Saturday, June 9, 2012


This is the first PPV with the new rosters. Hopefully this is a good one.

Match 1. Extreme 4-way - Christian vs. Benoit vs. Shelton vs. Booker T  Intercontinental Championship
This was an excellent way to kick off the PPV. Many weapons found their way into the ring, like a chair, sledgehammer, garbage can and a table. Benoit hit Booker with the triple German suplexes. Shelton hit the champ with a high-angle suplex. Shelton hit Christian with Paydirt and then a t-bone suplex on Booker. Benoit hit Christian with a swinging neck breaker and pinned him to win.

Match 2. Too Cool vs. Los Guerreros
This match was a good filler to calm fans down from the previous match. Scotty and Rikishi were isolated Chavo from Eddie. With the help of his uncle, Chavo recovered and hit the Gory Bomb on Scotty. Chavo then tagged in Eddie who put a beating to Scotty. He hit the Frog Splash. Scotty kicked out, but Eddie hit a pinning hurricanrana to win.

Match 3. Extreme Rules - Undertaker vs. John Cena  WWE Championship
I'm surprised to see this match this early. I would have preferred this as the main event. This was a short title match. About 4:30, Taker hit Cena with the Last Ride. A couple of minutes later, Cena brought in a table but Taker was still in control. Cena got up and hit the spin-out power slam. Taker's right arm slammed against the table. Taker got up and hit the Tombstone. Cena kicked out but Taker immediately hit him with another Tombstone and won.

Match 4. 6-man Tag - Evolution vs. RVD, Kane and Shawn Michaels
This was the typical never-ending 6-man tag for my Universe. Batista and Michaels went back and forth, reversing each other's moves. Orton was tagged in and began cleaning house. He stomped all over Kane and then hit his Angle Slam-type move on RVD. Kane regained control and hit Orton with a Tombstone. After a back suplex, Kane pinned Orton to win.

Match 5. Edge vs. Mr. Kennedy  United States Championship
Edge was dominant in the early going. He hit a couple of right hands, a heel kick then planted Kennedy on his head with a DDT. Kennedy fought back and hit the rolling senton then the Mic Check. Edge kicked out at 2 and hit a spear from the top rope. Edge then picked Kennedy back up and landed a pinning suplex to retain the belt.

After the match, Edge went to leave the ring but Goldberg's music hit and out he came. He threw Edge into the steel steps.

Main Event. Extreme Rules - Triple H vs. Steiner  World Heavyweight Championship
This match was going to be a test of strength. Steiner gained the upper hand first by hitting a northern lights suplex on the champ. Triple H brought in a sledgehammer to take out the challenger. Steiner evened the odds with a chair. The Game hit a swinging neck breaker then his signature spine buster. A few moments later, Triple H landed the Pedigree, planted Steiner's face into the World Title. Steiner got up, hitting Triple H in the face with the belt and busting him wide open. Steiner gained momentum and hit Triple H with the overhead belly-to-belly suplex to win. Steiner is the NEW World Champion!

Recap: Just a question, why don't the returning superstars attack those who are on their show? This was an awesome PPV. Will Triple H get a rematch next month?

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