Tuesday, September 25, 2012

December Week 2, Year 4

Raw is pretty much a redo of last week. I don't know how much I'll be able to get done before WWE '13 comes out. I'm hoping I can get past WrestleMania at least.

Match 1. Del Rio and O'Neil vs. Tensai and Cesaro
Del Rio was seen walking down the ramp alone. Titus was nowhere to be seen. Tensai spent the whole time in the ring. I'm surprised Del Rio lasted over 4 minutes. Tensai landed a tilt-a-whirl back breaker to win.

After the match, Tensai grabbed a chair. He went to injure Del Rio, but O'Neil came out and took the chair. He then turned and hit Del Rio.

Match 2. Sin Cara vs. Lesnar
Lesnar hit a clothesline and a fisherman's suplex on Sin Cara. Sin Cara was able to lock Lesnar in an armbar. Rey ran down and hit a couple of kicks on Lesnar. Brock hit Sin Cara with a sledgehammer and got the pin after another clothesline.

Match 3. Christian vs. Wade Barrett
Barrett was dominating Captain Charisma. He landed a pump handle slam. Rhodes ran down and hit Christian with a Silver Spoon DDT outside the ring. Barrett added with a Wasteland and a sit-out powerbomb. Wade won with a clothesline.

After the match, Christian was taken away on a stretcher. 

Main Event. Magnus and Ziggler vs. Santino and CM Punk
Magnus and Ziggler met Santino and Punk on the ramp and all four men brawled. Magnus hit Santino with the MDD on the ramp. He then landed another one inside the ring and won.

Match 1. Jericho vs. Camacho
This was an easy match for Jericho. He hit a back breaker and a hip toss early. A minute later, he hit a enziguri and the Codebreaker to win.

Match 2. Swagger and Slater w/ Gabriel vs. Jimmy Uso and ???
I wonder if Jimmy's partner will be his brother Jey? Nah, doubt it. Jimmy's partner was RYBACK!
 Halfway through the match, the ref ejected Gabriel from ringside. Jimmy landed a super kick and Samoan drop on Slater. Swagger came in and landed a German suplex. Ryback took out Slater as Jimmy
scored the win after another super kick.

After the match, Jimmy and Ryback raised hands and celebrated their victory.

Match 3. John Cena vs. Randy Orton
I interfered in this match as Lesnar. My plan was to go after Cena, but Orton didn't like it so he attacked Lesnar as well. The match was a draw. 

Main Event. Hell in a Cell - Triple H vs. Big Show
I thought this type of match was saved to end a feud. Anyway, Show went to hit Triple H with the WMD, but he ducked and landed the Pedigree. Show busted Triple H open with some right hands across the face. Triple H made his comeback with a few punches and the knee smash. He landed the spine buster and Pedigree. After a back suplex, Triple H got the 3 count.

After the match, Show raised The Game's hand in victory.

Recap: Tensai and Cesaro are now a team. Same with Magnus and Ziggler. I like the Tensai/Cesaro team a lot. Oh, Christian's hurt. I need to do something with Raw's main contenders. I hate having Titus in the #1 spot. Ryback has aligned himself with the Usos.

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