Tuesday, May 1, 2012

October Week 4, Year 2

Match 1. Edge and Christian vs. The Dudleys
In my opinion, two of the best tag teams in WWF. Yes, I said WWF. Edge and Bubba started the match. D-Von hit Christian with the reverse DDT. Moments later, Christian hit Bubba with the Killswitch but D-Von distracted the ref. The match spilled to the outside. Edge drove his knee into Bubba's head and pinned him for the win.

Match 2. Holly vs. Stone Cold
Two veterans with opposite career paths going at it. Holly was in control early. Austin hit a double ax handle from the top, but Holly quickly recovered. To ensure a win, Austin grabbed a chair and Holly followed him to the outside. Austin hit a Stunner but Holly kicked out at 2. Edge ran down to the ring and tried attacking Holly. Austin received a Alabama Slam. Austin was going for the Stunner but Holly reversed it into another Alabama Slam and won.

Match 3. Kane vs. Triple H
The Game was heading to the ring when Hernandez appeared in the crowd and punched HHH. Both men got some offense in early Kane hit a running powerslam. Triple H got up and hit a Pedigree. Kane barely kicked out and hit a sidewalk slam on Triple H. He then hit a chokeslam and got the 3 count.

After the match, Hernandez ran into the ring and attacked both men.

Main Event. Test vs. Kurt Angle
Test hit Angle with a corkscrew DDT. Triple H walked down holding a sledgehammer. Scotty 2 Hotty ran down to the ring. Angle hit Test with an Angle Slam. He picked up right up and hit another Angle Slam and won.

Match 1. Eddie Guerrero vs. Lex Luger
Luger was running at Eddie but he reversed it into a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Hogan slowly walked to the ring with a chair. He did nothing. As Hogan was leaving, Eddie hit the Three Amigos. He then went to the top rope and hit the Frog Splash and got the win.

Match 2. Big Show vs. Rey and Chavo
This is a tornado handicap match. Somehow, Chavo was able to hit Show with his own Three Amigos. Later, Show hit Rey with the Showstopper. Again, Chavo showing his amazing strength as he hit Show with a back suplex. Rey hit Show with a flipping senton from the apron and scored the win.

Match 3. Kevin Nash vs. Kurt Angle
Man, Kurt is going to be tired after this match. Nash knocked Angle of out the ring. He came back in and hit a German Suplex. Angle hit Nash with an Angle Slam. Goldberg ran down to the ring and hit Nash with the Jackhammer. After the Jackhammer, Angle hit him with another Angle Slam and won. 

Main Event. Warrior vs. Scott Hall
Mr. Ass attacked Hall from behind, again. This match was all Warrior. Hall could not recover from the attack. Warrior hit Scott with an atomic drop and some right hands. Warrior clotheslined him outside the ring and hit a military press and pinned him to win.

After the match, Steiner hit Warrior over the head with the WCW Title. 

Recap: What does Hernandez have against Triple H and Kane? Also, why is Billy Gunn still attacking Scott Hall?

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