Monday, June 11, 2012

May Week 2, Year 3

I still plan on holding my own draft on the first Raw of October.

Match 1. RVD and Kane vs. Christian and Jericho  World Tag Titles
Jericho and RVD started the match. Van Dam landed some kicks on Y2J but Jericho countered with a sleeper hold. Van Dam fought back with a body slam and an enziguri. Christian was tagged in and he hit the Killswitch on RVD. Van Dam got up and tagged in Kane. He hit Christian with a Tombstone and won.

Match 2. Batista and Orton vs. Flair and Steiner
What is Flair doing? Why is he teaming against his Evolution buddies? Flair came out and introduced Steiner as his partner! The Nature Boy is teaming with the man who beat Triple H for the title. I smell a turn coming. About 5 minutes into the match, Steiner and Batista left. Orton hit Flair with an RKO. Flair tried to fight back but Orton was too dominant. After a back suplex, Orton pinned Flair to win.

After the match, Flair was taken away on a stretcher. Orton stopped the stretcher and continued to attack Flair.

Match 3. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels
Can the former champ get back on track? Triple H was dominating HBK. He was out to prove that he wants to be champ again. He landed his signature spine buster. He then went for the Pedigree but Michaels broke out and hit the Sweet Chin Music. Triple H fought back and grabbed a chair. He hit HBK a couple of times. After a Pedigree, Triple pinned Michaels to win.

Main Event. Steel Cage - Booker vs. Henry vs. Goldberg  #1 Contender's Match
The winner will most likely face Steiner at Judgment Day. This was the quickest cage match I've ever seen. It lasted 1:35. Booker hit Goldberg with a float-over DDT. Goldberg got right up and lifted Booker for a military press. Goldberg and Henry began climbing the cage at the same time. Booker chose to go after Henry, which allowed Goldberg to climb over and win.

Match 1. Undertaker vs. Angle
Why is this match the opener on Smackdown? Anyway, it was a good way to start the show. Angle was in control of the champ. JBL interfered and attacked Angle. Taker then hit a Tombstone. He then landed the Last Ride. Angle tried to fight back but Taker lifted him up for another Tombstone. He pinned Angle for the win.

Match 2. Too Cool vs. The Dudleyz  WWE Tag Team Titles
This 10-minute tag team match was awesome. Rikishi was handling Bubba like a sack of potatoes. He punched him to the outside where he and Scotty began a double team attack. The Dudleyz tried beating down Scotty, but they couldn't get the upper hand. After a huge belly-to-belly, Rikishi pinned Bubba to win the titles.

Match 3. JBL vs. Cena
These two stars are looking to climb the ranks so they could face the WWE Champ. Cena was putting a beating on JBL. He had him in the corner and hit JBL with a shoulder block. He then landed a spin-out powerbomb. Not much later, Cena landed the AA for the win.

Main Event. Lesnar vs. Edge
This was a great main event. Lesnar picked up the US Champ and hit him with an F5 at 8:20. Lesnar then hit his overhead belly-to-belly and a face buster. He went for a suplex but Edge reversed it into one of his own. Edge went to the corner and set up for the spear. He connected and pinned Lesnar. The US Champ is on a roll.

Recap: What state is Evolution in right now? So it looks like it'll be Goldberg vs. Steiner at Judgment Day. 

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