Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June Week 2, Year 3

Four superstars are injured. Three are from Smackdown.

Match 1. KotR Quarterfinal - Jeff Hardy vs. Mark Henry
Jeff tried his best to take the big man down. He was able to with a clothesline, but Henry popped right up. Henry had Jeff in a bear hug but he didn't tap. Jeff then hit Whisper in the Wind. After a running shoulder tackle, Henry got the 3 count and advances.

Match 2. Matt Hardy Scott Steiner vs. Batista and Orton
Matt was making his way to the ring when he introduced Steiner as his replacement. Is Steiner fighting twice tonight? Steiner hit a Russian leg sweep and a military press on Batista. He then hit a t-bone suplex and finished it with his belly-to-belly to knock Batista out. This match was so quick, Steiner could fight three matches.

After the match, Matt Hardy joined Steiner in celebration. 

Match 3. Stone Cold and Shawn Michaels vs. The Rock and Booker T
I haven't used Rocky in a while. HBK hit Rock with a dangerous pile driver. Michaels went for a powerbomb on Booker, but he reversed it into a DDT. Rock hit Austin with a Rock Bottom out of nowhere. Austin immediately hit the Stunner on Rock. After a Lou Thesz Press, Austin pinned Rock to win.

Main Event. Steiner vs. RVD
Could someone be returning tonight? RVD is back! Although he was only out for a week, it's good to see Raw's roster at 100 percent. Can RVD beat the champ his first night back? Batista interfered with a chair. He didn't do anything. RVD went for the Frog Splash, but he missed. After a running powerslam, Steiner went for the pin but Van Dam kicked out. Steiner threw RVD into the ropes, but RVD came back with a pinning hurricanrana and won. What an upset!

Match 1. KotR Quarterfinal - John Cena vs. Rhino
The winner will face either A-Train or Big Show at the PPV. It was a great back and forth match. Rhino hit a pile driver and the Gore on Cena. However, instead of pinning Cena, Rhino continued the attack and that would backfire. Cena hit rapid-fire moves. He landed a high-angle suplex and then the AA to win.

Match 2. Eddie Guerrero vs. Mr. Kennedy
Looking back, I should have put Eddie in the King of the Ring tournament. Oh well. After a high-angle suplex, Eddie almost got the win but Kennedy kicked out. Eddie then hit the Gory Bomb. Kennedy was able to fight back as he hit the rolling senton and the Mic Check. Rey ran down to the ring as Kennedy landed another rolling senton. Eddie hit the Brainbuster and won.

Match 3. JBL vs. Rock and Bubba Ray
Rock and Bubba were working well together. They landed a couple of double team moves on JBL. However, JBL was able to hit some moves on his own. He connected with a powerbomb on The Rock. The 2-on-1 advantage was too much for JBL as he was knocked out from the Bubba Cutter.

After the match, Angle ran down and attacked Bubba with a lead pipe. 

Main Event. Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle
Another injured superstar returning. I should have guessed it was Angle when he attacked Bubba. Despite seeing this match multiple times, this match was still exciting. Angle tossed Taker over his head with a belly-to-belly. He then landed the Angle Slam. Taker fought back and hit Angle with Old School and a Tombstone to win.

Recap: The #1 contender on Raw advances to the semifinals. Is he going to pull triple duty at the PPV? RVD and Angle aren't officially back yet. 

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