Friday, November 30, 2012

February Week 3, Year 6

Match 1. The Rock vs. Alex Riley
Will Triple H interfere again? Riley landed a snap neck breaker. Rock took control as he hit a Samoan drop. The match spilled to the outside where Rock hit a spine buster. He then hit the Rock Bottom in the ring and won.

After the match, Barrett and Triple H attacked The Rock.

Match 2. Ryback vs. Jack Swagger
Triple H walked down with a sledgehammer. Ryback landed a huge clothesline on Swagger. He then connected with Shell Shocked. Swagger fought back and hit the gutwrench. After a right hand, Swagger landed a northern lights suplex and win.

Match 3. Hell No vs. Damien Sandow and Alberto Del Rio
Bryan hit Del Rio with a couple of suplexes. Del Rio then busted Bryan open with a tornado DDT. Both teams took their turn using tag moves. Sandow hit Bryan with the M14 and won.

Main Event. Hell in a Cell - Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena
Lesnar clotheslined and choked Cena in the corner. Lesnar then ducked under a Cena clothesline and landed a German suplex. Lesnar continued with a belly-to-belly and a running powerslam. Lesnar drove his shoulder into the gut of Cena and landed a fall away slam. Cena reversed an F5 into a reverse DDT and then hit the AA to win.

Match 1. James Storm vs. Abyss, Sabin and Zema Ion
Will Angle come out and help? Storm had no chance in winning. Abyss and Storm started the match off, but Sabin was quickly tagged in. Sabin left the ring for a breath, but when he came back he landed Future Shock. Storm somehow got up and hit Last Call. Zema came in and locked Storm in a camel clutch to win.

Match 2. Creed and Lethal vs. Robbie E and Sonjay Dutt
After getting up from a tag move, Robbie E hit Creed with a super kick. He then hit Lethal with Fresh to Death. Dutt and Robbie hit Lethal with a dropkick/STO combo twice. Robbie E then landed a Shore Thing for the win.

Match 3. Austin Aries vs. RVD
Gunner was sitting in the front row...when he could be at ringside since he works for TNA. Anyway, Aries struck first with a knee to the jaw. Aries landed a hurricanrana before hit the running knee and bulldog. He then locked in the Horns of Aries to win.

After the match, Roode came in and celebrated with Aries.

Main Event. Kurt Angle vs. Bully Ray
Gunner slowly made his way to the ring with a chair. Oh, so now he can be at ringside? Bully hit the Bully Bomb. Angle got right up. After a German suplex, Angle hit the Angle Slam. Ray hit a neck breaker and pinned Angle. He won while he had his feet on the middle rope.

Recap: Barrett and Triple H? I like it. Both Chamber matches are set. 

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