Thursday, May 10, 2012

December Week 3, Year 2

Test betrayed WWF and joined WCW. This is the last week before the Tribute show. I have no idea who the contenders are.

Match 1. Rock vs. Austin vs. Lesnar vs. HBK
Raw kicks off with a 4-way match featuring 3 Hall of Famers. This match may determine who faces Taker when he returns. These guys were separated for most of the match. Rock and Brock were on one side while Austin and HBK were on the other. Austin left to grab a chair and Rock hit Brock with the Rock Bottom. Lesnar got up and hit Austin with an F5. HBK got up and hit Rock with the Sweet Chin Music and knocked him out.

Match 2. Kane vs. Scotty 2 Hotty
Scotty was sitting in the corner. Kane drove his boot into Scotty's face. He picked him up and hit him with the pump handle slam. Scotty somehow got up and hit Kane with a spinning DDT. Kane got pissed and began punching Scotty across the skull. He flipped him over and got the 3 count.

Match 3. Road Dogg vs. Jeff Hardy
Jeff hit a springboard off the middle rope. Dogg hit a simple body slam and a reverse atomic drop. He then hit his finishing pump handle slam and got a close 3 count. Couple of minutes later, Jeff hit the Whisper in the Wind. Road Dogg was coming back but Jeff hit the Twist of Fate. Jeff caught Dogg in a school boy and won.

Main Event. X-Pac vs. Triple H
Triple H was walking down the ramp when HBK attacked him from behind. After some battling in the ring, Pac left to grab a chair. He hit HHH a couple of times with the chair then hit a reverse DDT. The match came back into the ring when Triple H hit his spine buster. He then hit the Pedigree and almost won, but Pac kicked out at 2.9. Pac got up and hit the X-Factor for the win.

After the match, Road Dogg ran down and attacked Pac with a lead pipe.

Match 1. Booker vs. Nash
Booker was on offense first. He hit Nash with a back drop and his signature spine buster. Nash fought back and hit a Jackknife powerbomb early and got a long 2 count. Nash was pissed as he hit Booker with another Jackknife and won.

Match 2. Test vs. Big Show
Both men were all over the place. Test rolled Show back into the ring where he hit his modified F5 finisher. Show had Test up for a fall away slam but Test reversed it. Show moved away from Test's running big boot. Show hit the WMD and pinned Test for the win.

Match 3. Goldberg vs. Hogan
Flair took a seat with the announcers. Goldberg ran towards Hogan, but he reversed it into a powerslam. Goldberg hit a couple of short-armed clotheslines. Hogan fought back and hit a running powerslam. Hogan was going for a right hand but Goldberg blocked it and hit the spear. Goldberg hit the Jackhammer and won.

After the match, Flair came in and attacked Hogan. Goldberg turned around and made the save.

Main Event. Warrior vs. Scott Hall
I wonder if Steiner sent Hall to be a henchmen to take out his biggest challenger. Hall hit Warrior with a front slam then the fall away slam. Warrior got up, hit the military press and got a long 2 count. He picked up Hall and hit him with another military press and again got a 2 count. A minute later, he hit a third military press. Hall was picking up Warrior but he was caught in a roll-up and Warrior won. 

Recap: DX is completely imploding. Pac and Dogg are in a rivalry. We haven't seen Mr. Ass in weeks. The original founders, HHH and HBK, want to destroy each other. In the new year, there will be some rule changes so the matches don't take as long. Was Warrior sending a message to Steiner?

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