Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June Week 1, Year 3

Raw has been healthy so far. Hopefully, they can stay that way.

Match 1. KotR Qualify - Shelton vs. Regal
Shelton landed a nice back breaker/Russian leg sweep combination. He then went for a DDT, but Regal broke out of hit and hit Shelton in the jaw with his elbow. Regal landed a t-bone suplex. After a back suplex, Regal connected with the Power of the Punch. He picked Shelton back up and hit a high-angle back suplex into a pin and won.

Match 2. Batista and Orton vs. Steiner and Matt Hardy
The young members of Evolution were working like a well-oiled machine. They hit many tag team moves on their opponents. Matt was able to mount some offense as he hit Batista with a Twist of Fate and then another one from the top rope. Steiner and Orton were in. Steiner hit Orton with his belly-to-belly. Batista came in and clotheslined Steiner. He pinned him and got the win.

After the match, Batista and Orton hit Matt and Steiner with chairs.

Match 3. KotR Qualify - Kane vs. RVD
Tag partners facing off for a spot in the King of the Ring tournament. Because they know each other so well, these two went back and forth. Triple H interfered but didn't do anything. Kane landed a chokeslam on RVD. He then hit his signature side slam. RVD fought back and connected with a heel kick and a front slam. Kane grabbed a chair and busted RVD open. Kane hit another side slam and chokeslam to win.

After the match, RVD was taken away on a stretcher.

Main Event. Booker T vs. Goldberg vs. Mark Henry  #1 Contender's Match
These three fought a month ago for a title shot, which Goldberg won. Can we see a repeat tonight? Each man knew how important this match was. Goldberg hit Henry with the Jackhammer and almost won. Henry hit Booker with the World's Strongest Slam. A couple of minutes later, Booker hit Goldberg with a back suplex. Henry then locked Booker in a bear hug. Booker had no choice but to tap.

Match 1. KotR Qualify - A-Train vs. Hogan
The winner of this will take on Big Show in two weeks. A-Train hit a thunderous clothesline and a back breaker. After a couple of front slams, A-Train landed the Train Wreck on Hogan to advance.

Match 2. KotR Qualify - Rhino vs. Holly
The winner will face John Cena next week. Rhino was in control early. He landed a sit-out powerbomb and a pile driver. Holly fought back and landed the Falcon Arrow. They continued to go back and forth with high-powered moves. Rhino ducked a clothesline by Holly and landed the Gore to win.

Match 3. Edge vs. Brock Lesnar
This match went over 11 minutes and it was exciting from bell to bell. Lesnar connected with an F5 at 6:06 but Edge kicked out. Eddie interfered and watched as Lesnar hit his second F5. Eddie hit the brain buster on Lesnar. Eddie left and Edge took control. Edge went to the top rope and connected with a spear to win.

Main Event. John Cena vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Hogan  #1 Contender's Match
Before the match, an announcement was made that this is no falls count anywhere. Hogan is pulling double duty this week. No one wanted to lose this match. The match was just over 21 minutes long. Cena busted Hogan open with a flipping bulldog. Cena did the same thing to Kennedy and he began bleeding. Kennedy hit Hogan with the Mic Check while Cena was outside of the ring to win.

Recap: I jinxed myself again. RVD is injured by his partner. The quarter-finals are set. Next week will be Jeff vs. Henry and John Cena vs. Rhino. The following week will be Kane vs. Regal and A-Train vs. Big Show.

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