Friday, September 14, 2012

September Week 3, Year 4

With no timetable for HBK's return, DX has been stripped of the tag titles.

Match 1. Ted DiBiase vs. Jericho
There were a couple of chairs brought into the match. Ted landed a sit-out powerbomb. He then hit Dream Street on Jericho. Jericho fought back with a suplex and a double underhook back breaker. He landed a heel kick and busted Ted open with a Codebreaker to win.

Match 2. Big Show vs. Randy Orton
The other half of Jeri-Show taking on another member of Legacy. Jericho ran down and hit Orton with a Codebreaker. Show then hit a spear and Showstopper. He never went for a pin. Orton got up and landed an RKO. Show hit the Final Cut, but Orton still got up. Orton grabbed a chair and hit Show a couple of times. Show recovered and hit another Showstopper. Show hit a third Showstopper and won.

Match 3. Punk vs. Hardy
Big Show attacked Jeff while he was walking down the ramp. This was a very entertaining match. Both men landed some moves, but not enough to keep the other down for the 3 count. Jeff struck gold first with a Whisper in the Wind and a Twist of Fate. Punk kicked out and hit the GTS out of nowhere. It wasn't enough and Punk hit a second GTS. Jeff jumped right up. After the running knee and bulldog, Punk hit a third GTS to win.

Main Event. Kennedy vs. Kane vs. Bourne
An early cutscene showed Kennedy and Bourne teaming up against Kane. The partnership didn't last long. Kennedy hit the rolling fireman's carry on Bourne. Evan went for the shooting star press, but Kennedy picked Kane up and hit the Mic Check. Kane hit a side slam on Bourne and a chokeslam on Kennedy. Bourne got up and hit Kane with a pinning suplex to win.

After the match, Kennedy raised Bourne's hand in celebration. 

Match 1. Mysterio vs. Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz
Miz busted open Bryan early with a chair shot across the skull. All three men landed their signature moves. Bryan caught Miz in a crucifix pin, but he kicked out. Rey hit Bryan with a frog splash. Miz hit Rey with a DDT and Bryan caught Miz in the No Lock. Bryan dropkicked Miz out of the ring and pinned Rey to win.

Match 2. Christian vs. Del Rio
Del Rio DDT'd Christian onto a chair. He then hit a Russian leg sweep and a heel kick. Cena interfered, but did nothing. Christian landed the Killswitch and planted Del Rio on the chair. Del Rio locked him into the cross armbreaker, but Christain broke out. Christian drove his knee into Del Rio's gut and got the win.

Match 3. Sheamus vs. Cody Rhodes
Rhodes was walking down the ramp when Bryan attacked him from behind. A cut scene showed Kofi running down into the ring. Cody offered to team up on Sheamus, but Kofi attacked Rhodes. Sheamus then went for the pin and won.

After the match, Del Rio attacked Sheamus with a lead pipe.

Main Event. Undertaker vs. Mark Henry
It's good to see Henry on Smackdown. Taker hit a Tombstone after the 4-minute mark. Henry wouldn't stay down so Taker hit a Last Ride and another Tombstone to win.

Recap: See what I mean with Raw? Jericho was in the first match, he interfered in the second. Show was in the second, he appeared in the third. It's a vicious cycle. Smackdown was a complete mess this week.

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