. Then, there is Double J. Malenko was my early favorite to win the match. Saturn pinned Jarrett after a very good 4-way match.

After the match, Benoit checked on Malenko, who was laying motionless in the ring.

Main Event. Hall and Nash vs. Sting and Savage
After Mania, Nash and Hall put their differences aside and reunited as a team. Hall and Nash were in control the whole match. Sting received a back body drop and was pinned by Nash.

After the match, the New Age Outlaws showed up on Nitro and took out the nWo!

Recap: With Vince getting involved in the main event, all hell broke loose on the first night of Raw. Steiner and Bagwell are officially a team. Why did the New Age Outlaws show up on Nitro?

Monday, March 12, 2012


The final PPV before a whole new Universe mode. The card was atrocious. I had to fix all but one match.

Match 1. Extreme Rules - Red Army vs. APA  Unified Tag Team Championship
Clay was giving Farooq a beating like never before. Despite being an Extreme Rules match, only 2 weapons were used so far. Both members of Red Army pinned the APA to retain.

Match 2. Orton vs. Bourne  Hardcore Championship
Former teammates fighting over the Hardcore Title. Orton retained his title after hitting the hanging DDT from the second rope.

Match 3. 4-way - Jericho vs. Michaels vs. Benoit vs. Triple H
Four of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time. Each man was taking on the other three. No teams were formed. Jericho won by hitting Benoit with the Codebreaker.
Match 4. Taker vs. Sheamus  Intercontinental Championship
I accidently simulated the match. Taker won. I wanted Sheamus's US Title to be on the line as well.
Match 5. Two out of three falls - Taker vs. Hall vs. Show  World Heavyweight Championship
This is the first time I'm trying a 2 out of 3 falls match. Let's see how this goes. The first name to get 2 falls wins the World Title. Taker got the first fall by hitting Show with the Tombstone. Show scored a point after the Knockout Punch. Taker retained his title after another Tombstone to Show.

After the match, Show low blowed Taker after faking a knee injury.

Main Event. Iron Man - Clay vs. Nash  WWE Championship
Looks like Nash chose to cash his Rumble Victory on Raw's champion. 5 minutes in and no one scored. Nash scored the first fall with 9:04 left after a Jackknife. Clay scored one soon after. Nash pinned Clay with 6:45 left to go up 2-1. Nash scored another point at 5:21. Clay scored his second with 3:31 left. Nash pinned Brodus with 2:18 left, 4-2. Clay hit his finisher to score another point. Nash hit another Jackknife with 45 seconds left. It's seems all but over now. Clay pinned Nash with 18 seconds left, 5-4. Nash is the new champion.

After the match, Clay and Nash shook hands out of respect.

Recap: With the edited card, this was a pretty good WrestleMania.

March Week 4, Year 2

6 days until WrestleMania and a new beginning...

Match 1. Michaels and Christian vs. Bourne and Clay
Christian came out alone. No sign of HBK. After a chair shot and a double team, Bourne pinned Christian outside the ring.

Match 2. Kane, Test and Shamrock vs. The Hardys and Stone Cold
The Corporation returning! Stone Cold was one of the Corporation's main rivals during the _____ era. I couldn't find an older version of Jeff, so he is rocking the face paint. Jeff knocked out Kane with a Twist of Fate.

Match 3. Batista vs. Del Rio
It doesn't look like either man will be a factor at Mania. Batista made a case for himself to be included at Mania by hitting the Batista Bomb for the victory.

Main Event. Kane vs. Rhino
Despite rising through the ranks in a short period of time, this will be Rhino's last appearance on Raw. Rhino left with a bang, or should I say Gore, as he knocked out Kane.

Match 1. Steamboat vs. Morrison
This would be an awesome match if they could compete during Steamboat's prime. Morrison kept his momentum flowing against The Dragon. JoMo won with Moonlight Dive.

Match 2. Lesnar vs. Show
I remember when these two faced on Smackdown back in 2003 and broke the ring from a superplex. That was an awesome moment. We have also seen the last of Lesnar for a while. Brock hit the F5 on Show.

Match 3. 10-man Battle Royal - Jericho, Benoit, Malenko, Saturn, Luger, Sting, Savage, DDP, Flair, Hogan
Sting and Saturn started it off. Sting eliminated Saturn as DDP came out next. Chris Benoit was number 4. Jericho entered fifth. DDP and Sting eliminated Benoit. DDP was eliminated, but I didn't see by whom. Macho Man was the 6th entrant. Savage took out Sting as Hogan made his way to the ring. Flair entered at number 8. Savage eliminated Hogan. Flair eliminated Jericho. Dean Malenko ran down to the ring. Number 10, Lex Luger came out. Macho Man was eliminated by Benoit. Luger took out Benoit. Luger eliminated Flair. He and Malenko remain. Luger eliminated Dean to win.

Main Event. Taker vs. Vader
The final match of Smackdown before a new order takes over in Universe. Taker quickly hit the Tombstone to win.

After the match, Sheamus, Edge and Morrison came out. Sheamus signaled that he wants Taker's title(s).

Recap: I wonder why HBK no-showed for his tag match. That was a long 10-man battle royal for Smackdown, I sort of regret booking it.

March Week 3, Year 2

Vince decided to make room for the WCW guys and released Alex Riley. 2 weeks away from WrestleMania. I'm excited to see what the card looks like.

Match 1. Austin vs. Orton
Stone Cold's last match was in February week 1 against Cena, which he won. Stone Cold hit Orton with a tilt-a-whirl slam. He then hit the Stunner on Orton.

Match 2. Batista vs. Rey
I just noticed that Rey has on black attire. It's fitting for his heel character. Batista hit the Batista Bomb on Rey

Match 3. Punk vs. Christian
Christian attacked Punk from behind to gain the upper hand. He then hit the Killswitch. The match was officially 19 seconds.

After the match, Clay hit Christian with the WWE Title. He then stood over him and raised the title.

Main Event. Kane vs. Rhino
Rhino has taken on most of the top stars on Raw since debuting back in January. Kane made sure he didn't lose to the Man Beast by hitting a chokeslam.

After the match, Clay did the same thing to Kane as he did to Christian.

Match 1. Edge vs. Sheamus
Sheamus is 2-0 against Edge this year alone. Edge needs to find a new opponent on Smackdown. Sheamus threw Edge into the steps, but Edge was able to recover. Miz ran down to the ring and hit Skull Crushing Finale on Edge. Sheamus won with the Brogue Kick. Now he is 3-0.

Match 2. Steamboat vs. Show
The Dragon making his return to Universe! Show wasn't making this a warm welcome. Show used his right hand and knocked out Steamboat.

Match 3. Arn Anderson vs. Vader
With the excess talent on Smackdown, many stars are getting pushed aside for older ones. Vader is hurting the back of Anderson with his use of belly-to-belly suplexes. Anderson returned the favor. Vader won with the Vader-Bomb.

Main Event. Taker vs. Morrison and Lesnar
Even with the 2-1 advantage, Morrison hit Taker with brass knuckles when the ref wasn't looking. Taker was mounting a comeback, but Lesnar halted it with a fisherman's suplex pin and won.

After the match, Show attacked Lesnar with a lead pipe.

Recap: What is Clay doing? It seems like he is solidifying himself as a cowardly champion with these sneak attacks. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

March Week 2, Year 2

Match 1. Triple H vs. Angle
Angle is trying his hardest to become WWE Champion. Beating The Game will definitely get you a lot closer. Triple H put rest to Angle's momentum by hitting him with a Pedigree. 

Match 2. APA and Batista vs. Xpac, Test, and Godfather
The Godfather and Test are making their Raw debuts. Hey Pac, don't take this ass-whoopin' personally. X-Pac was able to tag in Godfather. Test kept Bradshaw in their corner. Batista was tagged in and received an X-Factor and lost.

Match 3. Michaels vs. Orton
I wanted to do a multi-person match, but I can wait until next week. Orton was making his way to the ring when Christian attacked him from behind. HBK threw Orton into the steps. Michaels pinned Orton outside the ring after an atomic drop.

Main Event. Kane vs. Cena  #1 Contender's match
Cena hasn't been in a contender's match for the WWE Title in months. Punk attacked Cena and threw him into the ring. Super Cena emerged but Kane stopped him. Kane was going to get a chair, but Cena blocked it. Kane reversed the AA and went for a chokeslame, but Cena reversed that. Cena hit the AA and won.

After the match, Cena grabbed and chair and hit Kane a couple of times.

Match 1. New Age Outlaws vs. Benoit and Jericho
We haven't seen Benoit or Jericho since the Rumble. Slowly, but I will be unveiling the new additions to the roster until Mania. The Chris' were double teaming Billy Gunn by the announcer's table. However, Gunn hit the Fame-Asser on Jericho. 

Match 2. Steiner vs. Bagwell vs. Goldberg vs. Sting
More WCW stars debut on Smackdown. We are a couple of weeks away from Mania. It's going to be more intense than this. All four men are trying to grab the attention of the WWE audience. Looks like Vince needs to decide whether to have his Smackdown stars or WCW guys on Smackdown. Bagwell hit a move off the top rope while Sting hit the Scorpion Deathdrop to win.

Match 3. Edge vs. Miz Barrett
Finally, some true Smackdown stars. Miz came out and decided not to face Edge. Barrett came out, instead. Edge was not ready to face the Barrett Barrage. Edge collected his composure and speared Wade off the top rope. 

Main Event. Taker vs. Sheamus
Taker ran to the ring and took down Sheamus before the bell rang. Scott Hall came out and took out Sheamus. Taker then hit the Last Ride and Tombstone to make quick work of the contender. 

Recap: Raw is featuring some superstars from the 90s, while Smackdown is being invaded by WCW guys. What will happen from now until Mania? 

March Week 1, Year 2

Match 1. Kane and Christian vs. Vader and Clay
Wow, that is a lot of weight in the ring. Clay and Vader couldn't wait and they ambushed Kane and Christian on the ramp. The match made it to the ring with Kane and Vader starting it off. Not even 30 seconds later, Kane hit the chokeslam.

Kane and Christian shook hands in the ring and celebrated their victory.

Match 2. Angle vs. Bourne  #1 Contender's Match
Looks like Bourne went back to singles competition. Angle hit a superplex, but Bourne recovered quickly. Angle taunted and hit the Angle Slam to win.

Match 3. Batista vs. Rey
These two have been interfering and building alliances for weeks now. Batista couldn't take out Rey on his own so he grabbed a chair. Rey knocked it away from him. Swagger ran down to the ring but Batista hit the Batista Bomb to win.

Main Event. Punk vs. Rhino
Rhino defeated Punk a couple of weeks ago. Rhino landed a short-arm clothesline. He then hit a spinebuster, but only got a 1-count. Rhino tapped after receiving the Anaconda Vice in front of the announcers.

After the match, Cena, Christian and Bourne pointed at Punk.

Match 1. Show vs. Rhodes
Weird that this match is booked because it's happening at this year's Mania. Cody was doing everything he could to beat Show. Nash ran to the ring and Jackknifed Rhodes. Even with that, Cody was able to hit Cross Rhodes to win.

Match 2. Sheamus vs. Edge  #1 Contender's match 
This time these two face, it's a contender's match. I think the winner will face Taker for the IC Title at Mania. Edge got more offense in this match than last week. Sheamus hit a combination of moves, capping it with the Celtic Cross.

Match 3. Nash vs. Hall
This is Hall's second match since losing the title. He lost last week in a triple threat. Hall is trying to regain some momentum so he can fight at Mania. Hall won with Outsider's Edge.

After the match, Bryan stared down Hall from the top of the ramp.

Main Event. Taker vs. Morrison
The double champ is taking on one of his top challengers. Is Taker going to pull double duty at Mania? JoMo reversed the Last Ride and hit Starship Pain.

After the match, Morrison continued beating down Taker.

Recap: The standings, roster and champs will be updated after this.

February Week 4, Year 2

As soon as he won the title, Taker tossed out the painted "WCW" title and brought back the original World Heavyweight Championship. 5 weeks until WrestleMania.

Match 1. Kane vs. Christian
Vader punched out Captain Charisma as he was heading to the ring. Clay was sitting at ringside when he also punched Christian. Kane brought him into the ring and pinned him after a mudhole stomping.

After the match, Vader came back to the ring and assaulted Christian. Kane fought off Vader.

Match 2. Batista vs. Cena
This is the first time Cena isn't champion in months. The match spilled to the outside where Batista took control. Batista reversed out of the AA and hit a Batista Bomb. Is this the downfall of Cena?

Match 3. Latino Heartbreak vs. Luchadors
Bourne finally returns to teaming with Kofi. Is Bourne back as a face? They didn't miss a beat as they hit HBK with a double-team move. In their first match back as a team in a while, they beat HBK and Eddie.

Main Event. Champ vs. Champ - Clay vs. Taker
Who will Nash face as WrestleMania? Clay was in control of Taker in the early going. Taker rose from the dead, came back and hit the Tombstone.

After the match, Morrison and Sheamus pointed at Taker.

Match 1. Lesnar vs. Hall vs. Show
Brock was heading to the ring when Show came out from under it and attacked Lesnar. During the match, Hall and Lesnar teamed up and went after Show. Out of nowhere, Show hit Hall with the Showstopper.

Match 2. Rhodes vs. Morrison
Two youngs guys trying to make a name for themselves. Though, Rhodes was doing most of the offense. Bryan ran to the ring. Morrison went after him first and hit the Moonlight Dive. Because of the distraction, Cody his Cross Rhodes.

Match 3. Nash vs. Miz
The Royal Rumble winner still hasn't picked what title he will challenge for. Nash was dominating the whole time. He hit the big boot and Jackknife to win.

Main Event. Edge vs. Sheamus
Taker attacked Sheamus from behind before the match started. Does he want Sheamus's US Title, too? Despite the attack, Sheamus was keeping the pressure on Edge. He hit the Celtic Cross for the win.

Recap: Nothing happened. Not surprised, since we are 5 weeks away from Mania.


Match 1. Chamber - Cena vs. Kane vs. Batista vs. Punk vs. Michaels vs. Clay  WWE Championship
This could be a really good chamber match, with the Superstars it has. The first two were Batista and Kane. Kane threw Batista into a pod. The first man out of the pod was WWE Champ John Cena. Punk was the next to enter. Clay came out to add to the mix. No one has been eliminated yet. HBK was finally out and now all six men are fighting. Clay eliminated Batista. He then eliminated Punk a couple of minutes later. HBK made Cena tap from the Sharpshooter. There will be a new champion! HBK pinned Kane with a Northern lights suplex. After a a Black Hole Slam, Clay pinned Michaels to become the new champ.

Match 2. Eddie vs. Benoit
With only two title matches, I have a lot of room to have some fun. I thought these two had some great in-ring talent. Neither man could get the upper hand. Benoit was able to lock in the Crippler Crossface and Eddie tapped.

Match 3. Triple H and X-Pac vs. Orton and Bourne
The Game was always at a disadvantage when facing Orton and his crew. So, he called up X-Pac to even the odds. Are you ready? Both wearing are wearing the classic green and black. Bourne and Pac were going back and forth. They were evenly-matched. Triple H hit the Pedigree on Orton.
Match 4. Warrior vs. Bret Hart vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Hogan
Yes, this match all WCW Superstars. You should be able to figure out where my Universe is heading after Mania... It was a brutal 4-way match. Hogan won with his multiple right hands to knock Jeff out.

Match 5. New Age Outlaws vs. APA
These two had classic tag team matches during the, um, past. I didn't want to give too much away. Farooq was being dominated (no pun intended) by NAO. Bradshaw was finally able to come in the ring. Gunn hit the Fame-Asser on Bradshaw to win.

Main Event. Chamber - Hall vs. Edge vs. Taker vs. Sheamus vs. Nash vs. Morrison  World Championship
I like this one, too, because of there are a couple guys who could become 1st-time champs. Nash and Sheamus started the chamber. The next to enter was Morrison. The champ came out of his pod second. Edge's pod opened next. Taker, the former champ, would be the last to enter. Hall and Nash were going at it once all six men were in the ring. Nash moved on to Morrison, hit him with the Jackknife and pinned him. Edge pinned the champ after a spear. Looks like there will be a new champ on Smackdown, as well. Edge was eliminated after a Tombstone. Nash pinned Sheamus after a leg drop. Taker won his title back when he pinned Nash after a Tombstone.

After the match, Morrison raised Taker's hand in celebration.

Recap: The Raw chamber match was very exciting. I don't like Clay as champ, though. There were a lot of finishers performed and many near-falls. Eddie and Benoit was a really good match. Xpac and HHH are officially a team. The Smackdown chamber match was a lot better. I liked those who were in it and the winner. Edge turned face.

February Week 3, Year 2

6 Days until Elimination Chamber.

Match 1. Kane vs. Christian, Vader, and Clay
As strong and dominate Kane is, I don't think he can win this. Kane and Christian started. I wonder what made Vader come back. As if they didn't have a big advantage, Vader grabbed a chair. He hit the Vader Bomb to win.

Match 2. Orton vs. Michaels
The Hardcore Champ showing why he is the champ. It looks like HBK is done with Edge and Gabriel (thank God). These two had some good matches when they were fighting for the US title. HBK won with Sweet Chin Music.

Match 3. Punk vs. Rhino
Rhino took control early, turning Punk inside out with a clothesline. Rhino hit a belly-to-belly. After a full-nelson, he hit Punk with the Gore.

Main Event. Cena vs. Batista
Champ vs. Challenger go at it 6 days before they face at Elimination Chamber. Heel Cena grabbed chair, trying to take out his opponent. Cena sent a message to his opponent by hitting an AA to win.

After the match, Rey came in and threw Batista out. He and Cena then shook hands.

Match 1. Lesnar and Hall vs. Show and Morrison
Lesnar was shown coming out to the ring alone. Is Scott Hall drinking again? No, that was a bad joke. Lesnar could win this match by himself. Show hit a military press slam and pinned Lesnar for the 3-count.

After the match, Hall was checking on Lesnar. Morrison and Show grabbed chairs and hit both men.

Match 2. Road Dogg vs. Ziggler 
We saw Road Dogg as the #30 entrant in the Rumble. He makes his first appearance on Smackdown. Road Dogg was hitting some offense, but Dolph but him in a rear-naked choke. He had no choice but to tap.

Match 3. Booker vs. Miz
Booker was trying his best to put Miz on a two-match losing streak. He hit Miz with the super kick. Booker threw Miz into the steps. Booker knocked Miz out in from of the announcer's table.

Main Event. Taker vs. Edge Morrison
Edge came out and decided not to compete in the match. Instead, Morrison came out. Taker was not ready to face JoMo. Morrison won with

After the match, Lesnar and Edge stomped on Taker. Edge grabbed a chair, but Punk and Kane came out to make the save.

Recap: Nothing newsworthy to report on this week. I will be rolling out some changes in the next week or two.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

February Week 2, Year 2

Match 1. Angle vs. Bourne  #1 Contender's match
Winner will face Orton for the Hardcore Title. Bourne aligned himself with some bad apples like Orton and Truth. These two put on a good match. Bourne gained some aggression since his heel turn. Angle knocked Bourne to the outside and hit the Angle Slam to win.

Match 2. Michaels vs. Rhino
HBK is looking to extract some revenge on the man who defeated his best friend. Rhino hit a gutwrench powerbomb on HBK. Michaels came back with an atomic drop then the Sweet Chin Music. Rhino gave Michaels a run for his money.

Match 3. Punk vs. Batista  #1 Contender's Match
Batista now knows how Kane feels having to defend the #1 spot. Cena grabbed a seat at the announcer's table to scout his possible opponents. Batista was able to retain by hitting Punk with a Batista Bomb.

After the match, Rey attacked Batista with a lead pipe.

Main Event. Kane vs. Clay
Two big men going at it in the main event. Kane is going to have to wait to face Cena for the title. Kane hit the chokeslam for the victory.

After the match, Vader and Christian attacked Kane from behind.

Match 1. Morrison and Show vs. Hall and ??? Lesnar
Brock Lesnar is Hall's partner. After weeks of facing each other, they are now on the same team. Show hit the Showstopper on Hall to win.

Match 2. Sheamus vs. Edge  #1 Contender's Match
I'm assuming that the winner will face Taker for the IC Title. Can The US Champ Sheamus hold two titles at once? Sheamus performed his wake up taunt and hit the Celtic Cross.

Match 3. Taker vs. Miz
Miz and Taker both won last week, meeting this week. Sheamus ran down and attacked Miz. Taker hit Miz with a chokeslam. Taker won by pinfall after his raising arm drag.

After the match, Hall knocked Taker in the head with the "WCW' World Title.

Recap: I don't like the idea of the multiple #1 contender's matches for the same title. I don't know why Universe books it that way. Vader?! What is he doing here? There were only three matches on Smackdown.

February Week 1, Year 2

Ok, I'm actually going to let the game play the HBK/Ziggler vs. Gabriel/Edge match. I'm sick of seeing this on my card every week.

Match 1. Ziggler and Michaels vs. Gabriel and Edge
I can't believe I'm actually letting this storyline play out. HBK and Ziggler were making their way to the ring when Edge and Gabriel left the ring and attacked them on the ramp. The match eventually made it to the ring. Edge it the spear on HBK.

Match 2. Extreme Rules - Triple H vs. Orton
Clay and Bourne walked down the ramp and HHH hit a crossbody on them. Orton got a garbage can and HHH brought in a ladder. Triple H hit the Pedigree. This is a non-title match. There was also a table, crutch, and a sledgehammer. HHH grabbed the World Title from a fan. Orton reversed the Pedigree and HHH reversed the RKO. Triple H hit two Pedigrees in a row but still didn't go for the pin. Orton hit a reverse Russian leg sweep and then pinned HHH for the win. Wow, what a match!

Match 3. Cena vs. Austin
Two of the best of all time. Can Austin move up in the rankings and challenge Cena? Austin was so dominate in the Rumble match, eliminating 5 Superstars. Austin hit the Stunner on the champ for the victory.

Main Event. Punk vs. Kane vs. Batista  #1 Contender's match
This seems like a rematch from the triple threat steel cage. All three men are in the top 4 to challenge for the WWE Title. Kane brought in a chair and knocked down both opponents. Batista locked Punk in some sort of chicken wing submission to make him tap.

Match 1. Rhodes vs. Miz
Both men lost last week on Smackdown. So, they are trying to turn their fortunes around heading towards Mania. The lights went out and Taker appeared behind Rhodes. Miz won with Skull Crushing Finale.

Match 2. Hall vs. Lesnar
Scott ran to the ring and took down Lesnar before the bell rang. Hall had the advantage and hit Outsider's Edge for the win.

After the match, Hall was about the leave the ring, but he came back and stomped on Lesnar.

Match 3. Barrett vs. Sheamus
This is a rematch from a couple of weeks ago. Sheamus has been on a roll on Smackdown. Wade had a short showing in the Rumble. Sheamus hit Barrett with the Celtic Cross

After the match, Lesnar attacked Sheamus and hit him with the Undisputed Title.

Main Event. Taker vs. Morrison
The IC Champ is taking it to Morrison. In case you missed it, Taker defeated Bryan for the IC Title, becoming the first man to take the belt off Bryan. Sheamus ran down to the ring, but received a Last Ride from Taker. He got up and hit the Celtic Cross on Taker. He then hit Morrison with the Tombstone.

Recap: HHH and Orton had a better Extreme Rules match than Orton and Kane did for the Hardcore Title. Sheamus must have had some head injury for thinking he could interfere with an Undertaker match.

Friday, March 9, 2012


All 5 Titles will be on the line this PPV. Like I said, there are a few surprise entrants for the Rumble Match. The Road to WrestleMania begins now!

Match 1. Falls Count Anywhere - Bryan vs. Taker  Interncontinental Championship
I know I've said that the triple threat matches were Bryan's biggest challenge, but this may be his biggest challenge in trying to retain the title. If Bryan retains here, he will have officially been champ for a full year. After a brawl, Taker headbutted Bryan in the back of the head and pinned him. Undertaker defeats Daniel Bryan to win the IC Title! If anyone was going to beat Bryan, it would be The Deadman

Match 2. Kane vs. Orton  Hardcore Championship
The last match was a classic. Can this match top it? For being for the Hardcore Title, this is a pretty tame match. Orton hit a neckbreaker, then stomped all over Kane's body and finally hit the RKO to win. This was not the most exciting match ever. 2 title changes in 2 matches.

Match 3. Red Army vs. Latino Heartbreak  Unified Tag Championship
We've seen two teams cross paths in the past. Now, it's time to settle the score. Miz and HBK started the match and they went back and forth, countering each other's moves. Eddie and Clay eventually got in the match for a short period of time. Clay hit his finisher on HBK to retain.

Match 4. Ladder - Cena vs. Batista  WWE Championship
Batista won the #1 contendership last Raw. Kane was the original contender, but somehow he was forced to defend it in a triple threat cage match. A ladder was quickly brought into the ring. Batista tried to pull down the belt but Cena pushed the ladder. Both men were on the ladder. Cena hit a sunset flip and climbed back up. He pulled the title down to retain.

Match 5. TLC - Hall vs. Morrison  "WCW" painted World Championship
I don't think I could have seen this match coming. Morrison was put through a table seconds into the match. Hall made an attempt early, but he knew he had to weaken JoMo some more. Both men were on the ladder. Morrison went to toss Hall off, but Hall flipped Morrison over his back then pulled the belt down to retain.

Main Event. 30-man Royal Rumble Match
The first two competitors were Benoit and Bradshaw. Two of my surprise entrants starting it off. Oh, this is long, black hair Bradshaw, not JBL. Number 3 is Kurt Angle. Benoit and Bradshaw battled back and forth on the ropes. Bret Hart was #4. The Hitman went right after Bradshaw, then eliminated Angle. Brock Lesnar came out at #5. Hart eliminated Benoit. The number 6 entrant was Booker. Booker took out Brock. Macho Man came out at #7. Booker and Bradshaw tried to eliminate Bret, but to no avail. X-Pac was number 8. He ran down to the ring. Bradshaw was eliminated by Savage. Number 9 was Ric Flair. He went after X-Pac. Farooq came out at #10. He just missed his partner. Booker was eliminated by Macho Man. Flair was almost eliminated by X-Pac. Macho Man took out Bret Hart.

Ultimo Dragon entered at #11. Sting was number 12. There are now 6 men in the ring. This Rumble match is already better than last year's. So many surprises already, but there are more to come. Farooq hit the Dominator on Savage. Flair and Sting took out X-Pac. Savage eliminated Farooq. Number 13 was Buff Bagwell. Sting eliminated Flair. Diamond Dallas Page was number 14. DDP is here! The ring is filled with WCW Superstars, but why? The 15th entrant was Al Snow. What does everybody want?! The leader of the J.O.B Squad goes after Bagwell. Sting eliminated Ultimo. DDP hit the Diamond Cutter on Snow. Goldberg was #16. Who's Next? DDP and Savage eliminated Al Snow. Savage was finally eliminated by Sting. Test was entrant #17. Sting and Bagwell eliminated DDP. Test went right after Sting. Goldberg took out Buff. Wade Barrett entered at #18. Test did eliminate Sting. Number 19 was Stone Cold. Stone Cold eliminated Wade. The Rock was #20. Austin and Rock went at it near the ropes.

Rey Mysterio was number 21. Austin almost took out Goldberg. Kofi Kingston came out at #22. The ring is filled with 6 Superstars. That didn't last long as Test eliminated Goldberg. Austin eliminated Rock and Test in quick succession. Big Sexy was #23. Nash slowly made his way to the ring. Austin made a couple of attempts to eliminate Kofi. He succeeded on try #3. Edge was #24. Austin eliminated him soon after he entered. McIntyre was entrant #25. Austin is up to 5 eliminations. Drew eliminated Rey. Number 26 was Ziggler. Three surprise entrants still remain. Nash eliminated Drew. Christian entered at #27. Nash hit Austin with the Jackknife. Number 28 was Chris Jericho. Jericho is here to save us! Number 29 was Billy Gunn. Mr. Ass is back in the WWE. Austin hit Jericho with a stunner. Nash eliminated Christian. Austin was finalyl eliminated by Gunn. Road Dogg was #30. Oh, you didn't know? The New Age Outlaws are back together once again. Is it for one night only? Dogg and Nash eliminated Ziggler. Mr. Ass eliminated Jericho. The final three are Nash, Gunn, and Dogg. Nash hit the D-O-double G with the Jackknife. Nash eliminated Dogg. Gunn and Nash remain. Kevin Nash is going to WrestleMania!

Stat: Austin and Nash had 5 eliminations.

Recap: The two top champs retained their belts, while the secondary champs lost theirs. What an awesome Rumble match! I'm not too crazy on Nash winning, but the surprise entrants made it very interesting. What's going to happen as we head closer to Mania?

January Week 4, Year 2

6 days away from the Royal Rumble! I have some surprises for you.

Match 1. Latino Heartbreak vs. Cosa Nostra
Two teams looking to challenge the Red Army for the tag titles. This is a tornado tag match, all 4 men in at once. Del Rio made HBK tap with the cross armbar.

Match 2. Triple H vs. Orton, Clay, and Bourne
For the second week in a row, HHH has his work cut out for him. HHH was waiting for his opponents, but Orton attacked him from behind. Orton went for the RKO, but HHH reversed. He tried the Pedigree but Orton reversed it and hit the RKO to win. It took 31 seconds.

Match 3. Punk vs. Rhino
After defeating Triple H and Batista, Rhino now faces Punk. Ever since he debuted, Rhino has been on a tear. Rhino hit 2 Alabama Slams. Rey ran to the ring and went after Rhino! Punk went for a moonsault but Rhino put his knees up. Rhino then hit the Gore for the win.

Main Event. Falls Count Anywhere - Cena vs. Batista
These two meet 6 days before they meet at Royal Rumble when the title will be on the line. Cena grabbed a chair, but Batista took it away from him. The match spilled out in front of the announcers. Cena hit the AA but Batista was able to kick out. Cena hit another AA after reversing a Batista Bomb to win

Match 1. Barrett vs. Miz
These two men are looking to get to the top. Will the Rumble match be that opportunity for them? Edge ran down to the ring and him and Wade hit a double team move on Miz. Miz did recover and tried to hit Skull Crushing Finale. Wade reversed it and landed Wasteland to win.

Match 2. Rhodes vs. Sheamus
Sheamus taking on another possible challenger. Rhodes is making a case for himself to be the next challenger. The lights went out during the match and Undertaker appeared behind Sheamus. Now he's just walking out ringside. Sheamus won with the Celtic Cross.

Match 3. Taker vs. Edge
Before the match started, Edge went for a handshake, but he began stomping Taker down to the mat. After that betrayal, Taker made this match pretty even. Edge bodyslammed Taker and hit him with the spear.

After the match, Edge was about to leave the ring but he turned about and continued stomping Taker.

Main Event. Hell in a Cell - Hall vs. Morrison
Only 2 days before the title is on the line, they face in a Hell in a Cell match. If this is the stipulation now, what will happen at Royal Rumble? Hall rolled out of the ring, trying to recuperate. He got back in the ring, whipped Morrison into the corner and hit a Rock Bottom-like move and got the 3-count.

Recap: Rhino is 3-1 since debuting. I repeat, Raw is out of control. There are at least 2 run-ins every week. They need some order. What is Undertaker doing? 

January Week 3, Year 2

Match 1. Swagger vs. Christian vs. Rey vs. Kofi
A 4-way match trying to fit Superstars on the show before Royal Rumble. Kofi was been left hanging by his "partner", Bourne. Swagger won with the gutwrench powerbomb.

Match 2. Triple H vs. Orton, Clay, and Bourne
Is this feud heading towards an end? I wonder if anyone will help Triple H. Trip's best chance to win is to keep Bourne in the ring. Clay hit Triple H with his finisher.

Match 3. Batista vs. Rhino
Rhino is taking on the current number one contender to Cena's title. If Rhino can win, that will be a huge statement. Rhino broke out of the Batista Bomb. After a belly-to-belly, Rhino hit the Gore to win.

Main Event. Cena vs. Punk
Clay attacked Punk while he was heading to the ring. Punk was able to recover and locked Cena in the Anaconda Vice to win.

Match 1. Booker vs. Miz
This was a pretty good opening match. No real history or beef between these two. Miz hit Skull Crushing Finale to win.

Match 2. Barrett vs. Sheamus
The new US Champ taking on one of his possible challengers. Time may be winding down on when Sheamus could defend his title. Miz made his way to the ring with a chair. The interference meant nothing as Sheamus hit the Celtic Cross to win.

Match 3. Rhodes vs. Edge
These two men are on the verge of challenging Hall for the World Title. Edge took part in a contender's match last week which Morrison won. Edge won this match with the spear.

After the match, Edge, Sheamus and Morrison attacked Rhodes. JoMo grabbed a chair for Edge to use.

Main Event. Hall vs. Nash
I introduced Scott Hall trying to remake the nWo but they have done nothing but fight. Hall was in control for the whole match. He ended it with the Outsider's Edge.

After the match, Bryan came out and pointed at Hall, most likely saying I'm next in line.

Recap: Husky Harris is no longer with Smackdown. This is part of the new roster initiative. You may be seeing new Superstars appearing on both shows. Morrison is back as a heel. 

January Week 2, Year 2

Despite winning a #1 contender's match 2 weeks ago, Kane has to win another one to face Cena.

Match 1. Michaels vs. Angle
HBK wants a rematch. He was taken by surprise when Angle came out, he wasn't ready. HBK was unable to get the upper hand on Angle. But he hit the Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere to win. There will be a rubber match between these two soon.

After the match, Angle played possum and low blowed HBK.

Match 2. Eddie vs. Cena
The champ kept himself in shape before the Rumble. Eddie is no easy feat though. Eddie was going for a suplex but Cena reversed it and hit the AA. Cena hasn't lost since November week 2 (against Punk).

Match 3. Triple H vs. Rhino
The Game wants a rematch. He said last week was a fluke. Could Rhino move into the top 4 with another victory over HHH? Rhino hit a sit-out spinebuster, but HHH hit his own spinebuster. He then hit the Pedigree to even the series.

After the match, Orton, Bourne and Clay appeared at the top of the ramp again.

Main Event. Steel Cage - Punk vs. Kane vs. Batista  #1 Contender's match
Kane must be pissed that he has to re-win his #1 contendership. Kane hit the Tombstone on Batista. Punk and Kane began climbing at the same time. Batista was able to pull them both down. Batista was able to climb and win.

Match 1. Riley vs. Sheamus  United States Championship
Sheamus is wearing some new attire for this special occasion - red and black. Just like last week, Sheamus was proving to be a difficult opponent for Riley. Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick to win the US Title.

Match 2. Bryan vs. Hall
Champ vs. Champ. Bryan has been IC Champ since I started this Universe. Hall won the World Title at the PPV. The next night, he debuted a "WCW' painted World Title. Hall reversed the Lebell Lock and hit the Outsider's Edge to win.

Match 3. Wade vs. Henry vs. DiBiase vs. Harris  #1 Contender's match
The winner will face Sheamus for the US Title. This is not a battle royal. Plus, I made this match because it's been a while since I saw some of these guys. Ted won by making Harris tap to what looked like the Million Dollar Dream.

Main Event. Steel Cage - Morrison vs. Taker vs. Edge  #1 Contender's match
Same concept that Raw had. Way to be original, Smackdown. With Scott Hall as champ, I'm ok with any man winning this match. It'll be a fresh match. While Edge and Taker were fighting, JoMo was able to escape the cage.

Recap: Nothing notable for Raw or Smackdown this week.