Thursday, May 31, 2012

March Week 1, Year 3

I edited Sting's rivals and allies so hopefully he won't appear on Nitro this week.

Match 1. Christian vs. Jericho
This was a good match to kick off Raw. Jericho threw Christian into the corner and hit him with a heel kick. A few minutes later, Jericho hit Christian with a superplex. RVD ran down to the ring and distracted Jericho. Christian was able to hit the Killswitch. After RVD left, Jericho took back control and hit the Codebreaker and won.

Match 2. Batista and Benoit vs. Jeff and Stone Cold
Jeff and Austin were walking down the ramp when Benoit and Batista left the ring and a brawl began on the ramp. Benoit hit Jeff with a huge spine buster on the ramp. The match finally made it to the ring. Jeff hit Benoit with a Twist of Fate. Austin went to hit Benoit with the Stunner, but he blocked it and locked him in the Crossface. Austin had no choice but to tap.

Match 3. Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker
This wasn't close to the classic matches these two are used to having, but it wasn't a bad TV match. Taker went for the Tombstone, but HBK reversed it and hit the Sweet Chin Music. About a minute later, Taker was able to hit the Tombstone on Michaels. The match moved to the outside. Taker hit an STO and then a DDT. Michaels went for a crossbody from the apron, but Taker moved and pinned HBK for the win.

Main Event. RVD vs. Triple H
RVD hit a back suplex on The Game but HHH came back with a back body drop. Triple H mounted RVD and hit him with a couple of right hands that busted him open. Triple H then hit a back breaker and his signature spine buster. He then picked RVD up and hit the Pedigree and won.

After the match, Show appeared and knocked Triple H out with the WCW Title.

Match 1. Edge vs. A-Train
A-Train was in control early. Edge hit him with a couple of punches, but nothing damaging. Lesnar came out to the ring holding a chair. He came in the ring and hit Edge with an F5. However, Edge was able to fight back and he hit A-Train with a spear from the top rope. After an Edge-o-matic, Edge pinned Train to win.

Match 2. Kennedy and Lesnar vs. Eddie and Rey
Rey received a beating from both men for most of the match. Kennedy hit him with his rolling senton. Lesnar came in and hit the F5. Eddie finally entered the match, but it was only for a minute. Kennedy continued his attack on Rey and hit the Mic Check and won.

Match 3. Goldberg vs. Hall w/Nash
Goldberg was heading to the ring when Sting popped up in the crowd and punched Goldberg. I removed Sting's allies and enemies, yet he still appears on Nitro. Goldberg made sure there was no funny business and he hit Nash over the head with a chair. Goldberg hit Hall with the Jackhammer, but Nash distracted the ref. Goldberg didn't mind as he hit Hall with another Jackhammer. After the red sent Nash to the back, Goldberg got the 3 count.

After the match, Hall was taken away on a stretcher. 

Main Event. Kurt Angle vs. Bubba Ray
Angle was walking to the ring when Bubba came out from under the ring and attacked Angle. Bubba threw Kurt back into the ring and continued the beating. He hit the Bubba Bomb and the Death Valley Driver. Angle fought back and hit the triple German suplexes. He then hit the Angle Slam. Bubba hit a huge power slam and won.

After the match, Bubba grabbed a chair and went to smash Angle's ankle. Henry's music hit and he ran down to the ring and tossed Bubba out.

Recap: I may have missed something because Goldberg is now a heel. Ya know what, screw it! Sting is back on Nitro up until WrestleMania. Hall is injured. Henry returned and is now a face.

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