Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Match 1. Ladder - Jericho vs. Ultimo Dragon  US and Cruiserweight Championships
With Big Show bringing the Hardcore Title over when he came to WCW, there are too many titles on the show. The winner will be the new US Champ. Ultimo was in control during the early going. He made a couple of attempts at the titles. Jericho turned up the heat by bringing a chair into the ring. Jericho hit the Codebreaker and somehow busted Ultimo open. Jericho then locked him in the Walls of Jericho, but it pointless. Both men climbed the ladder. Ultimo punched Jericho off the ladder and grabbed the belts to win.
Match 2. Test vs. Lesnar vs. Kane  Intercontinental Championship
This was a triple threat match featuring three big men on WWF. Test and Lesnar double teamed Kane in the corner. Test brought a chair into the ring, hoping he could retain his title. Kane retaliated with a sidewalk slam on Test. Lesnar hit Kane with the F5. Kane hit a DDT on Test and then grabbed the chair. Lesnar took advantage and pinned Test and won the title.
Match 3. WWF vs. WCW - Hardys vs. nWo  WWF and WCW Tag Team Championships
Yes, both tag titles are on the line in a unification match. Nash and Matt started the match. Hall was tagged in and began attacking Matt. Jeff came in and fought Hall. Scott went to the outside and tripped Matt off the apron. This started a brawl in front of the announcers. Hall hit the Outsider's Edge on the non-legal opponent Matt. The match finally got back into the ring as Hall hit Matt with a back breaker and pinned him for the win.

Match 4. Warrior vs. Angle vs. Goldberg
Even with the inclusion of Ultimate Warrior, this was still a great triple threat match. There were no double teams; it was every man for himself. Angle decided he needed some help so he grabbed a chair. Each man went for their finisher, but the third opponent interrupted it. Goldberg eventually struck first as he hit Warrior with the spear. Goldberg won a minute later after knocking Warrior out from the one-armed spine buster.
Match 5. Scott Steiner vs. Big Show  World Heavyweight Championship
Can Big Show become the first man to simultaneously hold the Hardcore and World Championships? Before the match started, Goldberg was shown sitting in the front row. Despite the 150+ pound difference, this match was all Steiner. About six minutes into the match, Steiner hit his finishing belly-to-belly suplex. He then hit a side belly-to-belly and got a long 2 count. Steiner hit his finisher again and won the match.

Main Event. Inferno - Undertaker vs. Austin  WWF Championship
Despite this match favoring Taker, Austin was dominate. The temperature around the ring was quickly at 500 degrees. Austin attempted to throw Taker through the fire, but he escaped. Taker received a pile driver, but he got up and hit Austin with a Tombstone. After his signature Lou Thesz Press, Austin hit another Stunner. He then threw Taker into the fire and won the WWF Title.

Recap: From the first match to the main event, this PPV was intense. It had near falls, big spots and multiple title changes. The next couple of months are going to be a big change for my Universe.

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