Friday, May 18, 2012

January Week 2, Year 3

Match 1. Kane vs. The Rock
Rock hit Kane with a suplex. Kane got up and ran towards Rock but he caught him with a Samoan drop. A couple of chairs were brought into the ring to make the match more interesting. Rock was setting up for the Rock Bottom but Kane reversed it and hit a chokeslam. Rock was laying outside of the ring. He came back in and received another chokeslam. Kane got the 3 count.

Match 2. Four-Way - X-Pac vs. Billy Gunn vs. Bubba Ray vs. Road Dogg
Another week, another sign that DX is all but done. Dogg and Bubba were going at it when Pac hit Mr. Ass with an X-Factor. About a minute later, Mr. Ass held Pac over his head for a military press. Bubba hit Pac with a Bubba Bomb and then the Bubba Cutter. Bubba moved on to Road Dogg and hit a pinning power slam to win.

Match 3. Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H
I accidently simulated this match. Triple H won.

Main Event. Stone Cold vs. Jeff Hardy
Jeff, surprisingly, was in control of Austin for most of the match. Jeff flipped Austin over his head. He then hit the Twist of Fate. Jeff brought in a chair and clocked Austin over the head. He hit another flipping power bomb and Twist of Fate to win.

After the match, Austin was taken away on a stretcher.

Match 1. Mysterio vs. Kevin Nash
Both men were trading blows for the first couple of minutes. Chavo ran down to the ring and began attacked Rey. Chavo hit the Gory Bomb on Rey. Chavo left and Nash began to unleash on Rey. Nash ended the match with a big boot and a Jackknife powerbomb to win.

Match 2. Sting vs. Test
Sting hit Test with a flipping face buster. He then hit a bulldog and busted Test open. Sting was going for the Scorpion Death Drop but Test reversed it and hit his own finisher. Sting got up and hit the Death Drop on Test on a chair. Foley ran down to the ring, but I missed what he did. Sting landed a chop block on Test and won.

Match 3. Hulk Hogan vs. Goldberg
Goldberg was walking down to the ring when Nash came out from under it and attacked Goldberg. Hogan hit Goldberg with a running powerslam. Goldberg hit his spine buster and Jackhammer on Hogan outside of the ring. The ref counted up to 8 but Hogan got back in before he was counted out. About a minute later, Goldberg hit another spine buster and Jackhammer to win.

After the match, Goldberg stuck his hand out for a shake, but Hogan slapped it away.

Main Event. Booker T vs. Scott Hall
Booker went to clothesline Hall as the referee rang the bell but he ducked and the ref went down. It was a back and forth match until Booker hit the scissors kick on Hall. Booker went for a couple of pins but Hall kicked out both times. Booker hit two side slams. He then went to the top and hit the Houston Hangover for the win. 

Recap: First Taker, now Austin. Raw is falling apart. Next week will see a couple of show changes. Hogan became a face. WOW! Booker hit the Houston Hangover. We haven't seen that move in years.

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