Friday, May 18, 2012

January Week 3, Year 3

Wow, Raw's card was horrible.

Match 1. Hardcore Title - Rhino vs. RVD vs. Holly
Rhino and RVD made this immediately exciting by bringing in some chairs. RVD and Holly were going at when Rhino brought in a kendo stick. A few minutes later, Holly hit RVD with the Falcon Arrow. All three men attacked each other with weapons. RVD hit Rhino with the 5-star Frog Splash. Holly hit Rhino with a double underhook back breaker. RVD caught Holly with a pinning suplex and won the title.

Match 2. Christian vs. Henry
It seems like Christian took advantage of his time on TV this week. He choked Henry in the corner then hit the Killswitch. Henry came back with a two-handed chokeslam and a military press. Out of nowhere, Christian hit another Killswitch. Christian reversed Henry's powerbomb into a face buster and got a long 2. Henry got up and was caught in a schoolboy. Christian wins.

After the match, Henry was taken out of the arena on a stretcher.

Match 3. Edge vs. Brock Lesnar
Lesnar's IC Title is not on the line tonight. However, if Edge wins here, he could get a title shot next week. Lesnar mounted Edge and hit him with multiple right hands. He picked Edge back up and hit a fisherman's suplex. He then hit the F5. After a military press, Lesnar pinned Edge to win.

After the match, Lesnar grabbed a chair and put Edge's ankle in it. Eddie's music hit and he tossed Lesnar out of the ring.

Main Event. Triple H w/ Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels
Flair is on Raw! Since I simmed this match last week, I will have it this week. Triple H hit HBK with an elbow to the side of the head and then his spine buster. He then hit the Pedigree. Flair didn't waste his time getting involved in the match. He hit HBK with some chops across the throat. Michaels attempted a comeback but Triple H stopped it with another Pedigree and won.

After the match,  Triple H was going to leave the ring but he continued beating on Michaels.

Match 1. Kurt Angle vs. Kevin Nash
Goldberg ran down to the ring and hit Nash with a Jackhammer. As Goldberg was walking away, Angle hit three German suplexes on Nash. Angle brought in a chair and heel kicked it into Nash's face. Nash went for the Jackknife but Angle reversed it into a facebuster. He then hit an Angle Slam. Angle hit a moonsault and another Angle Slam a minute later. However, after a running boot, Nash got the win.

Match 2. Dudleyz vs. Eddie and Rey
The Dudleyz are making their first appearance on WCW. Rey clocked D-Von with a chair in the head. D-Von returned the favor. Bubba brought in a garbage can. Eddie hit Bubba with the Three Amigos. D-Von hit Rey over the head with the garbage can. Bubba brought in the steel steps and hit Rey. D-Von hit Eddie with an RKO-type move and won.

Match 3. Goldberg vs. Hogan
Nash crawled out from under the ring and attacked Goldberg. However, Goldberg was able to get up and start the match. Hogan hit a running powerslam. Hogan went for a kick to the mid-section but Goldberg caught him with a spine buster. Hogan blocked the spear and hit a couple of right hands. He then hit Goldberg with a face buster and he began bleeding. Goldberg wasn't affected as he hit a snap neckbreaker and won.

After the match, Nash and Hall double teamed Goldberg.

Main Event. Scott Steiner vs. Scott Hall
Steiner hit Hall with an overhead belly-to-belly. After a side belly-to-belly, Steiner got a long 2 count. About 2 minutes later, Steiner hit another overhead belly-to-belly. He then put Hall over his head for a military press. He then did some push-ups and hit a pinning back suplex to win.

Recap: Taker, Austin and Henry are all injured for WWE. However, Eddie returned for WCW. Just as planned, Triple H and Flair formed a tag team.

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