Friday, May 18, 2012

January Week 1, Year 3

The 3rd year in my Universe begins! I can't wait until you guys see what happens after WrestleMania. Due to WCW and Warrior not being able to reach an agreement on a contract, Warrior is no longer with WCW.

Match 1. Shelton Benjamin vs. Lesnar
This is a non-title match. Brock was in control for most of the match. He hoisted Benjamin over his head for a military press. The IC Champ then hit the F5 on the Gold Standard. After a vicious back breaker, Lesnar pinned Benjamin for the win.

Match 2. X-Pac vs. Billy Gunn and Bubba Ray
Gunn and Ray double teamed Pac for most of he match. Bubba hit Pac with an electric chair drop. Pac got some offense in as he hit Bubba with a bulldog. The match moved to the outside. Gunn and Pac were going at it. Gunn knocked Pac out with an elbow to the side of the head.

Match 3. Chris Benoit vs. RVD
Benoit is making his debut on Raw. Benoit hit RVD with the Three Amigos. Jeff ran down to the ring. He attempted the Twist of Fate on Benoit but he broke away. As Jeff was leaving, Benoit locked RVD in the Crippler Crossface. After a back breaker, Benoit hit RVD with a pinning tiger suplex and won.

Main Event. Stone Cold vs. Jeff Hardy
This match started off very hot. Jeff hit Austin with a Whisper in the Wind. About a minute later, Austin got his revenge with a Lou Thesz Press. Jeff got up and hit a face buster on Austin which busted him open. It went back and forth after that. Jeff took down Austin and went for the Swanton Bomb. Austin rolled out of the way and hit the Stunner. Jeff rolled out of the ring to recover. He hit Austin with a dropkick to the side of the head and got the win.

After the match, Rhino and Benoit appeared at the top of the ramp

Match 1. Chavo vs. Angle
Angle went for a clothesline, but Chavo hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Angle recovered and hit an overhead belly-to-belly. Nash interfered and hit Angle with a Jackknife. As Nash was leaving the ring, Angle hit Chavo with an Angle Slam and won.

Match 2. Scotty and Rikishi vs. Varsity Club
This is the first time we are seeing Too Cool on WCW. Can they defeat the longtime WCW superstars? Luger held Scotty over his head, but he got down and hit Luger with a German suplex. Luger went outside, grabbed a chair and busted Scotty open. Mr. Perfect hit the Perfect-plex on Scotty and won.

Match 3. Booker T vs. Kevin Nash
Booker was in control during the early going. He tossed Nash over his head and then hit a super kick. He then hit Nash with the scissors kick. Booker stomped on Nash while he was in the corner. He then hit a back breaker. Nash tried to mount a comeback but Booker halted it by busting Nash open with a float over DDT. Booker reversed Nash in the corner and hit him with a Book End to win.

Main Event. Goldberg vs. Scott Hall
Hall went to kick Goldberg, but he caught it and clotheslined him. About two minutes later, Goldberg hit Hall with the Jackhammer. Hall left the ring for a minute. He came back in and received a one-arm spine buster. Goldberg picked him back up and hit the spear. After an elbow across the neck, Goldberg pinned Hall for the win.

After the match, Nash attacked Goldberg from behind with his tag title.

Recap: It looks like Jeff pissed off the wrong people. Raw went pretty quick this week.

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