Monday, May 7, 2012

November Week 3, Year 2

Match 1. Steel Cage - RVD vs. Lesnar
This was a really short cage match. Brock went to escape early, but RVD pulled him down and hit a heel kick. He tried to leave again, but was pulled down. Brock became pissed and hit a fisherman's suplex on RVD. Van Dam made his attempt to leave and Brock went after him. RVD punched him off the cage and climbed over to win.

Match 2. Test vs. X-Pac
About a minute into the match, Road Dogg ran down to the ring. He attacked Test and then turned on X-Pac., leaving both men laying flat. They both got up and began beating the crap out of each other. Test hit his modified F5. X-Pac got back up, hit a jaw breaker and a heel kick. Test left the ring to regain his breath and Pac followed. Test hit his finisher again to win.

After the match, Test was leaving as Road Dogg came back to the ring and continued his beating on Pac. Test turned around and made the save.

Match 3. 6-man Battle Royal - Edge vs. Scotty vs. Kane vs. Henry vs. JBL vs. Triple H
JBL quickly eliminated Edge. Henry tossed Triple H out and JBL has his second elimination when he flipped Kane over the ropes. Henry hit a huge power slam on Scotty. Scotty retaliated by attempting to eliminate Henry, but he held on. JBL eventually got the job done when he punched Henry off the apron. Scotty tossed JBL out of the ring to win. The smallest man in the ring won the match. WOW!

Main Event. Stone Cold vs. Road Dogg
Damn. Jesse James is getting a huge opportunity in the main event tonight. Austin and Dogg locked up. Stone Cold hit a face buster and busted him open. Austin brought in a chair but it backfired as Road Dogg punched the chair into his face. Dogg hit a couple of pump handle drops but only got 2 counts. Austin hit a Stone Cold Stunner and then punched a chair in Dogg's face. He later hit another Stunner to win.

After the match, Sting and Nash appeared at the top of the ramp, staring down Stone Cold.

Match 1. Rey vs. Scott Hall
This match should have been easier for Hall, but Rey put up a fight. Rey used his quickness to attack Hall all over the ring. Rey missed a flip from the outside and Hall took control. He hit a back breaker on Rey. After many attempts at finishing the match, Hall finally hit the Outsider's Edge to win.

Match 2. Rikishi vs. Flair
Rikishi hit a belly-to-belly on Flair. Flair got up and hit a chop block to take Rikishi off his feet. Hogan ran down to the ring with a chair. Flair was going for a pin but Hogan distracted the referee. The ref finally forced Hogan to leave. Flair hit a couple of knife-edged chops in the corner. He dropped Rikishi again and put him in the Figure Four. Rikishi had no choice but to tap.

Match 3. Goldberg vs. Nash and Sting
Wait a minute, Goldberg is not Austin! Despite never teaming together, Nash and Sting worked well. Sting threw Nash from the top rope onto Goldberg. It was a short match that ended with Goldberg receiving a Scorpion Death Drop and was knocked out.

Main Event. Warrior vs. Steiner, Mr. Perfect and Lex Luger
The champ definitely stacked the odds against the challenger. Good luck Warrior. Steiner and Warrior started the match. Steiner was holding his own against Warrior. Luger was tagged in. He seemed scared because he went to get a chair right away. Warrior reversed the chair shot and unloaded on Luger. He hit his punching combination and then the military press to win.

Recap: Are we seeing the self-destruction of DX? What were Nash and Sting doing on Raw? Are they finally retaliating from the Mr. Ass attacks? I'm shocked Warrior won the 3-on-1 match. He's a beast.

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