Friday, May 18, 2012

January Week 4, Year 3

This is the final week before the Rumble. Like previous years, I have some surprises up my sleeve for the Rumble match.

Match 1. Four-Way - Lesnar vs. Christian vs. Shelton vs. Benoit  Intercontinental Championship
I'm doing everything I can do get the belt off Lesnar. Christian and Shelton were going at it when Lesnar suplexed Benoit from the apron back into the ring. Shelton hit Lesnar with Paydirt and almost won. About a minute later, he hit the Paydirt on Benoit. Christian caught Benoit in a schoolboy but Shelton broke it up. Shelton hit Christian with a pinning German suplex and won the title.

Match 2. RVD and The Hardys vs. New Age Outlaws and Rock
I say it every time, "I hate 6 man tag matches." Yet, I still do them. Oh well. This was a 17-minute match, so I'll cover the last few minutes. RVD tagged in Matt and held Road Dogg in the corner as Matt hit the Coast to Coast. Jeff hit Dogg with the Twist of Fate. Dogg recovered and hit Jeff with the pump handle slam. About 15 minutes into the match, The Rock just walked away. RVD hit Dogg with a pinning northern lights suplex and won.

Match 3. Kane vs. JBL
JBL took it to the WWF Champ early. He hit Kane with a side slam. Kane then hit one of his own. Kane picked JBL up and hit a Tombstone. Kane hit a leg drop and got a close 3 count. He picked JBL back up and hit a back suplex. He hit JBL with a chokeslam and won.

After the match, JBL threw a fit and took apart the announcer's table. He then punched out Michael Cole.

Main Event. Triple H and Flair vs. HBK
The Game and Flair kept Michaels in their corner for most of the match. Triple H hit his signature spine buster on Michaels. Flair hit HBK with a snap suplex. After a hip toss, Flair held HBK in a rear naked choke. HBK had no choice but to tap.

After the match, Flair grabbed a chair and went to hit HBK when all of a sudden Taker appeared. He took the chair from Flair but hit HBK himself!

Match 1. Booker vs. Jericho
Jericho reversed Booker's kick into a single-leg Boston crab. Booker recovered and hit a super kick. Test interfered in the match and hit Booker with his modified F5 finisher. Test left and Booker got up and hit two side slams on Jericho. Booker went to the top and his the Houston Hangover. Jericho put Booker in the Walls of Jericho and made him tap.

Match 2. Lesnar vs. DDP
Just four days after losing his IC Title, Lesnar is on WCW taking on DDP. This was a really good match. DDP hit Lesnar with a sit-out powerbomb. Lesnar tried to mount some offense, but DDP came out of nowhere with the Diamond Cutter. After a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, DDP hit another Diamon Cutter. DDP hit an atomic drop and pinned Lesnar while his feet were on the ropes to win.

Match 3. Goldberg vs. nWo
Goldberg hit a running DDT on Nash. He went to splash Nash in the corner but he moved and hit a side slam. Nash hit Goldberg with a chokeslam. This match was mostly Nash vs. Goldberg. After a reversal of an armbar, Nash hit Goldberg with the Jackknife to win.

After the match, Hall grabbed a chair and handed it to Nash. He went to hit Hogan (what?) but Goldberg ran down and chased the nWo away. 

Main Event. Angle vs. Bubba Ray
Angle ran towards Bubba but he flipped him over his head. After some right hands, Bubba hit a Death Valley Driver. A few moves later, Bubba hit Angle with a flipping pump handle slam. Angle fought back and hit an Angle Slam. About a minute later, Angle hit a delayed spine buster and won.

After the match, Angle checked on Bubba but he low blowed him.

Recap: Taker is back, but he is now a heel. Lesnar has lost 2 matches in one week. This isn't looking good for him right now. I am seriously confused by the nWo cutscene. 

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