Tuesday, May 8, 2012

November Week 4, Year 2

Tribute to the Troops is 4 weeks away. That is more than enough time for building each match.

Match 1. Extreme Rules - Kane vs. Hardcore Holly
These two didn't really make it extreme. Holly hit the double underhook back breaker and then the Alabama Slam. Kane became pissed and hit Holly with a military press. Holly hit another back breaker to weaken Kane. He then hit a running power slam then the second Alabama Slam and won.

Match 2. Road Dogg vs. Test
Test was walking to the ring when Road Dogg came out from under the ring and beat down Test. Road Dogg hit his pump handle drop and got a close 3 count on the outside. They moved in front of the announcers where Test hit a Russian leg sweep. Dogg went for a pin putting his feet on the middle rope but Test still kicked out. After a few right hands to the head, Dogg pinned Test and won.

After the match, Road Dogg brought a chair into the ring and put it on Test's ankle. X-Pac's music hit and re ran down and tossed Jesse James out of the ring.

Match 3. Shawn Michaels vs. JBL
HBK started the match off strong. He hit a back breaker then a fisherman's suplex. HBK then reversed JBL's fall away slam. JBL flipped HBK over the ropes, back into the ring. He then hit his powerbomb. He was going for the Clothesline from Hell but HBK reversed it into a float over DDT. HBK hit the Sweet Chin Music. JBL went for the clothesline again, but HBK reversed it and hit another SCM and won.

Main Event. Stone Cold vs. Triple H
The champ versus a possible challenger. Stone Cold hit the Lou Thesz Press early, but didn't hit the Stunner. It went back and forth with The Game winning the exchange with the spine buster. He then hit the Pedigree but Austin kicked out at 2.9. Triple H was frustrated and he hit a neck and back breaker. Triple H hit his knee smash and the spine buster. He hit another Pedigree and won.

Match 1. Goldberg vs. Kevin Nash
Goldberg was giving Nash a beating. He hit a snap neck breaker and then the spear. Hogan ran down to the ring! Did he recover from his injury? He went after Goldberg, but Goldberg took him down with a spine buster. Goldberg hit Nash with a military press and then another snap neck breaker to win.

Match 2. Eddie, Rey and Chavo vs. Luger, Mr. Perfect and Ric Flair
Chavo was the rag doll for his team. He was receiving a beating from all three men throughout the match. Luger and Eddie were going at it. Luger lifted Eddie up over his head and dropped him on his back. Rey and Chavo were double teaming Flair. Chavo left and Rey hit a Frog Splash and won.

Match 3. Warrior vs. Steiner
Steiner was walking to the ring when Mr. Perfect appeared in the crowd and punched Steiner. Warrior knocked Steiner back to the outside when Luger popped up and also punched him. Steiner eventually recovered and hit a high-angle suplex then a German suplex. Warrior fought back and hit his military press slam. Steiner, out of nowhere, hit is overhead belly-to-belly and won.

After the match, Mr. Perfect came back into the ring and stomped all over Steiner. Warrior turned around and clotheslined. Hennig to the outside.

Main Event. Last Man Standing - Scott Hall vs. ??? Hulk Hogan
Who is Scott Hall's opponent? HULK HOGAN! Hogan is back! Hogan didn't wait to get his hands on Hall. He hit a Russian leg sweep then a back breaker. Hall came back with a back drop. In typical fashion, Hogan "hulked up" and took Hall down. In his first match back, Hogan wins after the leg drop.

Recap: X-Pac turned face. This is another reason why DX could be done. I will never do a 6-man tag match after what I just saw. Hogan returned on Nitro, yet he is still listed as injured.

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