Monday, June 25, 2012

June Week 3, Year 3

The final week before the King of the Ring.

Match 1. Hardys vs. Christian and Jericho
These two teams are looking to build momentum for the tag titles. Jeff hit Christian with a flipped powerbomb.  A minute later, Jericho connected with a heel kick to the back of Jeff's head. Matt landed the Twist of Fate on Christian and then one of Jericho. Christian caught Matt in a roll-up and won.

Match 2. KotR Quarterfinal - Kane vs. Regal
The winner will take on Mark Henry this Sunday. Kane hit Regal with his signature side slam. Triple H ran down to the ring; he didn't do much. After a running clothesline, Kane went for the pin but Regal kicked out. Kane was able to connect with the chokeslam and won.

After the match, Kane checked on Regal, but he low blowed him.

Match 3. Stone Cold vs. Booker T
At the 4-minute mark, Austin landed a huge piledriver on Booker. Later on, Booker hit a German suplex and then the scissors kick. They then went back and forth, landing suplexes and slams. Out of nowhere, Austin hit the Stunner. He then hit a bulldog which busted open Booker T and pinned him for the win.

After the match, Austin checked on Booker, but he low blowed him.

Main Event. Ladder - Steiner vs. Mark Henry
Steiner went for the briefcase early, but Henry pushed him down. Steiner went for a German suplex, but Henry blocked it. He was able to hit a side belly-to-belly. Henry took his chances on the ladder but Steiner knocked him down. Steiner went up the ladder. Henry grabbed Steiner's leg but he kicked him away and won.

After the match, Batista came out and stared down Steiner.

Match 1. John Cena vs. Hogan
Icon vs. (future) icon. Hogan lifted Cena up and landed a running powerslam. Cena came back and went for the 5-knuckle Shuffle. He stopped and picked Hogan up for a spin-out powerbomb. Kennedy ran down and hit Cena with a Mic Check. Hogan took advantage and pinned Cena to win.

Match 2. KotR Quarterfinal - Big Show vs. A-Train
The winner will take on John Cena at the PPV. Train went for a powerbomb, but Show reversed it into an arm drag. Neither man could build momentum as they were reversing each other's moves. Show brought in a chair and clocked Train over the head. He then hit Final Cut and WMD for the win.

Match 3. JBL vs. The Rock vs. Angle vs. Bubba Ray
Rock was walking down when Angle appearing from under the ring and attacked Rocky. This match went 1:57. Rock hit Bubba with the Rock Bottom. He then landed a shoulder breaker and pinned him to win.

Main Event. Table - Undertaker vs. Mr. Kennedy
Will Cena interfere in this match? Both men set up their own tables. Taker took it a step further and lit his on fire. Taker landed a Tombstone on Kennedy. Kennedy fought back and hit a back breaker and a DDT on The Deadman. Taker hit a Russian leg sweep on Kennedy which put him through the table.

After the match, JBL attacked Taker with the World Title.

Recap: The final four are set. It will be Henry vs. Kane and Cena vs. Show.

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