Sunday, May 20, 2012


Get ready for some surprise entrants in this year's Rumble match. Five championship matches, it don't get much better than this.

Match 1. Jericho vs. Booker T  United States Championship
The first of five title shots on this PPV. Booker hit Jericho with a side slam and then a clothesline. Jericho left the ring to catch his breath. He came back into the ring and Booker hit him with a super kick. Jericho kicked out at 2. Jericho fought back and hit a diving elbow. He then picked Booker up and hit the Codebreaker to win.

Match 2. Shelton vs. Benoit  Intercontinental Championship
Benoit hit a springboard suplex on Shelton. He then picked him back up for a German suplex. Shelton recovered and hit Benoit with a tiger suplex. Shelton then hit him with Paydirt and almost won the match. A little later into the match, Benoit hit the triple German suplexes. Benoit went to the top for the diving headbutt but Shelton moved. Shelton went for another Paydirt but Benoit blocked it and locked in the Crippler Crossface to make him tap.

Match 3. nWo vs. Hardys  Tag Team Championship
Nash and Hall isolated Jeff in their corner with some double team moves. Matt hit the Side Effect on Hall. After another double team move, Nash hit a knock out punch on Matt. Jeff was tagged in and hit Nash with the Twist of Fate. About a minute later, Nash hit Matt with the Jackknife and retained the belts.

Match 4. Kane vs. Undertaker  WWF Championship
The Deadman returned six days ago and he gets a title shot. Kane and Taker were going back and forth. Neither man was able to build momentum. Kane hit the chokeslam at the 4:32 mark. He got a long 2 count. A minute later, Taker hit the Last Ride and Tombstone. Taker hit Kane with a full nelson slam. After a back suplex, Taker got the win and regained his title.

Match 5. Goldberg vs. Big Show  WCW Championship
Goldberg hit Show with his one-arm spine buster. He picked Show back up and speared him. Show fought back and lifted Goldberg over his head for a military press. A couple of minutes later, Goldberg hit Show with another spine buster. Show was in control when Goldberg hit another spear out of nowhere. He pinned Show to retain his belt.

After the match, Steiner came in and celebrated with Goldberg

Main Event. 30-man Royal Rumble Match
Here we go with my 3rd Royal Rumble! Let's see who the first two Superstars are. JBL came out first. Shawn Michaels was #2. Michaels made the first attempt at an elimination. Brock Lesnar was #3. He and JBL double teamed HBK but he fought back. Chavo Guerrero was #4. JBL eliminated Lesnar. Rhino was #5. Chavo almost took out JBL. Test was #6. JBL eliminated Chavo. Rhino hit HBK was a powerslam. Sting was #7. Rhino threw HBK into the ropes but he skinned the cat and came back. Sting eliminated Michaels. Kurt Angle was #8. Test and JBL tried to take out Rhino but he held on. Mr. Ass was #9. Test eliminated JBL. Sting eliminated Angle. So far, none of my surprise entrants appeared. Triple H was #10. Rhino was busted open from a Test big boot.

The Rock was #11. Test eliminated Sting. Rock took his sweet time entering the ring. Test scored his third elimination when he flipped Rhino over the top. Rey Mysterio was #12. Rey went after Mr. Ass. Randy Orton was #13. The Viper. The Legend Killer. He's in WWE! Rey kicked Gunn out of the ring. Rey hit Rock with a float over neck breaker. Orton eliminated Test. Christian was #14. Rock was eliminated by Rey. John Cena was #15. The champ is here! Orton hit Rey with an RKO. Cena eliminated Orton from the corner. Edge was #16. Christian hit the Killswitch on Triple H. Eddie Guerrero was #17. He can help out his partner, even though it is every man for himself. Cean almost eliminated Edge. Cena hit Edge with the AA. Eddie eliminated Christian. Edge eliminated Triple H. Bubba Ray was #18. Bubba eliminated Eddie. D-Von was #19. How convenient that both members are the Dudleys entered back to back. Edge, Rey and Bubba eliminated Cena. It took three men to toss him out. RVD was #20. Edge and RVD attempted to eliminated Bubba.

Hardcore Holly was #21. Holly hit Rey was a vicious bulldog. D-Von eliminated RVD. D-Von attacked Bubba. I was waiting to see how long the Dudleys would team up. Rey eliminated Holly. Shelton Benjamin was #22. After losing his IC Title, Shelton wants a shot at something bigger. He will have to wait as he was quickly eliminated by Rey. Scott Steiner was #23. D-Von eliminated Edge. Bubba turned around and eliminated D-Von. X-Pac was #24. Steiner hit Rey with a powerful belly-to-belly. Six more stars remain. Bubba hit Pac with a death valley driver. Hogan was #25. Hogan attempted to eliminate Pac. Batista was #26. The Animal is back! He quickly went after Rey. Bubba eliminated X-Pac. Rey was eliminated by Steiner. Mr. Kennedy...Kennedy was #27. He was almost eliminated by Hogan. Booker T was #28. Bubba eliminated Steiner. Two Superstars are left. Batista was close to eliminating Hogan. DDP was #29. The ring is filled as we wait to see who the last man is. Kennedy eliminated Booker T. Bubba eliminated Hogan. DDP eliminated Batista. Kennedy landed some right hands on Bubba, opening him up. DDP finally eliminated Bubba. A-Train was #30. The last three are Kennedy, DDP and A-Train. Kennedy and A-Train hit a double team move on DDP. Kennedy was eliminated by A-Train. The last two men to enter are the last two men in the ring. DDP hit the Diamond Cutter. A-Train kicked out DDP to win.

Recap: This was a really good PPV. I wasn't too happy with the Rumble winner, but it could be interesting to see the rest of the road to 'Mania play out.

Stats: Bubba led with SIX eliminations. Rey was next with five.

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