Monday, June 25, 2012


Match 1. Four way - Undertaker vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Hulk Hogan vs. JBL  WWE Championship
This is an elimination fatal four way match. This seems to favor the champ. Hogan was the first eliminated as he was pinned by Kennedy after a Mic Check. Taker hit Kennedy with a Tombstone and he was the next to go. JBL landed his powerbomb on Taker. He then connected with the Clothesline from Hell. Taker threw JBL into the turnpost and busted him open. After a delayed suplex, Taker pinned JBL to retain his belt.

Match 2. KotR Semifinal - John Cena vs. Big Show
Cena landed the AA pretty early in the match, but Show was able to kick out. Big Show easily tossed Cena over his head. He then hit a spear and the Showstopper. Cena fought back and landed another AA out of nowhere. After his spin-out powerbomb, Cena got the win.

After the match, Show was taken away on a stretcher.

Match 3. KotR Semifinal - Kane vs. Mark Henry
Kane landed his signature side slam. Triple H ran down with a sledgehammer. Kane hit a Tombstone on Henry. Triple H entered the ring and Kane went after him. Henry and Triple H landed a double gut buster on Kane. Despite the interference, Kane fought back, landed a chokeslam and won.

Match 4. Edge vs. Eddie Guerrero  United States Championship
Eddie was in control for a part of the match. He hit a belly-to-back and a DDT. Edge fought back and landed a northern lights suplex. After a back breaker, Edge went to the corner and hit a spear to retain the title.

Match 5. King of the Ring Finals - John Cena vs. Kane
Cena was walking down the ramp when Triple H attacked him from behind. Despite the attack before the match, Cena was able to hit Kane with the AA. He continued with a couple of spin-out powerbombs. Kane came back and hit a Tombstone to win.

Main Event. Table - Steiner vs. Booker T vs. Goldberg vs. Henry  World Heavyweight Championship
Booker brought the first table into the ring. Booker hit Steiner with the Bookend while Henry hoisted Goldberg up for a military press. Goldberg hit Steiner with a one-armed spine buster. He then hit Booker with the Jackhammer. The match ended when Steiner suplexed Booker through a table.

After the match, Batista attacked Steiner with a lead pipe.

Recap: Show is injured. For winning the King of the Ring, Kane will receive a title shot at the next PPV.

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