Saturday, December 1, 2012


Match 1. 6-man Battle Royal - Creed vs. Petey vs. Styles vs. Sonjay vs. Kid Kash vs. Robbie E
The winner will face Zema Ion at WrestleMania for the X-Division Title. Dutt made the first elimination as he dropkicked Petey out of the ring. Kash was the next eliminated by Creed. Styles and Creed battled against the ropes. Styles dropkicked Creed out of the ring and Dutt flipped out Robbie E. Dutt thought he eliminated Styles, but he held on. Styles landed the Styles Clash. Dutt recovered and eliminated Styles to win.

Match 2. The Miz vs. Cody Rhodes   United States Championship
Rhodes landed a swinging neck breaker and a bulldog. He then hit a back suplex. After the Silver Spoon DDT, Rhodes got the 3 count. Miz didn't get much offense in as loses both of his titles in a month's time.

Match 3. Chavo and Hernandez vs. Daniel and Kaz   TNA Tag Team Championship
Kaz and Daniels landed a double super back drop on Hernandez. A couple of minutes later, Hernandez hit Daniels with the Border Toss. Daniels hit Hernandez with the Best Moonsault Ever, but Chavo broke up the following pin. Chavo hit Daniels with the Gory Bomb and won.

Match 4. Chamber - Swagger vs. Lesnar vs. Punk vs. Henry vs. Barrett vs. Ryback
The winner will face John Cena and the winner of the World Title match in a Triple Threat Unification match. Swagger and Lesnar started the match. Lesnar landed a huge back drop. The first man to leave his pod was Mark Henry. Lesnar lifted Henry up for a belly-to-belly. Barrett was the next to enter. CM Punk was the third man to enter and he went right after Lesnar. Swagger and Henry battled in the corner. Ryback finally entered and all six man went at it.

Henry hit Swagger with a fall away slam. Lesnar hit Barrett with an F5, but he kicked out. Lesnar hit Henry with a running slam. Swagger almost eliminated Barrett with a gutwrench. Punk scored the first elimination on Barrett. Lesnar hit Henry with an F5. Punk eliminated Swagger after a GTS. Ryback eliminated Punk after a Shell Shocked. Ryback eliminated Henry after Lesnar hit him with a second F5. Ryback and Lesnar are the last two. Ryback won when he pinned Lesnar after a German suplex.

Match 5. The Rock vs. Triple H   World Heavyweight Championship
Two former partners battling for the World Title. The Rock was walking down the ramp when Cena attacked him from behind. Rock came back and landed the Rock Bottom. Triple H landed his spine buster and Pedigree. Triple H pinned Rocky, but the ref only counted to 2. Triple H was upset and tossed the ref across the ring. After a neck breaker, Triple H got the win.

After the match, Cena came in an celebrated with Triple H.

Main Event. Chamber - Aries vs. Roode vs. RVD vs. Angle vs. Storm vs. Wolfe   TNA Championship
Desmond Wolfe and James Storm started off the match. RVD was the first to join the match. Wolfe hit Storm with a neck breaker. Aries was the next to enter. His chances of retaining his title or small. Storm hit Aries with some punches in the corner. Bobby Roode came in third as he and Storm attacked RVD. Aries stood back as the other four men fought. Angle entered the match and all six men are in the ring.

Wolfe hit Storm with a rolling fireman's carry and Angle pinned him for the elimination. Roode locked Aries in a crossface. Wolfe locked Aries in a camel clutch, but he broke out again. RVD busted Wolfe open with a heel kick. RVD hit Aries with a standing moonsault. Angle caught Wolfe in a roll-up and eliminated him. Aries locked Angle in a single-leg Boston Crab and RVD had Roode in a camel clutch, but both men broke free. Aries hit Roode with the chokebomb and turned his attention to RVD. Roode hit RVD with Pay Off and eliminated him. Aries eliminated Roode with a spine buster. Maybe Aries can retain his title. After a double underhook back breaker, Aries eliminated Angle for the win.

Recap: Cena screwed The Rock out of his championship match. For WrestleMania, the two main title matches are Cena vs. Triple H vs. Ryback and Abyss (the Rumble winner) vs. Austin Aries.

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