Tuesday, June 5, 2012

April Week 1, Year 3

Yes, that is correct. It says Smackdown. The rosters are set. The champs are crowned. It's a new day. If you haven't guessed, my Universe is based on Raw/Smackdown around 2003-2005. I tried to get the rosters as close to accurate as possible.

Match 1. Booker vs. Shelton
This is the first match in my new Universe. Shelton had Booker on his shoulders but Booker reversed it into a reverse DDT. He picked Shelton back up and hit the super kick. He then went for the Bookend but Shelton blocked it and hit Paydirt. Booker hit a Russian leg sweep and pinned Shelton for the win.

Match 2. Benoit vs. Jericho
Two of the greatest technical wrestlers in the business going at it on Raw. Benoit and Jericho were reversing each other. They know each other's moveset so well. Benoit hit the triple German suplexes. He then locked in the Crippler Crossface. Jericho fought back and kicked Benoit in the back of his head. Jericho then locked in the Walls of Jericho. After a running clothesline, Jericho pinned Benoit to win.

Match 3. Christian vs. Stone Cold
Christian kept Austin in the corner and choked him with his boot. Later, Christian hit a Russian leg sweep and got a 2 count. Christian hit a back breaker and an inverted DDT. Austin came back and landed a pile driver. He then hit the Lou Thesz Press. Austin continued his assault and hit two Stunners to win.

Main Event. Falls count anywhere - Triple H vs. Steiner vs. Mark Henry
Steiner ran down to the ring and attacked Triple H before Henry entered the ring. The champ is taking on two of his top challengers. Triple H brought in a sledgehammer and Henry evened the odds with a chair. This match went 17:25, so the replays only show the last minute and a half. Steiner hit both Henry and Hunter with belly-to-bellies. Henry left the ring and Steiner landed a military press on The Game. Steiner won with a t-bone suplex on Triple H. This was possibly the longest triple threat match I've witnessed. 

Match 1. Edge vs. A-Train
Edge was dominating the Royal Rumble winner. He landed a heel kick and a DDT. A-Train fought back and hit a sit-out powerbomb. The match moved to the outside. Edge hit a back suplex and put Train through the announcers' table. A-Train hit a back breaker and then the Train Wreck. After a running DDT, Train pinned Edge to win.

Match 2. Los Guerreros vs. The Dudleyz
Eddie planted D-Von's face into the mat with a DDT. D-Von fought back and lifted Eddie up for a military press. Bubba came in and began beating Chavo. He landed the Bubba Bomb and then the Bubba Cutter to win.

Match 3. Henry vs. Angle w/ Hogan
Even with the brand separation, Henry and Angle still want a piece of each other. Angle and Henry exchanged big moves. Angle capitalized with a back suplex. Angle continued with a spine buster. Henry fought back and hit a military press. Henry went to the outside and attacked Hogan. He landed the World's Strongest Slam on Hulk. Henry and Angle made it back into the ring where Angle landed an Angle Slam. He then hit a pinning German suplex and won.

Main Event. Taker vs. Lesnar vs. Bubba Ray
Edge walked down and sat with the announcers. I forgot that Bubba was in the main event, so he was stuck pulling double duty. This was an entertaining 14-minute main event. A chair and a sledgehammer were brought into the ring. Lesnar hit Taker with a German suplex. A few minutes later, Taker landed a Tombstone on Bubba. Lesnar hit Taker with a pinning fisherman suplex, but Bubba broke it up. Bubba then hit Lesnar with the Bubba Cutter and won.

Recap: Nothing to report.

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