Monday, May 7, 2012

November Week 2, Year 2

Nitro was out of control last week. There was interference all over the place. Survivor Series is in 2 weeks and there is a huge change happening the next night on Raw.

Match 1. Table - Hardys vs. Dudleyz
Matt went to spear D-Von through a table early in the match, but he moved and Matt crashed through it. Bubba hit Jeff with the Bubba Bomb. The match took place all over. Jeff and Bubba fought outside the ring. When they finally got back in, Jeff hit Bubba with the Whisper in the Wind. Jeff hit a front suplex on D-Von and put him through the table

Match 2. Test vs. X-Pac w/ Road Dogg
This was an intense battle. Pac was hitting Test was bunches of heel kicks. Test used his strength to punish X-Pac. Test hit his finisher but got only a 2 count. Test grabbed a chair and cracked X-Pac open. Test went for another chair but Road Dogg stopped him. Test hit another finisher but Pac used his comeback. Road Dogg distracted the ref and he was tossed out. X-Pac hit the X-Factor and won.

Match 3. Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H
Two former friends going at it. HBK hit the Sweet Chin Music as JBL ran down to the ring. He broke up Michaels' pin on Triple H. The Game hit a dangerous pile driver. HBK responded with a fisherman's suplex pin and won.

Main Event. Undertaker vs. Hardcore Holly
Damn, Holly is getting the opportunity of a lifetime. Taker hit a Tombstone five minutes into the match, but Holly kicked out at 2.9. Holly was punching Taker but he hit a chokeslam out of nowhere. After two back body drops, Taker got two 2 counts. After a running DDT, Taker finally got the win.

After the match, Triple H was at the top of the ramp, signaling that he wants Taker's title.

Match 1. Chavo vs. Angle
Angle hit a German suplex and a spine buster on Chavo. Kevin Nash slowly walked down to the ring with a chair in hand and Angle hit the triple Germans at the same time. Angle hit Chavo with an Angle Slam, but he quickly rolled out of the ring. After another German suplex Angle scored the victory.

Match 2. Sting vs. Goldberg
Steiner walked down the ramp and took a seat with the announcers. Both men went back and forth, trying to put the other away. Sting hit the Scorpion Death Drop. Goldberg hit Sting with a face buster which made him bleed. Goldberg hit Sting with a neck breaker while his feet rested on the top rope. He then hit the Jackhammer and won.

After the match, Nash ran in and attacked Goldberg with a pipe.

Match 3. Warrior vs. Steiner
I wonder if this match will happen this time. Warrior was walking down the ramp when Steiner came out from under the ring and attacked him. He then hit his finishing overhead belly-to-belly suplex. The match moved to the announcers' area. Warrior eventually gained control and brought Steiner back into the ring. Steiner came back and hit a pinning northern lights suplex to win.

After the match, Steiner was about to leave the ring, but he turned around and continued the attack on Warrior.

Main Event. Big Show vs. Hall  #1 Contender's Match
Wow. I didn't think Show was close to becoming a contender. Show landed multiple punches to Hall in the corner. He then hit a huge body splash. Hall was able to recover. He tried to hit the fall away slam but couldn't lift him up. Show hit the Showstopper, but Hall kicked out at 2. Hall weakened Show and eventually hit the fall away slam. Show hit the WMD and then another Showstopper out of nowhere and got the win.

Recap: This week was pretty tame compared to last week. There is one more week until Survivor Series. Things will get interesting.

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