Saturday, June 9, 2012

April Week 4, Year 3

This is the final week before Extreme Rules.

Match 1. Benoit vs. Regal
The Crippler was in control on Regal. He hit the triple German suplexes. Regal had Benoit in a single-leg Boston crab but Benoit broke out and hit a back suplex. Batista interfered and landed the Batista Bomb on Benoit. He recovered and hit the diving headbutt on Regal to win.

Match 2. Jericho Benoit vs. Scott Hall w/ Booker T
Jericho walked out holding his arm. He introduced Benoit as his replacement. Um, what? Anyway, Booker hopped up on the apron but Benoit punched him off. He then turned to Hall and hit the triple Germans. At the 6-minute mark, Benoit locked Hall in the Crossface. Scott broke out and regained control. He eventually hit the Outsider's Edge and won.

After the match, Booker grabbed a chair and hit Benoit multiple times.

Match 3. Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold vs. Batista and Randy Orton
This was almost a 13-minute tag match. Batista left the ring to catch his breath. Austin clotheslined Orton off the apron. Batista came back and landed a spine buster. Orton was tagged in and was hit by a pile driver from Austin. He then hit the Stone Cold Stunner. Austin tagged in HBK, who hit Batista with a back breaker. Batista got up and landed another spine buster. He then put him in a crossface chicken wing. Michaels had no choice but to tap.

Main Event. Steiner vs. Henry  #1 Contender's Match
The ref turned to ring the bell, but he was caught with a clothesline by Steiner. Being the suplex machine, Steiner landed a t-bone suplex on Henry. Both men went for pins early. After kicking out, Steiner hit an overhead belly-to-belly. He got a close 3 count. He then hit a side belly-to-belly and got the win.

After the match, Flair attacked Steiner with a lead pipe.

Match 1. Hogan vs. A-Train
Hogan hit A-Train with an atomic drop and then landed some right hands. A-Train began bleeding. Hogan hit his signature big boot and got a near fall. A-Train got up and hit the Train Wreck. After kicking out, Hogan "hulked" up and landed some right hands. Hogan then landed a back suplex and pinned A-Train for the win.

Match 2. JBL vs. Rey Mysterio
These two went back and forth for the first few minutes. Neither man gained the upper hand. JBL landed a fall away slam. He then powerbombed Rey into the corner. Rey attempted a comeback but it was halted by a Clothesline from Hell. JBL pinned Rey to win.

After the match, Rock and Angle attacked JBL. 

Match 3. Taker vs. Lesnar
This was an excellent match. I look forward to the rematch. Lesnar was in control early. He hit a snap suplex. He then brought in a chair to hurt the champ. Taker fought back and landed the Tombstone. After a close 3 count, Lesnar got up and hit an overhead belly-to-belly and two military presses. Taker broke out of the third and hit a second Tombstone to win.

After the match, JBL pointed at Taker, signaling that he wants the title.

Main Event. Cena vs. Kennedy  #1 Contender's Match
Cena hit Kennedy with a suplex, but Kennedy got right up and hit Cena with a neck breaker. A couple of minutes later, Kennedy landed the Mic Check. Cena wasn't fazed as he hit the AA. After a few more moves, Kennedy was down for the 3 count.

After the match, Kennedy low blowed Cena.

Recap: It will be Steiner vs. Triple H for the World Title and Taker vs. Cena for the WWE Title.

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