Friday, May 11, 2012


The default card wasn't that bad, but I do have to edit a couple of matches.

Match 1. Lesnar vs. Edge vs. Christian  Intercontinental Championship
The champ is taking on both members of the famous tag team. It just doesn't seem fair. This match went over 13 minutes! I'll cover the last 3 just to save time/space. Christian hit Edge with a heel kick in the corner then Lesnar hit a huge German suplex. Lesnar went for an F5 on Christian but Edge broke it up. Christian took Edge down and Lesnar was able to hit him with the F5. Edge got up and hit Christian with a DDT. Lesnar took advantage and pinned Christian to retain his title.

Match 2. Ladder - Ultimo Dragon vs. DDP vs. Jericho vs. Chavo  United States Championship
I may regret this match because 4-way matches take forever and ladder matches take even longer. I'm surprised that this match only went 8:47. DDP set up a ladder about 2 minutes into the match. Chavo made the first climb a minute later, but Ultimo pushed the ladder. Chavo and Ultimo went up later but DDP pushed the ladder and both men fell. The final climb was made by Jericho and DDP. Ultimo punched DDP off and Jericho pulled down the belt to win.

Match 3. 6-man Battle Royal - Angle vs. Flair vs. Foley vs. Rock vs. Triple H vs. Michaels
HBK and Triple H made a beeline for each other. Foley made a couple of attempts to eliminate Angle, but he stayed in. Rock made the first elimination by throwing Flair over the top. DX teamed up and tossed Angle out. Rock made his second elimination by taking out Foley. HBK hit Rock with the Sweet Chin Music. Triple H tossed out Rock, leaving him and HBK as the last two. Triple H whipped HBK over the rope, but he skinned the cat and got back in the ring. HBK returned the favor and kicked HHH off the apron to win.

Match 4. Table - nWo vs. Hardys  Tag Team Championship
Matt and Nash both brought in a table. Nash hit Jeff with a vicious body slam. Nash then hit Jeff with a knockout punch. He picked him back up and hit the Jackknife. This was a short tables match. Hall hit Matt with the Outsider's Edge and put him through the table to retain the belts.

Match 5. Hell in a Cell - Scott Steiner vs. Goldberg
Warrior could not compete tonight. He will get a title shot sometime in January. These two men went back and forth in the early going. Steiner had Goldberg in a sleeper hold but it was reversed into a jaw breaker. They ended up on top of the cell! Steiner hit a suplex then a t-bone suplex on the top. He then picked him up and hit his belly-to-belly suplex. He hit another belly-to-belly and Goldberg dropped down to the ring! Steiner continued with his suplexes. Goldberg reversed Steiner and  hit the Jackhammer and won. There is a new WCW Champion!

After the match, Steiner raised Goldberg's hand in victory.

Main Event. Hell in a Cell - Stone Cold vs. Kane  WWF Championship
I wonder if these two can top the WCW hell in a cell match. Kane planted Austin on his head with a DDT. Kane whipped Austin into the ropes and hit a big boot. Austin got back up and hit the Stunner, but Kane kicked out at 2. Austin went for another Stunner but Kane reversed it and hit the chokeslam. Kane hit a pump handle drop, a leg drop then a running powerslam. He pinned Austin to win the title.

Recap: Steiner turned face. The ladder match was really good. The WCW HiaC was awesome! We had 3 title changes tonight. I hope the troops enjoyed it.

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