Wednesday, February 29, 2012

August Week 4

To use a CAW or to not use a CAW..that is the question.

Match 1. Ziggler vs. Michaels  #1 Contender's match
The winner will face Orton for the US Title at my next mystery PPV. I wouldn't mind seeing HBK vs. Orton II, but Orton and Ziggler isn't so bad either. Looks like HBK will get his rematch after connecting with Sweet Chin Music.

Match 2. Foley vs. Clay
Brodus won last week in a very wild match. He's not one half of the tag champs for nothing. He continued the beating from last week. Clay won again with his finisher.

Match 3. CM Punk vs. Kane
Kane lost to Batista last week. This week he takes on another former champ in Punk. Kane looked like he wanted to take out his anger on Punk. Kane hit the huge chokeslam on CM Punk to win.

Main Event. Cena vs. Batista
Current champ vs. former champ. There are still 4 weeks until the next PPV, so things could get interesting. It was a Cena-heavy match. Cena hit the AA on Batista to win.

After the match, Rey and Brodus hit the ring. Rey grabbed a chair and all three men began assaulting Batista.


Match 1. Barrett vs. Sheamus  #1 Contender's match
The winner will take on Bryan for the IC Title in 4 weeks. We were so close to seeing a new champ last PPV during the triple threat match, but Bryan snuck the Lebell Lock to win. Kidd was at ringside to help out Sheamus. He couldn't do anything about Wade hitting Wasteland on Sheamus.

Match 2. Bryan vs. Morrison
Looks like JoMo needed to move away from Taker. Bryan can't catch a break. No matter who he faces, they're always one step ahead. JoMo falls victim to the Lebell Lock. Bryan is on fire right now.

Match 3. Taker vs. Husky
Interesting match with two different styles. Harris is holding his own against The Deadman. A win over Taker could launch Harris into permanent contendership for the World Title. Alas, that will not be happening because Taker hit the Tombstone.

After the match, Edge assaulted Taker with a lead pipe.

Main Event. Show vs. Edge
After attacking the Deadman, Edge now must face the champ. Big Show was using all of his 500-pound body to make sure he wins. Big Show won with the knockout punch.

After the match, Sheamus, Kidd, and McIntyre were at the top of the ramp staring down Show.

Recap: We have HBK vs. Orton II and Barrett vs. Bryan lined up so far for the surprise PPV. There is a little over a month until I shake up the rosters a little bit. So Edge, Christian and Wade are going after Taker while Sheamus, Kidd and Drew are after Show. Nice.

August Week 3

As much as it hurt, I released Savage from Raw. He hasn't appeared since July week 1. He should be back once I edit the rosters in October.

Match 1. Gabriel vs. Riley
The feud that will never die with Superstars that will never go away. Riley was making his way to the ring when Ziggler came out from under it and attacked him. After a 450-splash, Gabriel landed his signature move and pinned Riley for the win.

Match 2. Stone Cold vs. R-Truth
Now thinking about it, Truth is one guy I never thought about releasing, but I just might. He's more of a pest that Gabriel and Slater. Foley interfered in the match. He almost hit Truth, but he missed and Truth hit his finisher on Austin.

Match 3. Batista vs. Kane
I wouldn't be surprised to see Clay or Ryan interfere. Two former champs collide a few weeks before the next PPV. I called it. Ryan made his way to the ring with a chair. I can't tell which one is Batista and which one's Ryan. Nah, I kid. Batista hit the Batista Bomb to Kane outside the ring.

Main Event. Foley vs. Clay
Now this is an interesting match. These two weren't acting like they should be. Foley was wrestling a very technical style while Clay displayed some quickness. The match spilled outside the ring, in from of the announcer's table. Brodus won by hitting his finisher.


Match 1. Harris vs. Miz
A decent match to kick off Smackdown. Harris has a pretty good moveset. Husky won after landed his finisher on Miz.

Match 2. Nash vs. Henry
I'm very happy that Nash is no longer a contender for the World Title. He can stay on the mid-card for the rest of my Universe. Big Sexy seemed to be in control for most of the match. Though, Henry wasn't giving up that easy. Nash won with the Jackknife.

Match 3. Morrison vs. Taker
This is the fourth time these two are facing in the short time Morrison has been on Smackdown. Taker is 3-0 against JoMo. Maybe he can win one, just to prove that he belongs in the top 4. Undertaker doesn't like JoMo. He hit the Last Ride and Tombstone to become 4-0.

Edge, Christian and Mason appeared at the top of the ramp. Edge pointed at Taker as to say "he's next."

Main Event. Bryan vs. Barrett
DiBiase was shown in the front row with a ticket in hand. In a mostly one-sided match, Barrett won by hitting Wasteland on the champ. Could this be a sign of things to come?

Recap: Nothing really newsworthy for Raw. Smackdown had an average card. I was close to revealing one of my surprise CAWs this week, but I'm going to hold off. Oh, I realized I've been calling Miz's finisher "Mic Check" when it's really "Skull Crushing Finale." But I don't care. "Mic Check" is shorter and it fits Miz.


Six matches, 4 titles on the line. An amazing card! Oh, Taker is challenging for the championship. You'll see why.

Match 1. Ladder - Booker vs. Lesnar vs. Henry vs. Kidd
This match is just to get more Superstars on the card. As soon as the bell rang, two ladders were brought into the ring. Kidd was close to winning a couple of times early. Show interfered in the match and went after Henry. After many attempts, Lesnar pulled down the briefcase to win.

Match 2. Bryan vs. Sheamus vs. Wade  Intercontinental Title
This may be Daniel's biggest risk of losing the belt. He doesn't need to be pinned to lose. Sheamus and Barrett were going after each other most of the time. Out of nowhere, Bryan made Sheamus tap and retained the IC Title for another month.

Match 3. Battle Royal - Miz vs. Nash vs. Rhodes vs. DiBiase
Another match to get more guys on the PPV. Cody was the first one eliminated. Miz was out next. Nash finally eliminated DiBiase to win.

Match 4. Iron Man - Michaels vs. Orton  United States Championship
This could be an amazing match. My previous Iron Man matches were all 5-star quality. With 4 minutes left, Orton was leading 4-1. My apologies for not keeping up with the score. 2 minutes left and Michaels scored his second point. Orton hit an RKO with 1:15 left to seal the deal and become the new US Champ. Orton was in control for pretty much the whole match.

Match 5. Scramble - Edge vs. Show vs. Taker vs. Harris vs. Morrison  World Heavyweight Championship
The champion taking on the top 4 contenders. From my experience with scrambles, the champ always retains. Edge and Harris started the match. Morrison was third. The champ came out next. Finally, Taker came out with 2 minutes left in the match. Like I said, the title never changes hands in my scramble matches. Show retains.

Main Event. Last Man Standing - Cena vs. Punk  WWE Championship
As Punk was making his way to the ring, Clay attacked him from behind. Cena and Punk pulled out all the stops for this match. Punk couldn't respond to the 10-count and Cena retained.

After the match, Cena grabbed a chair and starting hitting Punk with it.

Recap: I'm beginning to feel that I don't want Bryan to lose the belt. I have to fix the scramble settings. 5 minutes is not enough time. I will be changing the PPV cards for future reference. I don't care for the randoms matches as much.

August Week 2

I downloaded a few CAWs from the Community Creations. I may have them appear without any warnings, so keep an eye out.

Match 1. Clay vs. Punk
Brodust betrayed Batista and is now taking on Punk himself. Punk was making his way to the ring when Clay came out from under it and attacked him. The match stayed on the outside. After a kick to the cut, Clay hit his finisher to win.

After the match, Clay grabbed a chair and was going to hurt Punk. However, Batista's music hit and him and Clay went at it.

Match 2. Riley vs. Ziggler
Dolph made his first appearance on Raw since Judgment Day. Before the match, Gabriel sat down at the announcer's table. Ziggler won after hitting a German suplex and making Riley tap.

After the match, Gabriel entered the ring and threw Riley out of it.

Match 3. Michaels vs. Batista
We saw Batista earlier, saving Punk from Clay. When I saw this match booked, I thought Batista moved on from Punk, but after what happened earlier, I guess not. HBK reversed the Batista Bomb and connected with some Sweet Chin Music.

Main Event. Table - Cena vs. Foley
A table was brought into the match and set up in a turnbuckle. HHH interfered and hit the Pedigree on Foley. Cena landed the AA on Foley as well. After a 5-Knuckle Shuffle, Cena threw Foley into the table. Cena then charged at him and he went through to win.


Match 1. Bryan vs. Harris
Bryan won this match last week, but Husky wants some more. Husky put on brass knuckles and knocked out Daniel. Harris wanted people to forget about last week as he was in control for most of the match. But like the champion he is, Bryan put him in the Lebell Lock.

After the match, Lesnar and Cody were at the top of the ramp. Bryan high fived them and celebrated.

Match 2. Show and Ryan vs. Sheamus and Kidd
Although Ryan is partners with Kane and Show with Nash, all four men could be a huge team crossing both brands. Rarely does Universe make sensible teams, but it's ok because the teams are different and keeps it fresh. After many tags, Show hit the Showstopper on Kidd.

Match 3. Miz vs. DiBiase
This is the rubber match between these two. It was a good match. Miz took control towards the end, reversing a lot of moves. Miz won with the Mic Check. I wouldn't mind seeing these two again.

Main Event. Taker vs. Morrison
A rematch from JoMo's first match on Smackdown. Just like the first meeting, Taker hit the Tombstone to win. I'm very happy it won't be Show vs. Taker at Summerslam.

Recap: Because of the save, Batista is a good guy. Bryan, Rhodes, and Lesnar? Not a bad team if it happens. No other news on Smackdown.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

August Week 1

Decent card from Raw

Match 1. Punk vs. Batista
Remarkable match. This will probably lead into Summerslam. Clay ran in and attacked both men. Punk won my having Batista tap from the Anaconda Vice.

After the match, Clay headed back to the ring and attacked Batista. Punk ran in and tossed out Clay.

Match 2. Gabriel vs. Riley
After the stunt Alex pulled last week, Justin's looking for revenge. Riley was waiting for Gabriel, but he attacked Alex from behind. Justin then hit his finisher.

After the match, Justin grabbed a chair, but Ziggler ripped it away from him. He then turned and hit Riley right over his head.

Match 3. HBK vs. Mysterio
Holy shit, a Rey Mysterio sighting! He hasn't been in a match since March. But I guess coming back against the Heartbreak Kid is one way to get back on Universe's good side. HBK clocked Rey with Sweet Chin Music. I guess Rey won't be on Raw for another 5 months.

Main Event. Stone Cold vs. Cena
The top two Superstars of their era go at it right now. Cena hit the 5-knuckle shuffle then the AA on Austin. Cena is also trying to make his way back to the top.


Match 1. Bryan vs. Harris
A remarkable match continuing from last week's debacle. I had the opportunity to have Riley cash in against Bryan, but I decided to hold off for now. Bryan won with the Lebell Lock. Just one more notch to Bryan's resume.

Match 2. Show Ryan vs. Sheamus w/ Kidd
I'm very fond of this right now. Show came out holding is arm. Ryan is his replacement. Ryan won with his finisher after a back and forth match. It looks like Ryan as been included in this feud.

After the match, Ryan was checking on Sheamus, but he was playing possum and low blowed him.

Match 3. Miz and Clay vs. Kane and Mason
I guess Ryan is recovered because he's in this match, too. The ref was accidently knocked out for a brief moment. The tag champs were given a run for their money, but Miz won with the Mic Check.

Main Event. Taker vs. Edge vs. Morrison  #1 Contender's match
This triple threat is featuring two stars new to Smackdown. I'm hoping Taker doesn't win because I don't think I can take Show vs. Taker again. Each man is doing there best to have this match continue. Edge was setting up for the spear, but Taker completely laid him out with the chair. Edge wins with the spear on Morrison.

Recap: This is why I need to cut down the rosters. Rey hasn't been on the card in about 5 months, despite being the number 3 contender to the US Title. Clay turned heel.

July Week 4

I released Demolition and moved Edge to Smackdown. He wasn't doing anything on Raw. Because of this move, Edge is now ranked number 3.

Match 1. Punk vs. Batista w/ Clay
The former champ begins his climb back to the top against Punk. The match spilled to the outside for a little bit. Brodus was a non-factor during the match. Batista is one step closer as he hit the Batista Bomb on Punk.

Match 2. Riley Slater vs. Gabriel
An extreme rules remarkable match. This could be interesting. Riley was heading to the ring, but he introduced Slater as his replacement -_- . I cannot get rid of these two. These guys brought out a table, ladder, and a kendo stick. Slater won by pinfall.

After the match Slater went to shake Gabriel's hand but he low blowed him instead.

Match 3. Stone Cold vs. Kane
I like this match-up. I've said this before, Raw if filled with guys who could be the champ. A back and forth match that ended with Austin hitting the Stone Cold Stunner.

Main Event. Foley vs. Del Rio
It has been a while since we've seen Alberto in singles action; week 4 of May to be exact. Del Rio held his own against the Hardcore Legend. However, Foley landed a combination of moves which led to the double arm DDT.


Match 1. Bryan and Harris vs. Lesnar and Cody
A remarkable match. I recall last week Harris taking Bryan out and replacing him against Rocky. Ah, here it is. Bryan came down to the ring alone. Harris ran down to the ring and attacked Bryan. After the cutscene ended, Harris was attacking Lesnar and all seemed right in the world. Cody hit Cross Rhodes on Husky to win.

Match 2. Show vs. Mason
Show was making his way to the ring when Sheamus was at ringside. He knocked out Show. After the attack, it was all Big Show. He hit the Showstopper to win.

Sheamus and Tyson Kidd ambushed Show as he was celebrating.

Match 3. Nash vs. Morrison
JoMo is wasting no time on Smackdown with the mid-card. He's going after the top dogs on the blue brand. Nash brought Morrison down a peg as he landed the Jackknife after a brutal match.

Main Event. Miz vs. Edge
Welcome back to Smackdown, Edge. A great main event for Smackdown. Miz hit the Mic Check after he moved out of the way of the top-rope spear. These two have a familiarity with each other, competing in iron man matches.

Recap: Wow, the Universe really hates when I break up a team. Rock/Bryan, Eddie/Cody, now Slater/Gabriel. These cutscenes and the events after make no sense. Harris attacks Bryan but now they're working as a team? I like the involvement of Kidd with Sheamus. It gives me a reason not to cut him. Lesnar and Cody are a team...


Well, I called that Nash and Kidd would be in the ladder match.

Match 1. Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus  Intercontinental Title
Bryan has not lost the title since I began Universe. He defeated Slater and Sheamus twice already. He is giving the IC Title some prestige right now. Even with Sheamus on the offensive, Bryan was able to put him in the Lebell Lock to retain once again.

Match 2. Demolition vs. Miz and Clay  Tag Team Titles
I'm hoping for Miz and Clay to win so I have some reason to cut Demolition. A pretty evenly matched tag match. Clay hit his finisher on Ax to become new tag champs with Miz. THANK GOD!

Match 3. Battle Royal - Punk vs. Foley vs. Kane vs. Austin
A filler match that features 4 of Raw's top contenders. Kane was eliminated by Foley. Austin and Foley teamed up to take out Punk. Stone Cold won after hitting a couple of Stunners on Foley. I wonder if Stone Cold can carry this momentum to the ladder match

Match 4. Show vs. Taker  World Heavyweight Title
These two have faced at three previous PPVs with Big Show winning them all. Even though they've faced each other in 3 consecutive pay-per-views, they were all entertaining. Big Show retained and sent a message by knocking Taker out with that right hand.

Match 5. Batista vs. Cena  WWE Title
Ever since coming to Raw, Batista has been on a tear. Cena looked determined to get back his WWE championship. He was going for frequent pinfalls, but only getting a 1 count. He finally finished it by hitting the AA to win the belt.

After the match, Bryan entered the ring and threw Batista out of the ring. He then shook hands with Cena.

Main Event. Money in the Bank ladder match - Austin vs. HBK vs. Kidd vs. Nash vs. Riley vs. DiBiase
Stone Cold is pulling double duty on this pay-per-view. I like how this match features some vets along with some rising stars; a good mix of talent. This match may be the longest match to watch the AI compete in. I'm pulling for DiBiase or Stone Cold. If Riley or Kidd win, I could have them cash it in on a mid-card title. Riley won the match.

Recap: Now that Demolition lost, I have more of a reason to release them. Two new champions crown, I'd say it was a pretty successful PPV. Good ladder match that didn't take too long. I'm tossed up on what title Riley should challenge.

July Week 3

Match 1. Slater vs. Gabriel
Man, these two really want me to rehire them. I guess I'll let this play out. As Slater was making his way to the ring, Gabriel came from under the ring and assaulted him. The match never made it to the ring as Slater hit his finisher.

After the match, Riley came in and raised Slater's arm.

Match 2. Tornado Tag - Bourne and Kofi vs. R-Truth and Del Rio
I made this match because Christian was double booked. He was scheduled to face Stone Cold as well. Plus, this will be a chance to see the other teams in action. This exciting match came to an end when Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise on Truth.

Match 3. Foley vs. Christian
Raw has at least one random match per card, and here is this week's. Last week, Christian was in a 4-way with the WWE champ, this week it's this. Edge interfered and stood there while Foley hit the double-arm DDT.

Main Event. Punk vs. Batista
A possible title match down the road, but we get a sneak peak on Raw. Before the match, Ax attacked Batista from behind. Punk took advantage of the beating as he hit the GTS on a weak Batista.

After the match, Batista gave Punk a low blow after faking a knee injury.


Match 1. Rock vs. Bryan Harris
Another remarkable match in this rivalry. Before the match, Harris tossed Bryan out of the curtain. This match is now Rock vs. Harris. I'm going to edit the main event so Husky doesn't pull double duty. Harris won with his finisher.

After the match, Bryan was at the top of the ramp and Harris went after him. Referees and officials had to keep the separated.

Match 2. Nash vs. Kidd
How did this match come to be? There are 2 days before the PPV and they throw this match on the card which is irrelevant to building up the PPV. Unless if these two are going to be in the Money in the Bank ladder match. Henry was at ringside with a chair, but it didn't matter. Nash won with the Jackknife.

Match 3. Miz vs. DiBiase
A rematch from two weeks ago where DiBiase won. I wouldn't mind seeing Ted in the hunt for either title. Ax interfered in this match and went after Miz. But Miz was able to hit the Mic Check and redeem his lost from two weeks ago.

Main Event. Show vs. Harris and Morrison
Talk about a warm-up match before the PPV. I decided not to take out Harris. I just want to get to Money in the Bank. These two were putting the hurt on Big Show. But because he is Big Show, he came back and landed the Showstopper on Morrison.

After the match, Show held up his title but Mason Ryan laid him out.

Recap: Again with the released stars appearing on the card. If it happens next week, I'll edit the show. What beef does Ax have with the WWE champ? I may have just created a rivalry between Punk and Batista. Nice. Ok Ax, why have you interfered twice this week? I may have to cut you and Smash. How close is Bragging Rights? Maybe that is the reason for all this cross-brand warfare.

Monday, February 27, 2012

July Week 2

I changed Starrcade back to Superstars, then changed it to ECW. Oh, Raw has another awesome card this week.

Match 1. Eddie and Mason w/ McGillicutty vs. HHH and ??
A huge remarkable match. Rhodes is The Game's partner. I don't know how I feel now with all the cross-brand appearances. It makes things interesting, but takes up space for those Superstars on that show. After the beatdown on Rhodes, Eddie hit the brainbuster on HHH.

Match 2. Batista vs. Christian vs. Edge vs. Barrett
This 4-way is a remarkable match featuring a Smackdown Superstar. Christian was once aligned with Edge and Barrett. The WWE Champ has his hands full in this match. Captain Charisma won by hitting the Killswitch on the champ.

Match 3. Slater vs. Riley
The third remarkable match this week! But why is Slater on Raw when I cut him? I guess I'll let this play out to see what happens. During the match, Gabriel (another man I cut) interfered and betrayed Slater. Riley wins, hopefully taking Slater off Raw for good.

After the match, Riley and Slater shook hands.

Main Event. Cena vs. Kane  #1 Contender's match
Winner will most likely face Batista at Money in the Bank. It's been week after week with this Cena/Punk/Kane triangle heading into the PPV. Punk ran down to the ring and went after Cena. Despite that, Cena hit the AA on Kane.


Match 1. Rock vs. Bryan vs. Harris
This has been brewing for a couple of weeks. Here is the remarkable match. As Rock made his way to the ring, Harris beat him down. For a quick moment, Rock and Bryan double teamed Harris. Husky landed his finisher on Bryan to win.

Match 2. Miz and Clay vs. Nash and Show  #1 Contender's match
With the Road Warriors out of the picture, it's time for some new teams to challenge Demolition. The match was mostly Show vs. Miz. Nash and Clay hit their finishers on each other, but no pin attempt was made. After a long match, Miz pinned Show.

Match 3. Booker vs. DiBiase
First Miz and now Booker, DiBiase is trying to make a name for himself by taking on these top guys. I wonder if we'll see Bryan vs. Ted for the IC Title soon. Daniel did interfere and helped DiBiase. After receiving a Lebell Lock, Booker received Dream Street.

Main Event. Taker vs. Morrison  #1 Contender's match
Damn, Morrison has a chance to really step up here. JoMo was really in control against The Deadman. However, Taker's experience led him to putting the Tombstone on Morrison. It'll be Taker and Show in the fourth straight PPV.

After the match, Daniel Bryan came in and raised Taker's arm.

Recap: I don't get why Superstars who I made free agents are appearing on the card. It makes no sense. For those who care, Slater is a face...Nothing notable for Smackdown.

July Week 1

I did some moves to reduce the rosters. I cut Gabriel and Slater from Smackdown. I also cut Otunga and McGillicutty from Raw. I added John Morrison to the Smackdown roster. So Raw now has 22 while Smackdown has 21 Superstars. Slowly but surely I'll get it down to 20.

Match 1. HHH vs. Eddie
A remarkable match featuring a Smackdown star. What is Eddie's beef with The Game? Before the match began, Ryan and McGillicutty walked down the ramp. HHH turned around and hit a crossbody on them. Despite being cut from the roster, McGillicutty is still involved in the storyline. That's something I don't like. About 30 seconds later, HHH hit the spinebuster and Pedigree to win.

After the match, Ryan and Michael double teamed HHH.

Match 2. Batista vs. Christian and Wade
Just after Christian calls out Taker, he's challenging Batista. Man, Edge and Christian are very similar. Batista was doing his very best holding his own in this handicap match. After a double team move, Barrett hit Wasteland to win.

Match 3. HBK vs. Cena vs. Edge vs. Savage
Just a little fatal four way match to get some Superstars involved. The originally scheduled match was Slater vs. Riley. Yeah, that wasn't happening. For the longest time, Cena and Edge are going at it the same time as HBK and Savage. Cena won with the AA on Savage.

Main Event. CM Punk vs. Kane
A rematch from last week where Kane won, despite interference from Rey. This match was more fast paced than last week. Mason came down to the ring with a chair. Kane won by hitting the Tombstone.


Match 1. Rock vs. Bryan
A remarkable match continuing from the beating Bryan game after their match last week. Before the match, Harris punched Rock at ringside. This match was probably better than what Cena vs. Rock will be at WrestleMania 28. Bryan won again with the Lebell Lock.

After the match, Husky entered the ring and attacked Rock. Bryan came back in and took out Harris. Rock and Bryan just stared at each other.

Match 2. Miz vs. DiBiase
Good booking featuring two rising stars. It was back and forth throughout the whole thing. DiBiase won by making Miz tap out.

Match 3. Taker vs. Morrison
JoMo's first match is against Undertaker. Damn that's rough. Well, maybe he can earn is spot as the #3 ranked Superstar. Taker is still on his path to regain the WWE Title. Taker ended the match with a swinging DDT, the Last Ride, and finally the Tombstone.

Main Event. Show vs. Regal
Regal hasn't been in a match in a month, but he's been seen hanging with Orton and Bryan lately. A win over the champ, could boost Regal up in the ranks. After much back and forth, Show pulled out the Showstopper to win and send a message to his challengers.

Recap: I cut McGillicutty, but he's still appearing on Raw. That needs to be fixed. Other than that, nothing for Raw. By saving Rocky, Bryan turned face. The heels are slowly shrinking on Smackdown.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

June Week 4

Damn, Raw has one hell of a card this week.

Match 1. Rhodes vs. HHH
A remarkable match that could lead to a decent rivalry...even though Cody's on the blue show. Rhodes was making his way to the ring when Eddie came from under the ring and attacked him. HHH was dominate and pinned Cody after a backbreaker.

After the match, Ryan, Eddie and McGillicutty appeared on stage and pointed at The Game

Match 2. Batista vs. Edge, Christian and Wade
Another remarkable match. Welcome back to TV, Christian. Edge and Barrett had their way with Batista. Christian came him and received a Batista Bomb to lose the match.

Match 3. Slater and Gabriel vs. Show and Nash
A match on Raw featuring 2 Smackdown teams. Show and Nash were dominating Gabriel in the early going. I'm up in the air on what Superstars I want to cut, so this match may help me decide. After much back and forth action, Nash hit the Jackknife on Gabriel.

Main Event. Punk vs. Kane
Both guys are tying to make a point on why they should be the next man to face Batista. Rey interfered and tried going after Kane. The Big Red Machine hit the Tombstone on Punk while Rey could have broken it up. Stupid Mexican.

The Smackdown card is as bad as the Raw card was good. Here I go with some editing.

Match 1. McIntyre vs. Miz
Two up and comers trying to get back in the title hunt. I haven't seen Drew since February, so I think it was time. Sheamus slowly walked down to the ring with a chair in hand. As soon as Miz hit the Mic Check, Lesnar ran through the crowd to the ring.

Match 2. Booker T vs. Henry
Another reason why the rosters are too big. These two could be top contenders for the World Title. Booker showed Henry why he is the 5-time, 5-time, 5-time, 5-time, 5-time WCW champ. Yes, I had to do it. It was now Mark's turn to show Booker why he is the world's strongest man. Booker prevailed as he hit the Bookend.

Match 3. Rock vs. Bryan
If these two faced in their prime, it would be an AWESOME match. Before the match began, Bryan knocked Rock out with brass knuckles. Even The Great One loses sometimes as he tapped to the Lebell Lock.

After the match, Bryan continued to assault Rocky.

Main Event. Taker vs. Lesnar
These two had an awesome feud in real life, so I'm hoping it translates in my Universe. Lesnar is on the verge of breaking into the top 4 and he might crack it with a win here. Lesnar hit a German Suplex, but Taker reversed the following punch into a chokeslam. Taker won with the Tombstone.

After the match, Christian was at the top of the ramp pointing at Taker.

Recap: Looks like factions across the brands are a popular thing right now. I'm debating on cutting most of the NXT guys (except Barrett). They are taking up top contender spots that they don't deserve. Even though Christian is on Raw, I like the idea of him and Taker going at it.


No change in the rankings yet.

Match 1. Bryan vs. Sheamus  Intercontinental Title
This is MUCH better than having Slater challenge for the title. Considering Sheamus hasn't appeared since 'Mania, this is a good restart for him. Bryan is proving why he has been the IC champ since I've started. Bryan keeps the belt for another month with the Lebell Lock.

Match 2. Michaels vs. Orton  US Title
This is a rematch from Extreme Rulez that HBK won. Orton wants to forget about that match as he was in control early. HBK came back, hit a back suplex and then the Sweet Chin Music to retain.

Match 3. Austin vs. Truth vs. Ryan
I'm so confused about this match. Austin deserves so much better. I'm thinking that I'll push whoever wins this match. All three men wanted to end it early with a submission hold. I'm really pulling for Stone Cold...for obvious reasons. Truth reversed Ryan's finisher and then hit his own to win. I kind of regret putting my own stipulation on this match. Oh well, I'm a man of my word. Congrats R-Truth.

Match 4. Punk vs. Clay
I wonder what circumstances led to this match. Clay was throwing Punk like he was a sack of potatoes. Cena  interfered and attempted the AA on Punk.  Kane's music played, but Punk hit the GTS to win. Well, that was a clusterfuck on interference. I wonder what Kane was going to do.

Match 5. Cena vs. Batista vs. Kane vs. Foley  WWE Championship
I'll be controlling Mick to make sure he doesn't win. Cena was in the ring with his red t-shirt and Kane ran down and attacked him. Maybe those two were a match early with their interference. I will, however, break out of submissions so the match won't end too early. Batista hit the Batista Bomb on Foley to become the new champion.

After the match, Edge attacked Batista with a lead pipe.

Main Event. Hell in a Cell - Show vs. Taker vs. Gabriel vs. Harris  World Heavyweight Championship
I'm taking control of Gabriel for the same reason as above. I do wish Justin and Husky weren't in the match, but it's what Universe booked. I decided to mess around a little bit. This game needs to work on its physics. Without any struggle, Gabriel was able to lift Big Show...Taker and Show broke up each other's pins to keep the match going. After a Showstopper and a knockout punch, Show pinned Taker to retain.

Recap: Another pretty good PPV card with a couple of random, filler matches, but with only 5 titles, they all can't be defended. YES! Edge is back! An Edge vs. Batista program won't be bad at all, but with Edge ranked number 20, it may be a while. I also do plan to cut the rosters even more. Each roster would lose about 3 Superstars.

Friday, February 24, 2012

June Week 3

I broke up Cody and Eddie. Rhodes wasn't helping Eddie during his feud with Orton/Regal...or maybe he was going to. Oh well. What's done is done.

Match 1. R-Truth vs. Swagger w/ Punk
Punk at ringside could be interesting. R-Truth saw him on the apron and punched him. Swagger took this opportunity to gain control of the match. Truth couldn't leave Punk alone as he went after him on the outside. Punk took care of him and rolled him back into the ring where Swagger hit his finisher.

Match 2. Austin vs. Mason Ryan
Looks like Ryan moved on from HBK to take on Austin. Not a bad two weeks, unless he loses here too. I'm just waiting for Mason vs. Batista. I wouldn't be able to tell them apart. HBK interfered in the match and was attempting to hit Ryan. Mason hit his finisher without any interruption from Michaels.

Match 3. Foley vs. Kane
Ok, Mick. I gave you a 1-week bye. This is 2 in a row, I'm watching you. Kane knocked out the ref before the match started but he's up when the cut scene was over. Why bother then? I digress. Kane was in control for all of the match, capping it with a Tombstone.

Main Event. Iron Man - Cena vs. Batista
The last Iron Man between these two ended in a tie. Looks like this is the rematch I predicted. For the second time, no one scored during the first 5 minutes. Halfway through and the score is 0-0. Both men hit their finishers, but I guess they didn't feel like pinning at the time. Cena got the first point after an AA with 4:58 left and then a second point 20 seconds later. The first half was back and forth, but the second half was all Cena. Batista finally scored with 1:30 left. This could be interesting. Batista was on a roll until Cena caught him with a belly-to-belly and sealed the deal with a third fall with 17 seconds left.

After the match, Rey and Bryan were at the top of the ramp...and they raised Cena's arms.

This card is pretty bad. I'm going to make some adjustments.

Match 1. Lesnar vs. Bryan w/ Regal
First Regal and Orton, now adding Bryan? I like the possible idea of that faction. But Regal and Orton are faces... Regal was doing his best to distract Lesnar, but in the end Bryan was a victim of the F5.

Match 2. Rock and Booker T vs. Gabriel and Slater
I know Booker and Rocky are a random team, but in order to move the other two down, I gotta use Superstars that are ranked low. I will also be controlling Slater to ensure they lose. Booker put Slater in a full nelson and he tapped.

Match 3. Miz vs. Harris
Here's another guy I don't want even close to the World Title. I'm controlling Harris to make sure he loses. Miz took his time, but finally hit the Mic Check to win.

Main Event. Hell in a Cell - Show vs. Taker
Looks like they're not waiting until the PPV. These two big men went back and forth trying to hit their finishers. I just like how they're both faces. Big Show was on offense for most of the match, but Taker came back and hit a DDT and pinned Show.

Recap: Wow, did Edge cool off or what? Now it's all Otunga and Show. There was nothing for Raw in the "news" section. I'm doing my best to take Gabriel and Harris out of the top 4 on Smackdown.

June Week 2

So, the top 4 for Smackdown are: Undertaker, Husky Harris, Justin Gabriel, and Cody Rhodes. What. The. Fuck? I need to do some serious renovations to the rankings.

Match 1. Batista and Clay vs. Kane and ???
It's a remarkable match. Kane came out alone, making this a handicap match. I'm curious to know who his partner was going to be. Savage? Anyway, Clay was manhandling Kane during the match. Batista hit 2 Thesz Presses and pinned Kane for the win.

After the match, Savage came out to check on Kane, but was hit in the back with a chair by Batista.

Match 2. Swagger vs. Truth
There's really nothing to this match. It's just a standard one on one. It actually got better as time went on. The two were breaking out of submissions, kicking out of pins. It kept me on my toes. Truth won with his finisher.

Match 3. Michaels vs. Ryan
These two fought twice in May, each winning one match. From what I remember, they have been pretty good matches. Ryan was in control when HBK blocked a punch and hit Sweet Chin Music.

Main Event. Foley vs. Stone Cold
I'm finally letting Foley participate on Raw for the first time in a month. I think he served his time. I figured it was okay because it's not for a title shot. Foley won with Mr. Socko after reversing a piledriver.

After the match, Austin raised Foley's hand in victory.


Match 1. Eddie vs. Orton
Another remarkable match in this wonderful rivalry. Orton won the last match and, with the help of Regal, attacked Eddie with a chair. Eddie needs to invest in a partner. Oh wait, he's in a team with Rhodes. And Orton wins this time, too.

Match 2. Harris vs. Big Show
Now its Husky's turn to take on the champ. Before the match, Husky attacked Show from behind. After that He hit his signature and finishing moves in a matter of 13 seconds to win.

After the match, Harris grabbed a chair and put Show's ankle in it. But Otunga ran out and made the save.

Match 3. Gabriel vs. Taker  #1 Contender's match
I will be controlling Gabriel to ensure Taker gets the win...which will lead to Show vs. Taker II at Fatal 4 Way. Taker put Gabriel in an abdominal stretch and, because I was controlling him, he tapped out.

Main Event. Cody vs. Bryan
This could be a feud I could like for, like, a month or two at the most. I decided I'm going to do my own little 2-pick lottery at the beginning of October to freshen things up a tad. The Undertaker cut scene happened again. This time he appeared in the ring behind Cody. After the Taker nonsense, Bryan put Cody in the Lebell Lock.

Recap: Because of Austin's actions, he is now a face. I like the sound of that. Raw has now 12 faces and 12 heels. I wonder what Taker's agenda is for Cody. David Otunga turned face. So much for that ^ statement.

June Week 1

I checked the rankings and Raw is messed up. Orton and Edge are ranked 17th and 21st respectively. The "teens" are filled with mid-carders. I gotta fix this.

Match 1. Last Man Standing - Kane vs. Savage.
The rivalry continues. More Macho Man! A Last Man Standing match? Wow, these two really kick it up a notch on Raw. Savage is hoping to continue is winning streak and move up on Raw. But, Kane won. I noticed that the ref breezed through 1-5 and slowed down from 6-10, like he was encouraging Savage to get up.

After the match, Kane extended his hand but Macho slapped it away.

Match 2. Swagger vs. Ryan
I don't know how small I have to make the rosters in order to get Swagger a shot at a little. Ryan reversed a powerbomb then hit his finisher in a match that included 2 broken chairs.

Match 3. Cena vs. Punk
I lost count of how many times these two faced. I think one of these two need to switch shows, just to keep things fresh. After two chair shots to the head, Cena received the GTS.

Main Event. Michaels vs. Austin
The leaders of the Attitude Era main event Raw, I love it. Heel Austin vs. face Michaels, not exactly WM 14, but close. Michaels was stomping a mudhole in Austin when he pulls out the stunner from nowhere to win.


Match 1. Eddie vs. Regal
A remarkable match, so why change it? Randy Orton will get involved somehow, I just know it. Like I predicted, Orton sat next to the announcer's before the match started. After a reversal of the brainbuster, Regal hit a back fisherman's suplex to win.

After the match, Orton came in the ring and threw Eddie out. They then shook hands and celebrated. I'm guess they're a team now, too...

Match 2. Show vs. Otunga
See above, but I do hate Otunga. Before the match, Harris was at ringside and knocked David out. Show dominated Otunga from corner to corner. He ended it with the Showstopper.

After the match, Husky Harris came back to the ring and took out both men.

Match 3. Rhodes vs. Bryan
This could be an entertaining match. Rhodes is starting to grow on me...and that's scary. I just wish I could get rid of that face mask he wears. Midway through the match the lights went purple and Undertaker appeared! Cody hit Cross Rhodes to win.

Main Event. Miz vs. Taker vs. Gabriel  #1 Contender's match
I'll be controlling Gabriel just to make sure he doesn't win. Unlike the last triple threat, Miz was in control this time. Miz vs. Show for the title? Not a bad match, not bad at all. But that won't happen as Taker Tombstoned Miz to be the #1 contender...again.

Recap: Nothing really exciting for Raw as far as "news" but I'm liking that Savage his on the card every week. I bought him for a reason! For a second I thought Orton and Regal would be a team, but it's not in the news...yet. The Undertaker cut scene was the first time I saw it. It was pretty cool.

May Week 4

I released Legion of Doom since they lost, plus I have an abundance of tag teams. I also released Zack Ryder and turned Clay face because Raw had too many heels.

Match 1. Extreme Rules - Kane vs. Savage
A remarkable match. Hopefully this leads to a rivalry and Savage featured more on Raw. The Macho Man was able to make the most of this opportunity as he reversed many of Kane's moves. Many weapons were used such as a crutch, kendo stick, chair, and a ladder. Savage was destroying Kane with the ladder. Savage won with the elbow drop.

Match 2. Miz and Clay vs. Gabriel and Slater
I'm going to control Miz to make sure the other two drop on Smackdown. I put constant pressure on Gabriel. He never saw this beating coming. The Mic Check finally put him out of his misery.

Match 3. HHH vs. Cena
Since The Game is now a face, maybe Cena will challenge him along with Punk in the upcoming months. Hopefully, HHH will win so he moves up drastically. Super Cena was too much for The Game as he fell victim to the AA.

Main Event. Ladder - Del Rio vs. Batista
I have no idea why these two are fighting let alone in a ladder match. As Batista was making his way to the ring, Edge attacking him from behind. During the match, Clay entered the ring and did nothing. Both men were fighting on the ladder when Del Rio knocked Batista off and retrieved the suitcase.


Match 1. Orton vs. Eddie
A remarkable match. Eddie was on his way to the ring when Regal came out from under it and took him out. This is where the events from last week come to fruition apparently. Orton won with the RKO outside the ring.

After the match, Regal and Orton attacked Eddie with a chair.

Match 2. Otunga vs. Show
Another remarkable match that's branching from what happened at the end of Judgment Day. But why Otunga? He's not even at mid-card status. I can sense some interference from McGillicutty. David was being a little pest, so Show knocked him out with his right hand to win. No McGillicutty this week.

Match 3. Rhodes vs. Henry
I'll be controlling Henry since Rhodes is 5 and Henry is 10. Well, that was a failure. I tried for the World's Strongest Slam but he reversed it and hit me with Cross Rhodes. Veteran is haaaard.

Main Event. Nash vs. Bryan
Nash is number 3 while Daniel is 6th.  It's a tough call, but I'll let the AI play this one. Bryan was holding his own in the ring with Big Sexy. DiBiase interfered and hit Dream Street on Bryan. However, Nash was stupid on got caught in the Lebell Lock.

Recap: The change to make the AI play on veteran was a good move. They aren't just standing there now. Just a thought: if I'm going to control a Superstar, maybe I should lower the difficulty. Well, because of my inability to play on legend, Rhodes is now ranked number four.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Yes, I changed Over the Limit to Judgment Day. I miss the older WWE PPVs like Bad Blood and such. Anyway, this looks like the same card as Extreme Rulez. This card has 2 iron man matches.

Match 1. Iron Man - Bryan vs. Slater  Intercontinental Championship
If the last Iron Man match I had was any indication, this one should be great. Slater tapped to the Lebell Lock to give Bryan a 1-0 lead with 10 minutes left. After a hanging suplex, Bryan took a 2-0 lead. Slater went for a high risk move and missed. Bryan took advantage and scored his third fall with 6 minutes left. Slater hit his finisher and finally scored 30 seconds later. Bryan hit a Northern lights suplex to take a 4-1 lead. Bryan got his fifth fall after a crucifix pin. Wow, was I wrong about this Iron Man match? Bryan dominated all 15 minutes.

Match 2. Submission - Shawn Michaels vs. Ziggler  US Championship
Looks like Orton moved on to something better. The fact that the AI doesn't use many submissions to end matches makes me question why this is a submission match. Does Ziggler even have a submission? HBK is trying every submission possible - abdominal stretch, wrist lock. He finally wins with the Sharpshooter.

Match 3. Steel Cage - Miz vs. Nash vs. Gabriel
I will be controlling Miz in this match because I want Nash and Gabriel to drop in the ranks. This should be a little more difficult than a standard triple threat. Or not because I was able to escape while Gabriel had Nash in a submission hold.

Match 4. Ladder - LOD vs. Demolition  Tag Team Championships
I've determined that the losing team will be released. If the pattern holds, then LOD will lose their titles. Man, the AI doesn't like using the ladders as weapons. All they want to do is set it up in the middle of the ring. Animal just stared at Smash as he pulled down the titles. See ya LOD.

Match 5. Big Show vs. Undertaker  World Heavyweight Championship
These two have had pretty good matches. This is one rivalry I wouldn't mind seeing continue. Show is a very dominate champion. He can manhandle pretty much anyone. He reversed Taker's body slam and clocked him with the right punch to retain.

After the match, Otunga and Harris came out. Otunga signaled at Show that he's coming for the title. Oh jeez.

Main Event. Iron Man - Batista vs. John Cena  WWE Championship
This Iron Man match better be better than the first. Rey came to ringside, cheering on Batista...I think. This match is definitely not a one-side fight. 5 minutes in and neither man scored yet. Cena scored the first point with 9:40 left. Batista tied it up with 8:20 left after a Batista Bomb. Cena took the lead after a snapmare with 6:23 left; 2-1. Dave tied it back up a minute later; 2-2. This is how an Iron Man match should be. Cena hit a superplex, a leg drop off the top rope, then AA to score his third fall. Batista landed his fourth, or even fifth, Batista Bomb to tie it at 3 with 1:50 left. Cena quickly took the lead back with 1:34 left. ANOTHER Batista Bomb tied it back up with 55 seconds remaining. The match ended in a tie...which gives Batista a successful title defense.

Recap: This PPV had more stipulations than Extreme Rulez. I'm not ok with that. The first Iron Man match was a landslide. Slater put up no fight. I think I need to up the AI difficulty to legend because they are fucking stupid. Wow, the last Iron Man match was very entertaining. It literally went down to the wire. I don't like the draw, but it should lead to a rematch.

May Week 3

Match 1. Punk vs. Cena
Another remarkable match between these two. There needs to be a payoff soon or I'm gonna lose my mind. Cena was in control for the whole match. He hit the AA. Now he turns his focus to Batista at the PPV.

Match 2. Swagger vs. Clay
Wow, Raw is short on faces when Swagger is one of them. I just want to see him and Punk do some damage. That's it! Next week sometime it'll be Swagger and Punk (Straight Edge Americans) vs. Miz and Clay. Oh, Clay won with his finisher.

Match 3. Michaels vs. Ryan
Feud idea - HBK vs. The Game. I know I tried once before, but now I got to keep up on it. Triple H hasn't been on Raw in a while and Ryan's been on too much. R-Truth ran to the ring and attacked HBK. Ryan then hit his Rock Bottom-like finisher to win.

Main Event. Savage vs. Kane
I want the Macho Man to appear on Raw, so why not have him face a former champion? Hopefully he wins so he'll appear on Raw more often. Savage is doing pretty well. First match, first win. Macho landed his patented elbow drop to win.

After the match, Kane threw a pissy fit at the announcer's table.


Match 1. Rhodes vs. Truth and Del Rio
A Raw vs. Smackdown remarkable match. The Rock came out with an injury. His replacement is Cody Rhodes; another man who I don't want pushed. Ugh, after all my praise for Smackdown, they throw it in my face. Cody hit Cross Rhodes on the outside to Truth for the win.

After the match, Rock joined Cody in the ring and raised his arm in celebration.

Match 2. Miz and Taker vs. Rhodes and ???
Well, Rhodes is pulling a back-to-back. His partner is BROCK LESNAR! Wow! This match was 54 seconds long. Cody reversed Miz into an arm drag then hit Cross Rhodes to win.

Match 3. Nash vs. Gabriel
Two men I don't want in the top 4. It's a lose-lose situation. I'm going to control Nash since I want Gabriel to fall more than Nash. Easy as pie. A few strong grapples then the Jackknife to win.

Main Event. Show vs. Eddie

Before the match, Rey was shown in the front row. Show will face Taker at the PPV. I wonder if anyone will interfere in that match. Eddie hit the Three Amigos and the brainbuster to pin the champ.

Orton and Regal appeared at the top of the ramp after the match.

Recap: Wow! Was Rhodes all over Smackdown or what? That was a little ridiculous. I still may have to cut down the rosters. 25 Superstars seems to be too much. Well, my "surprise" PPV is next. Hopefully it's a good card.

May Week 2

Hmm. Nash and Show are now a team after facing each other a couple of times.

Match 1. Punk vs. Cena
This rivalry is overplayed already and there's still another week until my surprise PPV. Right before the match started, Cena hit Punk with brass knuckles. Swagger ran out to help his partner, Punk. Plus, his match is next so why not get a head start. Punk then hit the GTS to beat the champ.

Match 2. Swagger vs. Ryan
Ryan has aligned himself with some good company in recent weeks - Kane and Edge. I forget how Swagger and Punk even became a team. HBK interfered and hit the SCM on Ryan. Swagger then hit his finisher on the outside.

Match 3. Austin vs. Michaels
Is HBK still going after the US title? Or is he moving on to bigger and better things? I don't know, but I'm hoping so. I don't see either man making the top 4 for the WWE title anytime soon. Lou Thesz Press and then a Stunner sealed it for Austin.

Main Event. Steel Cage - Kane vs. Batista vs. Foley  #1 Contender's match
I'll control Foley, but won't do anything. I'm taking any route necessary to have Foley out of the top 10, if possible. Batista and Kane mostly focused on each other. Kane and Batista climbed out at the same time, but Batista made it over first.


Match 1. Del Rio and Truth vs. Rock and Rhodes
Again, you break up a team they either fight until the end or find their way back together. This one is the latter.  I'm sick of Rock teaming up with randoms. He is a singles star and should be fighting for the World Title. That and I'm sick of Cody getting the rub from wrestlers much better than him. Truth hit Cody with his finisher to win.

Looks like Truth and Del Rio are a team again because he beat Rocky up with steel chairs.

Match 2. Nash vs. Barrett
Kevin Nash is getting on my nerves. If he's on the card next week, I'll make sure he's not. I mean I know Smackdown needs some star power, but not in the form of Nash. Oh well as Nash hit Barrett with the Jackknife.

Match 3. Show vs. Henry
The other half of the new tag team is in action now. This fact this match is booked because of how it somewhat resembles what WWE is doing now. Henry was doing a better job than Barrett. He manhandled Show and won with the World's Strongest Slam.

Main Event. Steel Cage - Miz vs. Gabriel vs. Taker  #1 Contender's match
I'm going to control Gabriel for the same reason on Raw. Miz was destroying Gabriel, even making him tap. Too bad that submissions don't count. Taker took out Miz and escaped the cage. He'll get a rematch for his title.

Recap: Punk should be the #1 contender to Cena after all the times he's beaten him. Oh well. I can't help from mentioning Raw's huge star power each week. Check out the rosters if you don't believe me.

May Week 1

So I checked the rankings and, I guess, due to Gabriel's interference and Henry winning matches that Gabriel is the #1 contender to the World Title. I may have to adjust that.

Match 1. Clay vs. Batista vs. Edge
A remarkable match. All three men went after the other two. Clay then turned up the heat. Edge is all over the place recently, and I'm getting a little annoyed. Batista hit the Batista Bomb in from of Edge onto Clay to win.

Match 2. Punk vs. Cena
Another remarkable match. Maybe we'll finally move on to a Cena/Punk title match. I don't mind Cena as a heel since Raw has some good babyface stars (HBK, Orton, Batista, Punk, and Savage). Cena hit the 5-knuckle and then the AA to win.

Match 3. Michaels vs. Ryan
I'll make a bet that Edge has some interaction with this match as he is aligned with Ryan. HBK was showing the rookie how it's done. After breaking out of the Sharpshooter, Ryan received a Sweet Chin Music.

Main Event. Foley vs. Austin
I'm going to control Austin to take Foley out of title contention. Foley was a cinch, but he kept blocking my attempt at the signature move. I hit the stunner to put him away.


Match 1. Show and Nash vs. Henry and Gabriel
Once enemies are now partners. And I was right, Gabriel's success is due to his alliance with Henry. Before the match, Show came out alone. It's now a handicap match. Midway through the match, Nash decided to show up. It's back to a tag match. Nash pinned Gabriel before Henry could break it up.

After the match, Show and Nash shook hands.

Match 2. Lesnar vs. Kidd
This looks like a squash match. And it was. Lesnar beat Kidd all over the ring.

Match 3. Rock vs. Eddie
Oh, Smash and Ax have dropped out of the top 15 for Smackdown. Thank God! Anyway, I'm hoping Rock can get back in the top 4. I don't need Rhodes up there. Rock made ease of Eddie, hitting the Rock Bottom for the win.

Main Event. Cody vs. Bryan
Hopefully Byran wins to bring Rhodes' ranking down and move Rocky up. I was nervous early on that Cody would win, but Bryan was coming back. Then Cody hit Cross Rhodes to ruin that.

After the match, Truth and Del Rio showed up and pointed at Cody.

Recap: Rhodes in the top 4 isn't ideal for me. I'm hoping Foley drops way down on Raw. Nash is a face and formed a team with Show. Truth is a heel (again). Raw is full of heels, too.


For being named "Extreme Rulez", there really aren't many matches with a stipulation...

Match 1. Falls Count Anywhere - Bryan vs. Slater  Intercontinental Title
Slater came out of nowhere to challenge for this belt. I sort of want Bryan to retain the title. Seeing him as the IC champ and facing World title contenders is pretty cool. Slater picked up a chair and went crazy on Bryan. He then got a table. Bryan wasn't fazed as he put him in the Lebell Lock to retain.

Match 2. Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Orton  United States Title
I'm kind of over HBK being champ, so if he doesn't lose it here he'll lose it at the next PPV. The match was filled with reversals and momentum-swinging moves. HBK hit the elbow drop and then SCM to retain.

Match 3. Demolition vs. Legion of Doom  Tag Team Titles
I believe the belts changed hands at every PPV, so I guess LOD should get them back. There are other tag teams, right? These two teams have the LONGEST tag matches ever. Well, Animal finally hit his powerslam to regain the tag titles.

Match 4. Punk vs. Austin
I don't know why these two are fighting each other. No title on the line, no stipulation. It's just a standard singles match. I should have edited it to a 10-man battle royal. Swagger interfered to help Punk. He hit the gutwrench powerbomb and then left. Despite that, Austin went on a tear and won the match.

Match 5. Extreme Rules - Cena vs. Kane vs. Batista  WWE Title
If Batista stayed on Smackdown, he wouldn't be challenging for the main belt. This is probably the match I was most looking forward to. It's a chance for Batista to take the title from Cena and Kane. Cena ALMOST hit the AA on Kane but Batista broke it up. Whew. Weapons were used all over the place in this match. Cena hit the AA on Batista while he was sizing Kane up for the Batista Bomb. Kane never recovered to break up the pin. Pretty good match.

Main Event. Extreme Rules - Taker vs. Show  World Title
The last match is going to be tough to follow. I guess facing Nash in consecutive weeks gets you a title match. Taker landed Old School and then a Tombstone. Show fought back and hit the Showstopper, but Taker got right back up. After a swinging DDT, Show scored the pin to win the title.

Recap: I want other tag teams challenging for the titles. I'll figure out a way to do that.

April Week 4

Match 1. Batista vs. Clay
Another Remarkable Match. Let's see where this one goes. Edge took a seat at the announcer's table before the match started. This is the rubber match between the two. I can see the payoff taking place at the PPV. Brodus won this match after hitting his finisher.

Edge entered the ring after the match and attacked Batista. Clay made the safe and took out Edge.

Match 2. Orton vs. Ziggler  #1 Contender's match
The winner will challenge Shawn Michaels for the US Title. Whoever wins will be a good challenge for HBK. Ziggler knocked the ref out by mistake. Seeing Orton challenge for the US title proves how stacked Raw's roster is. Orton hit a neckbreaker then a back suplex to win.

Match 3. Christian vs. Kane
I wasn't going to at first, but I decided to take Foley out. Christian taking on the WWE champ could prove that he can compete with the top dogs. He's putting up a fight against the champ. He hit the Killswitch on Kane to win. He definitely has to move up in the ranks.

Main Event. Punk vs. Cena  #1 Contender's match
The winner faces Kane for the WWE Title. I'm hoping it's not Cena. I'm sick of Cena vs. Kane. Cena attacked Punk from behind. This match was all Cena from the opening bell. He hit the AA and will face Kane at the PPV.

After the match, Cena went to leave the ring but turned around and stomped on Punk.


Match 1. Show vs. Nash
Looks like Nash found a replacement for Foley...Nash attacked Show from behind as he was making his way to the ring. Nash then hit the Jackknife at the top of the ramp to win. Why can't all matches be that quick? Oh, Gabriel was standing in the middle of the ring for some reason.

Nash was celebrating when Gabriel and Henry sneak attacked him. Way to blow your spot, Justin.

Match 2. Ax vs. Henry
I will be controlling Henry. King reminded me that it's a no DQ match so I grabbed a chair. I made Ax tap from a bear hug.

Match 3. Rhodes vs. Barrett
Cody was in control for a decent part of the match. I checked the rankings before the match and he was apparently number 4. I don't know how. I still don't get how Cody is a babyface, though. Gabriel is like Edge Jr. as he interfered to help Rhodes. He then hit Cross Rhodes to win.

Main Event. Taker vs. Bryan
Deadman looks fresh heading into Extreme Rulez. I wonder who he'll face in 2 days. He hit the Last Ride, but Bryan kicked out at 1. A few moves later, he hit the Tombstone.

As Taker was celebrating, Edge with Christian and Mason Ryan appeared at the top of the ramp.

Recap: Edge apparently has beef with everyone on the WWE roster. Having Cena vs. Kane again pisses me off. Orton vs. HBK for the US title should be a good match. I'm curious of the stipulation. Christian turned heel, so that didn't last long. But he's with Edge who is all over so that may help him.

April Week 3

Match 1. Batista vs. Clay
This is a Remarkable Match, so a storyline is brewing. Edge bought a ticket and was in the front row. Batista and Clay went back and forth, inside and outside the ring. Batista refused to lose and hit the Batista Bomb to win.

After the match, Edge came in and laid both men out.

Match 2. Truth vs. Del Rio
Here where face Truth debuts. Former teammates face off in the squared circle. R-Truth proved why he should be the US champ. He defeated Del Rio, the former Royal Rumble winner, with his finisher.

Match 3. Demolition vs. LOD
A non-title match, but I still face the risk of having Demolition move up in the rankings...Standard tag match with tons of back and forth and frequent tags. Hawk won with the neckbreaker on Smash.

Main Event. Punk vs. Cena
Cena was making his way to the ring when Kane ambushed him and rolled him into the ring. Cena was still in his red t-shirt during the match. Punk won with the GTS.


Match 1. Regal vs. Henry
More Regal! Henry gave Regal a royal beating. After a military press, he made Regal tap from a bear hug.

Match 2. Barrett vs. Booker
I haven't seen these two in a while. This should be a good match. Ok, maybe Raw isn't that much better than Smackdown. Nah, who am I kidding. Raw has at least 10 top guys, maybe more. Barrett his Wasteland on Booker to win.

Match 3. Show vs. Nash
And more Nash!! Lesnar hasn't had a match in a while, but we get another week with Nash. I may have to edit next week's card if I see Nash again. Henry ran to the ring and attacked Nash. Maybe that will get him off my screen. Show hit the Showstopper to win.

After the match, Nash faked a knee injury and low blowed Show.

Main Event. Miz vs. Bryan
With Miz now a face, this could be a pretty good feud for Smackdown as they battle to be #1 contender against Taker. Despite losing the IC title, Bryan's been on a roll. That was stopped as Miz hit the Mic Check to win.

Recap: Man, Edge is piling up his enemies. I wish someone else could replace him in one of these cut scenes. Kane and Cena is boring me a little bit. Nash needs to get injured or something.

April Week 2

I brought Smash back to Smackdown in exchange for Christian, who I then turned face. He wasn't doing anything on the blue brand. R-Truth is now also a face.

Match 1. Swagger vs. Kingston
This is what I like. Raw starting with singles competition from two young guys. A back and forth match that ended with the gut wrench powerbomb from Swagger.

Match 2. Michaels vs. R-Truth
I'm guessing this was booked before R-Truth turned face. Looking at the rosters, Raw definitely has more star power, but Smackdown is more stable and consistent with their contenders and rivalries. After a sharpshooter, HBK hit the Sweet Chin Music to win.

Match 3. Batista vs. Clay
Before the match, Clay attacked Batista at the top of the ramp. The match never made it to the ring and Clay hit his finisher outside the ring.

After the match, Batista destroyed the announce table, pulling a Bret Hart.

Main Event. Kane vs. Cena
Man, this feud is dragging on longer than the real one. Cena seemed determine to get his title back. He didn't let Kane catch his breath. Cena then grabbed a chair and hit Kane with it. He threw Kane back in the ring and hit the AA.

Orton and Bourne hit the ring and helped Cena take out Kane. Edge and Ryan evened the odds and helped Kane.

I know right away that if Ax and Smash are in any match, I will control their opponents. They are 5 and 6, respectively, on the World Title rankings.

Match 1. Otunga and McGillicutty vs. Show and ???
Show's partner is Husky Harris. Either Show is turning heel or Harris will be a face. Show picked up a chair, but Otunga knocked it away. Show dominated the whole match and pinned Otunga after a Showstopper.

Match 2. Rock vs. Gabriel
Here's Justin's big shot. He's surprisingly holding up his own. Gabriel was using his deadly kicks to beat down Rocky. Barrett headed down to the ring with a chair in hand. Gabriel hit his finisher to knock out Rocky and win. This was a huge upset.

Match 3. Bryan vs. DiBiase
Bryan was on top of his game. He easily put Ted in the Lebell Lock to win. Like I said last week, Bryan will be World Champion either next PPV or the one after.

Main Event. Taker vs. Regal
Ok, now Regal is appearing on Smackdown too much. But at least it's not Ax or Smash. The experience of Taker allowed him to counter most of Regal's attacks. For the first time this year, Taker hit Old School. He then won with the Tombstone.

Edge ran down to the ring with a lead pipe and attacked Taker.

Recap: I like the idea of a 6-man tag on Raw. It gets more people involved on the show. Edge is all over the place since returning from injury. He's involved with Kane and Cena on Raw and then feuding with Taker on Smackdown.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

April Week 1

So, with the rosters at 25 for Raw and 28 for Smackdown, I decided to do a little trimming.

I released Goldust and Steamboat off of Raw. I am moving Macho Man and Batista to Raw. I released Chavo and Zeke off of Smackdown. Each show now has 25 Superstars. If necessary after the draft, I may do another change or two.

I also changed Superstars to Starrcade. Doesn't reallt matter as I'll still be simulating those matches, but it looks cool.

Match 1. Draft Match - HBK vs. Ax
Ax now gets his shot at singles action. Yay. After the draft events, I'm hoping for an even swap after this week. Ax put HBK in a sleeper and he tapped. Smackdown gets a pick.

Match 2. Draft Match - Austin vs. Smash
Why does Universe like to put Demolition in singles action? They are a team for a reason. Anyway, it looks like Smash is going to give the blue brand another pick. He locked in a single-leg Boston crap to make Austin tap. Smackdown gets another pick.

Match 3. Foley vs. Cena
The only non-draft match of the night. I just want Foley off of my card every week. He may be future endeavored, but with the way the draft is shaping up, Raw needs all the help it can get. After some back and forth action, Cena hit the AA to win.

After the match Rey, Ryder, and Cena attacked Foley.

Main Event. Draft Match - Kane vs. Taker
Champ vs. champ again. Let's see if Kane's attack on Taker at the end of 'Mania leads to something. Raw needs a pick badly. After many finisher reversals, Kane hit the chokeslam to give Raw a pick.


Match 1. Edge vs. Taker
Even though Edge is on Raw, he has some unfinished business with The Deadman. As Taker made his way to the ring, Edge came out from under the ring and attacked him. Edge leaves Smackdown in style as he pinned the World Champ.

After the match, Edge picked up a chair and was going to snap Taker's ankle but Miz interrupts and took out Edge.

Match 2. Draft Match - Ryan vs. Eddie
The only draft match on Smackdown? I got to make sure Raw wins this. I'm controlling Ryan here so this shouldn't take long. Eddie got no offense in as I dominated him. Raw gets a second pick to even the rosters.

Match 3. Rock vs. Nash
Newly acquired Big Sexy taking on The Rock. This is something new for Nash and I like it.Gabriel is trying to make a name for himself by attacking Rocky. But that's no match for the People's Champ as he plants Nash with a Rock Bottom. Welcome to Smackdown, The Rock's show.

Main Event. Show vs. Bryan
The chase for the World Title continues. I can see this being a triple threat match for the belt at Extreme Rulez. Out of nowhere, Show hit the spear and Showstopper to win.

After the match, Otunga and McGillicutty appeared at the top of the ramp.

Draft Moves:
Raw receives- Edge, Smash
Smackdown receives - Husky Harris, Kevin Nash,

Recap: I like Nash on Smackdown as he won't be facing Foley any more. Ryder turned heel. I love Edge on Raw, they needed for heels, not really. I may turn him face, not sure yet. Nope, not happening Demolition will be staying on Smackdown together. I'll be making a trade after this week. Miz is now a face, hmm...


This is it. The granddaddy of them all! It's WrestleMania. After this, I will be adjusting the rosters a little bit by moving some Superstars and letting others go before the draft events. This is how a PPV card should be - all 5 titles on the line. I love it!

Predicitons: Sheamus, Edge, LOD, Michaels (I'm controlling him), Cena, and Taker

Match 1. Bryan vs. Sheamus for the IC Title
A good match to kick off 'Mania with. It's weird that this match is the Smackdown main event for 'Mania in real life. It was a great back and forth match and the crowd was into it. Bryan "hulked" himself up and put Sheamus in the Lebell lock to retain.

Match 2. Battle Royal - Miz vs. Edge vs. Rock vs. Show
This Smackdown battle royal features 4 top contenders for the World Title. Miz was out 30 seconds into the match. The Rock was eliminated next. After a few attempts, Big Show tossed out Edge to win. I'm 0-2 with my predictions.

Match 3. Legion of Doom vs. Demolition for the Tag Titles
I haven't seen LOD in action in about a month, but we they do fight it's for their tag belts. Both teams made frequent tags early. This match made me realize that I hate tag matches in Universe mode. Smash had Hawk in a single-leg Boston crab and won the match. I'm now 0-3...

Match 4. Foley vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Otunga for the US Title
Short and easy match.  Foley was annoying as he reversed a lot. I grabbed a chair for help then hit Sweet Chin Music on Otunga. WOO 1-3!

Match 5. Cena vs. Kane for the WWE Title
A cut scene showed Kane running to the ring and attacking Cena before the match began. The match was about a minute long. Kane hit the tombstone and pinned Cena to retain. I am never predicting a PPV again. 1-4.

After the match, Edge and Lesnar celebrated with Kane.

Main Event. Last Man Standing - Del Rio vs. Undertaker for the World Title
A Raw wrestler challenging for the Smackdown belt. Both men hit big moves early, trying to end the match. Del Rio reversed the Last Ride, but Taker tried and succeeded a second time. After a Tombstone, Del Rio was up at 6. Taker finally succeeded after another Tombstone.

After the match, Kane hit Taker with his belt just like he did to last on Smackdown.

Recap: This WrestleMania had some pretty entertaining matches. I liked the booking and I'm happy Del Rio didn't win the World Title. Now it's time for some roster moves before the draft.

March Week 4

The final week before WrestleMania. As I look at the card for Raw, I see Foley and Nash again. Although they aren't facing each other, I will be editing them out again.

Match 1. Steamboat vs. Ryan
Yeaaaah, huh? Steamboat hasn't been seen in weeks, so Universe decides to book him 6 days before 'Mania? Riiiight. With this loss and terrible booking, Steamboat could be on the future endeavored list.

Match 2. Punk vs. Ziggler
I chose Ziggler instead of Nash because I want some young blood at the top of the rankings. Nash has been overexposed the past couple of weeks. Ziggler had control for the whole match. He won with the Zigzag.

Match 3. Riley w/ HBK vs. Del Rio w/ HHH
I booked this match because I wanted to get the young guys on the card. I used DX as managers to make things interest and in hopes to rekindle their feud. While the match was going on, HHH and Michaels were fighting on the outside. Riley hit his finisher to win.

Match 4. Kane vs. Cena
Champ vs. Challenger 6 days before 'Mania. This should be a good match. Before the match, Kane came out and replaced himself with Mason Ryan. Good thinkin', champ. Doing double duty seemed to affect Ryan as he grew tired. Cena won with the AA.


Match 1. Taker vs. Miz
Can Miz make it 3 in a row over Taker?  Before things really got going, Edge ran in and took out both men. Smackdown is definitely the better of the two shows. They have their contenders going for the right titles and the storylines are interesting. Deadman hit his Last Ride and Tombstone combo to win.

After the match, Edge came back to the ring and attacked Miz. Taker made the save and took out Edge.

Match 2. Regal vs. Eddie
A rematch from 3 weeks ago. Eddie won the last bout. It looked like Regal wasn't going to let that happen again. But Eddie took control and scored the pinfall.

Match 3. Show vs. Henry
A big man match here. With Henry on the rise and Show in the top 4, this match can have major implications. Henry is proving why he should be in World Title contention. Justin Gabriel walked down to the ring with a chair. Show clocked Henry with the powerful right hand to win.

Match 4. Rock vs. Edge
We saw Edge earlier take out Miz and Taker in their match. Edge wants the title he lost at Elimination Chamber back. Edge appeared to have ring rust as Rocky was putting boots to asses. Edge was back on top of his game as he picked up a chair and laid Rocky out. He then hit the spear for the win.

After the match, Kane knocked Edge out with his title.

Recap: Steamboat could be released after 'Mania. Since making his return, Edge has been a force to reckon with on Smackdown.

March Week 3

The main event for Raw was Nash vs. Foley, so I obviously edited that.

Match 1. Bryan and Rey vs. Rock and ???
Bryan is doing double duty every week appearing on Raw and Smackdown. Rock's partner was Zack Ryder, the same man he fought in 2 straight weeks. Oh, how strange WWE Universe is. Rock tagged in Zack who hit Zack Attack and ended the match.

After the match, Rock and Ryder shook hands. Looks like they're a team now.

Match 2. Cena vs. Punk
Another match between the top 2 contenders for Kane's belt. Cena proved why he's the number one contender as he gave a beating to Punk. He hit the 5-knuckle shuffle and ended it with the AA.

Match 3. Michaels vs. Austin
I don't know where these guys are in WWE Title rankings, but HBK is the top contender for the US title which is interesting. The match ended with a stunner from Austin.

Main Event. Orton vs. HHH
I haven't seen these two in a couple of weeks, so why not put them in a match. Maybe it'll lead into WrestleMania. Orton set up with the kicks all over the body and ended it with the RKO.


Match 1. Taker vs. Miz w/ Edge
A few weeks ago, Miz and Edge faced each other in an iron man match. Now they're helping each other out. Looks like Miz forgot about his alliance with Clay. With some help from Edge, Miz pinned the champion again.

Match 2. Regal vs. Kidd
This match featured two Superstars on the rise for the IC title. Kidd was the original contender to face Bryan, but a restart allowed Sheamus to win it. Regal looks to push Kidd down even more. Regal hit the Power of the Punch and the back German suplex to win.

Match 3. Smash vs. Henry
I'm going to control Henry to keep pushing Smash down in the rankings. This was a lot easier than when I was Miz. Then again, I used a sledgehammer this time. Ax tried to interfere, but I hit the World's Strongest Slam before he could do any damage.

Main Event. Show vs. Eddie
Oh, how I wish Eddie was still around. He would have awesome matches with the talent in WWE today. If this match is any indication, Big Show would still dominate Eddie. Despite that, Eddie hit the brainbuster to win.

Recap: Feels good not seeing Foley or Nash on the Raw card. Bryan is all over the place recently. Oh, Universe doesn't care about rivalries as Rock and Ryder are now a team. My controlling of Smash's opponents is working since he is now ranked 11 on Smackdown.

March Week 2

Match 1. Rock vs. Ryder
A rematch from last week, let's see what happens. Zack got more offense in this week, but Rock was having none of it. After a spinebuster, Rocky hit the Rock Bottom and it was over.

After the match, Rey and Bryan attacked The Rock.

Match 2. Michaels vs. Ziggler  #1 Contender's match
Winner, I assume, will face Foley at 'Mania. If that's the case I will be controlling whoever is the challenger to make sure Foley loses. HBK was working on the arm of Ziggler early on, but Dolph was in complete control. After locking in the sharpshooter, HBK hit the Sweet Chin Music.

After the match, an announcement was made that it was now a falls count anywhere (as all my matches are). HBK hit the SCM again to retain his #1 contender status.

Match 3. Foley vs. Kane
Well, it's not Nash vs. Foley, but I'm sick of Foley fighting every week. The champ was putting the hurt on Foley. Ryan came out with a chair, but Foley hit the double-arm DDT to win...ugh.

Main Event. Hell in a Cell - Punk vs. Cena  #1 Contender's match
Kane was at ringside to watch this match. Well, this is one way to determine who deserves to face the champ.  A great back and forth match. Both men executed their own offense. Punk hit the GTS, but Cena kicked out and began his comeback. Cena hit the AA and scored the pin.


Match 1. Regal vs. Henry
These two men are climbing the ranks for the World Title. Henry, I'm ok with but I don't know how I feel about Regal as my top champion. Zeke interfered in this match, going after Henry, but he was able to pull out the victory.

Match 2. Sheamus vs. Kidd  #1 Contender's match
The winner will face Bryan for the IC Title. It seems Bryan has moved on to the World Title, so having Sheamus or Kidd win the IC title would be a good thing. Kidd put together a big combo and won with his finisher to win the right to challenge for the IC belt.

The match was restarted as a falls count anywhere match. Sheamus won the restart to become the new #1 contender.

Match 3. Taker vs. Miz
The champ is keeping the ring rust off before 'Mania. Miz wasn't going to give up easily. Taker hit the chokeslam, but Miz wasn't fazed by it. He was able to hit the Mic Check to beat the World Champ.

After the match, Miz picked up a chair and was going to assault Taker, but Edge made his return. He took the chair from Miz and cracked Taker over the head.

Main Event. Last Man Standing - Bryan vs. Show  #1 Contender's match
Now this is more like today's WWE. The World Title picture got a little more interesting with what just happened. Last man standing matches are interesting, but not in a video game. They take way too long. I just want to get to WrestleMania. Bryan became the number 1 contender after Show received a back suplex and didn't get up

Recap: Edge is finally recovered from his injury and is now a heel. This shakes up the World Title picture with Edge, Show, Miz, and Bryan all sniffing at the top spot.

March Week 1

Match 1. Rock vs. Ryder
Bryan interfered early and attacked Rocky. Maybe I did some damaged when I broke them up as a team. After the interference, the match was back and forth between the two. Rock hit the spinebuster and Rock Bottom about a minute later for the win.

After the match, Bryan and Rey appeared at the top of the ramp.

Match 2. Ziggler vs. Orton
This has the potential to be a good match. Ziggler got his offense in, but it was now time for Orton. Evan Bourne ran to the ring. He did more harm that good as Ziggler hit the Zigzag on Orton.

Match 3. Foley vs. Nash
AGAIN?! This is the last time they will face, mark my words. A long, drawn-out back and forth match between two guys I don't want to see in the ring anymore. Foley finally used Mr. Socko to win.

Main Event. Kane vs. Punk vs. Cena
Before the match, Kane attacked Cena from behind. Kane grabbed a sledgehammer before entering the ring. Kane quickly hit the tombstone on Cena to win. Punk did pretty much nothing in the match.


Match 1. Booker vs. Henry
This match could be for the Wolrd Title in the future. Another back and forth match, neither man had full control. Henry landed a big belly-to-belly suplex and then an abdominal stretch. Not much later, he hit the WSS for the win.

Match 2. Regal vs. Eddie
Classic match between two vets. Another possible mid-card feud for the IC title. Regal hit a double ax handle off the top rope and then a German suplex. Eddie hit a sit-out powerbomb but only got a 2-count. He then landed the Three Amigos. He went for the brainbuster, but it was reversed. Regal hit the Power of the Punch and his finisher to win.

Match 3. Smash vs. Miz
I will be controlling Miz to make sure Smash drops in the rankings. It was a little harder than expected as Smash reversed a lot. I was able to hit the Mic Check in a couple of minutes. Hopefully Smash drops out of the top 10.

Main Event. Taker vs. Bryan vs. Show
The champ taking on two of his challengers. So much for the Big Show/Bryan alliance. Daniel hit back suplexes on both Show and Taker. The Deadman seemed to be the only one not hurt. Taker and Show were outside the ring. Bryan joined and hit the Lebell Lock on Taker.

Recap: Bryan turned heel, again. No other news. Just some advice - do not break up a team before they're ready or else one member goes apeshit (i.e Bryan)

February Week 4

As I said before, I'm going to break up some teams (Truth and Del Rio, Rock and Bryan). I will cut the rosters down after Mania and the draft.

Match 1. Foley vs. Nash w/ HHH
Another match between these two. It's getting annoying. Foley went crazy as he attacked Nash and The Game. HHH is doing pretty well as a manger, giving Nash a pep talk and punching Foley. However, it served no good and Foley used Mr. Socko for the win.

Match 2. Punk vs. Cena vs. Austin
Cena was getting double teamed early, but Super Cena was making a comeback. Punk turned his attention to Austin. Each man began attacking the other two, making for a pretty good triple threat match. Austin won by hitting the stunner on Punk.

Match 3. Shawn Michaels vs. Harris
A somewhat random match. The veteran HBK had control for the early part of the match. But Harris wasn't giving up so quickly. The match spilled to the outside where HBK hit the Sweet Chin Music for the win.

Main Event. Royal Rumble Winner's Event - Kane vs. Undertaker
Champ vs. Champ. Brother vs. Brother. These two big men went back and forth, countering each other's moves. Taker landed the chokeslam. He then went for the Last Ride outside the ring, but Kane reversed it. Taker then landed the Tombstone inside the ring to win.


Match 1. Zeke vs. Eddie
Zeke could be a mid-card contender, but I don't see that happening with the loaded roster...or the fact I don't think he's won a match. Eddie is dominating this match. He hit the Three Amigos and then his brainbuster finisher.

Match 2. Bryan vs. Rock vs. Smash
Why is Smash all of a sudden a singles wrestler? Well, I guess since I broke up Rock and Bryan, they automatically hate each other. I'm going to have to take control next week and personally move Smash out of World Title contention. Bryan revered the Rock Bottom and locked him in the Lebell lock.

Match 3. Show vs. McIntyre
A good match between strength and speed. Drew started to gain the upper hand, but Show halted it. Drew went for the Future Shock but Show reversed out of it. He then hit the Showstopper to pick up the win.

After the match, Show held up the old ECW title. Then Mark Henry attacked him and hit him over the head with the belt.

Main Event. Iron Man - Miz vs. ???
Edge is the mystery opponent. This 15-minute iron man match is going to take forever, well 15 minutes but it'll feel like forever. Miz hit the Mic Check and got the first fall, 1-0. Edge hit a spear of the second rope to tie the match, 1-1. Another Mic Check gave Miz a 2-1 lead with 6:40 left. Miz got his third fall at 6:24. Edge cut the deficit in half with another second-rope spear and then tied it up at three apiece 10 seconds later. A third second-rope spear gave Edge the lead for the first time, 3-4. Miz tied it at four with 1:54 left. Edge hit the spear and scored the fifth fall with 15 seconds left and won.  A really entertaining Iron Man Match.

Recap: According to the roster page, Edge is injured.  I guess Iron Man matches don't count...


Match 1. Elimination Chamber - Edge vs. Miz vs. Rock vs. Taker vs. Bryan vs. Smash for the World Title
So two things: 1) Looks like Edge being carted off on a stretcher meant nothing. 2) The #1 conterder's match was a waste of time. Edge and Miz started the match. Byran entered next. Taker was fourth. Smash was next, which makes Rocky the last entrant. All six men were in before an elimination was made. Miz was the first to leave, then Edge.  Bryan was the third to go. Smash was out next, thank God! Taker hit the Tombstone on Rock to win the belt.

Match 2. Triple H vs. Steamboat vs. R-Truth
Um, what? All three men got in some offense. Surprisingly, Steamboat was in control for the first half. HHH went for the Pedigree but Rocky broke it up. He went for it a second time, but Truth reversed it and hit his finisher on The Game.

Match 3. Swagger vs. Ryan
A good mid-card match.  I'm a little surprised that the top two titles are the only ones defended tonight. Ryan grabbed a kendo stick and beat Jack with it. After four more hits, Ryan went for his finisher but it was reversed. Swagger picked up a sledgehammer. Ryan won after a couple of elbows to the neck.

Match 4. Battle Royal - Show vs. Lesnar vs. Kidd vs. Regal
Another weird match for the PPV. But battle royals tend to go quick, so that's a plus. Kidd was the first one out. Regal was almost out twice. Ok, maybe battle royals don't finish quickly. Regal is finally out. After two Showstoppers, Big Show won.

Match 5. Goldust vs. Del Rio
This is what the Rumble winner gets? Before the match, Rhodes attacked Del Rio. Goldust dominated most of the match. Goldust hit Shattered Dreams and then went for Final Cut but Alberto reversed. he then locked in the armbar to make Goldust tap. Let the road to WrestleMania begin for Del Rio.

After the match, Rey attacked Alberto with a lead pipe.

Main Event. Elimination Chamber - Cena vs. Punk vs. Nash vs. Kane vs. Foley vs. Harris for WWE Title
I don't know if I like this version better than Smackdown's or not. Cena and Kane started the match. Harris was in next and then Foley. Nash was the fifth participant, leaving Punk to come out last. All six men were in the ring, just like Smackdown's version. I'm hoping Harris or Foley doesn't win the match. Cena hit the AA on Punk and eliminated him. Soon after, Nash was pinned. Kane pinned Foley after a tombstone and then Harris after a back body drop. The last two were Cena and Kane. Cena hit the AA on Kane but didn't go for the pin. That cost him as Kane hit the chokeslam to win the WWE Title.

Recap: Both chamber matches were pretty good. I liked the fact all six men were in at once. I don't like these random matches the AI is booking on PPVs. Hopefully 'Mania is better.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February Week 3

I'm not going to include the times of the matches.  Not necessary.

Match 1. Kane and Mason Ryan vs. Cena and ???
A VERY odd pairing to say the least.  Cena's partner was Husky Harris...yeah, that makes sense. Maybe Cena will join "Nexus". This was more like a handicap match as Ryan never entered the match. There was no need to as Kane reversed the AA and hit the Tombstone on Cena.

Match 2. Swagger vs. Del Rio
I don't remember when Swagger became a face, but Raw has very little good guys now that Cena turned. A good back and forth match that Swagger won with the gut wrench powerbomb. Oh yeah, R-Truth came to the ring with a chair again, but did nothing.

Match 3. HBK vs. Stone Cold
One of the greatest rivalries in the 90s, let's see how it plays out here. Austin jumped off the top rope with an ax handle is not something you'll see everyday. After a crotch-chop taunt, HBK hit the Sweet Chin Music to win.

Main Event. Foley vs. Nash
A TNA-like main event with 2 legends going at it. Foley continued his aggressive style this week. This is why Foley is the US champ and in contention for the WWE title. Nash reversed Mr. Socko and hit the Jackknife to win.

Triple H came down after the match and tossed Foley out of the ring. He then celebrated with Nash.


Match 1. Lesnar vs. Eddie
Rematch of No Way Out 2004. A decent back and forth match with tons of reversals. Eddie hit the Three Amigos and then the brainbuster, which is apparently his finisher, for the win.

Match 2. Smash vs. Tyson Kidd
What?  Why is this match happening? This may be Smash's way to get revenge on the Hart Foundation... Smash dominated for most of the fight. After a couple of near falls, Smash finally wins.

Match 3. Edge and Batista vs. Rock and ???
The Rock's partner is Daniel Bryan...another odd partnership thanks to WWE Universe. Rock tagged in Bryan and he locked in the Labell Lock for the win. I wish all tag matches were that quick.

Main Event. Miz vs. Undertaker to be the #1 contender
Since Edge is injured, what is going to happen? Much like the triple threat match last week, Miz wasn't getting in much offense. The ref got knocked down, but it doesn't matter cause I don't have any rules in my universe. He got up in time to see the Last Ride and Tombstone on Miz.

After the match, Show and Bryan were standing at the top of the ramp.  They welcomed Taker with open arms.

Recap: Seeing Foley on the card each week has put the idea of trimming the rosters a little bit. Raw is at 25 and Smackdown is at 28; it's a little high. I'll see after the Elimination Chamber. Mason Ryan has joined the team of Kane and Big Show. Rock and Bryan are now a team. There are now 12 different teams in my Universe. I may have to break a couple up.