Thursday, June 7, 2012

April Week 3, Year 3

Raw has three remarkable matches. One is STILL HBK/Christian vs. Brodus/Bourne from I don't know how long ago. 

Match 1. RVD and Kane vs. Batista and Flair
The tag champs are on a roll. After some mounted punches, Batista hit RVD with a spine buster. A couple of minutes later, Kane was tagged in and landed the Tombstone on Flair. Van Dam was putting a hurting and scoring near falls on both of his opponents. RVD ended it with a 5-star Frog Splash on Flair.

Match 2. Scott Hall and Booker vs. Jericho and Benoit
I'm letting this play out because I can't keep changing 3 matches every week. Before the match, Hall stuck out his hand for a shake. Jericho was thinking about it, but Hall kicked him in the gut. Jericho's partner is Chris Benoit, which is weird because he is a face. Benoit put Hall in the Crippler Crossface. Hall fought back and landed the Outsider's Edge. The match ended in DQ with Benoit and Jericho winning.

Match 3. Rock vs. Shawn Michaels
Rock and Michaels traded moves early on. Rock landed a float-over DDT. Triple H interfered with a sledgehammer in hand. Rock focused on HBK's neck and hit a neck breaker. HBK got up and hit Rock with a Sweet Chin Music. Triple H left without doing any damage. Rock hit the Rock Bottom and won.

Main Event. Submission - Triple H vs. Goldberg
Could Goldberg be returning tonight? It is the man they call Goldberg! He's back and Triple H is next. Triple H was completely shocked to see Goldberg in the ring. Goldberg was dominating The Game all over the ring. He landed suplex after suplex and multiple spine busters. Triple H evened the odds by bringing in a chair. Goldberg blocked it continued his attack. He hit the Jackhammer and then went for a sleeper hold. Triple H came back and hit the Pedigree. He then went for a rear naked choke, but Goldberg broke out. Goldberg picked up the chair and hit Triple H in the face and busted him open. Goldberg then hit another Jackhammer. Triple H somehow got back up and hit a second Pedigree. He then trapped Goldberg in the Figure Four and made Goldberg tap.

Match 1. Rey Mysterio vs. Lesnar
Despite the big size difference, Rey was holding his own against Lesnar. He landed some hard kicks to the thighs of Lesnar. Brock wised up and took control. He lifted Rey up and put his knee into Rey's back. He then lifted him back up for an F5 and won.

Match 2. Rhino vs. Edge vs. A-Train vs. Holly
This is a non-title four way match. All four men went after each other as soon as the bell rang. It settled a little bit a couple of minutes in. A-Train hit the Tran Wreck on Holly and almost won. Rhino and Edge were fighting on the outside while Holly landed the Alabama Slam on A-Train. Rhino hit the Gore on Holly and won.

Match 3. John Cena vs. Mr. Kennedy
Cena hit Kennedy with a few right hands and then a gut wrench powerbomb. After a spin-out powerbomb, Cena landed the AA. A minute later, Cena hit another AA on Kennedy and won.

After the match, Cena was leaving the ring, but Nash's music hit. He threw Cena into the steel steps.

Main Event. Table - Undertaker vs. Scott Hall
Hall has been on both Raw and Smackdown this week. I may have to do something about this. Taker brought in the first table and immediately lit it on fire. Hall brought in his own table to even the odds. Hall was in control and put Taker through the non-flaming table. Taker was hurt. He was holding his ribs. Taker mustered up everything he could. He lifted Hall up for the Last Ride and slammed him through the fiery table.

Recap: Even with Goldberg appearing tonight, he is still not officially back. Nash is back. Are the Outsider's taking over? They didn't truly lose their tag titles.

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