Friday, September 7, 2012

August Week 2, Year 4

Hopefully Jericho returns tonight.

Match 1. Tyson Kidd vs. Randy Orton
Orton hit a clothesline and an Angle Slam. Orton went for an RKO, but it was blocked and Kidd hit a corkscrew suplex. Edge walked down, holding a chair. Soon after, Ted DiBiase made an appearance. Orton successfully hit an RKO to win.

Match 2. Swagger vs. Triple H
Triple H hit a pile driver. Michaels ran down and hit Swagger with the Sweet Chin Music. Triple H then unloaded with a back breaker, spine buster and a Pedigree to win.

Match 3. Kane vs. HBK
Kane hit a back breaker and then lifted HBK high in the air for a chokeslam. Michaels fought back and landed an atomic drop. Kane hit a running clothesline in the corner. He then hit another back breaker and Tombstone to win.

After the match, Michaels was taken away on a stretcher.

Main Event. Big Show vs. Jeff Hardy
This is the last chance for Jericho to return. Jeff tried to build some momentum, but Show kept flipping him over his head. Jeff was able to slam Show on his face. He then went for a couple of pinfalls, but Show kicked out. Jeff hit the Twist of Fate. Show got up and responded with a Showstopper. After a chop block, Show got the win.

After the match, Show checked on the leg of Jeff, but Jeff hit him below the belt.

Match 1. Drew McIntyre Morrison vs. Batista and MVP
Drew came out holding his arm. Morrison entered as his replacement. Batista tagged in MVP and tossed him into Morrison. Morrison fought back and brought the match to the outside. He hit the Moonlight Drive and knocked MVP out to win.

After the match, Batista threw a fit outside the ring which ended with him knocking out Cole.

Match 2. John Cena vs. Cody Rhodes
Del Rio ran down. He stood there as Rhodes received an AA. He then locked Cena in the cross armbreaker. Rhodes hit the Alabama Slam. He then hit Cross Rhodes. Cena got up and after some right hands, scored the win.

Match 3. Sheamus vs. Del Rio
McIntyre ran down. Sheamus hit Del Rio with the Brogue Kick. Cena soon followed. Del Rio hit Sheamus with a heel kick. Shemaus then hit a fall away slam and locked Del Rio in a full nelson. Del Rio broke out and locked Sheamus in the cross armbreaker. Sheamus broke out and hit a chokeslam, Irish Curse and ended with a High Cross to win.

Main Event. Undertaker vs. JBL
JBL was walking to the ring when MVP appeared in the crowd and punched JBL out cold. At about four and a half minutes, Taker hit JBL with a Last Ride. He went for a Tombstone, but JBL reversed out of it. He hit the Clothesline from Hell. Taker got right up. He hit a DDT and an STO. After a huge leg drop, Taker got the win.

After the match, JBL and Taker continued fighting at the top of the ramp. It took several officials to separate them. 

Recap: Screw you Kane! First the former World Champ, now one-half of the tag champs are injured. Jericho was going to have a rematch against Show, but with Jericho out for SummerSlam, the World Title will be won in a 6-man Hell in a Cell. 

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