Saturday, May 26, 2012


The two main titles are being contested in an elimination chamber, but the under card was atrocious.

Match 1. WWF vs. WCW - Hardys vs. Eddie and Rey
This was a fast-paced match. All four of these men are exciting to watch in the ring. Matt hit the Side Effect on Eddie. A few minutes into the match, Eddie hit the brainbuster on Jeff. Matt then hit the Twist of Fate on Eddie and pinned him to win.

Match 2. Batista vs. Orton
At about the 3-minute mark, Orton hit Batista with an RKO. Orton was still in control. He hit his Angle Slam-type move and almost got the win. After a quick body slam, he hit another RKO. Batista had Orton in the tree of woe. He choked him with his boot and went for a pin, but Orton kicked out. Orton hit a neckbreaker and won.

Match 3. RVD vs. Chris Benoit  Hardcore and Intercontinental Championships
This is a unification match. The winner will be the IC Champ. It was a back and forth match for the first few minutes. Benoit locked RVD in the Crossface but RVD broke out. After a heel kick to the back of Benoit's head, RVD hit him with the Rolling Thunder. RVD hit another heel kick then a tiger suplex to unify the belts.

Match 4. DDP vs. Sting vs. Test
The winner is guaranteed to stay on the roster until WrestleMania. The other two will be immediately fired. This match started and it was every man for himself. There were no alliances formed. Sting grabbed a chair and hit DDP in the back. Test hit DDP with his finisher. About a minute later, he hit Sting with one of his own. Test hit DDP with some mounted right hands and then scored the pinfall.

Match 5. Chamber - Goldberg vs. Hall vs. Lesnar vs. Show vs. Nash vs. Bubba  WCW Championship
Goldberg and Hall started it off. We may see a new WCW champ tonight. Lesnar was the third man to enter. Big Show came in fourth. Bubba came out next which means Nash is the last to leave his pod. Lesnar was decimating Goldberg. All six men are in the ring. Hall hit the Outsider's Edge on Lesnar and almost got the 3 count. Out of nowhere, Lesnar hit Goldberg with the F5 but he was able to kick out. Goldberg was waiting for Lesnar to get up. When he did, he hit the spear. Bubba pinned Hall for the first elimination. He then pinned Lesnar. Bubba went for the hat trick, but Goldberg kicked out. A few minutes later, Bubba did eliminate Goldberg. We will have a new WCW champ. Bubba eliminated Nash after he received a Showstopper. Show hit the WMD and won.

After the match, Show checked on Lesnar and called for someone in the back to come out.

Main Event. Chamber - Taker vs. Steiner vs. Flair vs. Triple H vs. Kane vs. Austin  WWF Championship
Triple H and Flair start the match. They are partners, but that doesn't seem to be stopping them. Taker was the first to leave his pod. Taker hit a neck breaker on Flair. Stone Cold came in next. Steiner was the third man out. Kane finally entered the ring. Triple H went for a Pedigree on Flair, but it was reversed. Triple H hit Steiner with a pile driver. Taker hit the Last Ride and Tombstone on Kane. Steiner hit Flair with a pinning tiger suplex. Flair was the first eliminated. Triple H hit the Pedigree on Taker, but got a 2 count. Kane hit Steiner with a Tombstone and then eliminated him. Austin immediately hit Kane with a Stunner. After a gut buster, Austin pinned Taker and sent him back to the locker room. Kane pinned Triple H after a running powerslam. Another new champion will be crowned. Austin went for another Stunner but it was blocked. Kane went for a chokeslam, but Austin reversed it. Austin was able to hit the Stunner and pinned Kane to win. STONE COLD! STONE COLD! STONE COLD! Austin is the new WWF Champion!

Recap: The WCW title chamber match wasn't that bad. I was afraid that Bubba was going to win, though. The WWF Chamber match was much better. I was happy with any superstar winning.

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