Thursday, September 13, 2012

September Week 2, Year 4

Night of Champions is 2 weeks away. Should be interesting to see what title changes are in store.

Match 1. Big Show vs. Jack Swagger
Show hit a huge back breaker on Swagger. A couple of minutes later, Show connected with the WMD. Swagger kicked out and began his offense. He hit the gutwrench powerbomb. He hit a pinning back suplex, but Show kicked out. After a headbutt, Show got the win.

Match 2. CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy
Punk hit the running knee and bulldog. He then hit the GTS on Jeff. Jericho interfered and locked the Walls of Jericho on Jeff. Jeff recovered and hit the Whisper in the Wind and Twist of Fate to win.

Match 3. Triple H vs. Randy Orton
Orton hit a snap slam. He then went for the RKO, but Triple H blocked it. The Game then hit the Pedigree. A minuter later, Triple H hit his spine buster. He went for another Pedigree, but Orton reversed it and hit the RKO. Triple H hit some right hands across Orton's forehead and won.

Main Event. Kennedy vs. Kane
Kennedy was waiting for Kane in the ring when he was attacked from behind. Kennedy landed the rolling fireman's carry. He went for the Mic Check, but Kane blocked it and hit a Tombstone. Kennedy got right up and received a side slam and a chokeslam to lose.

After the match, Kane grabbed a chair. He was about to hit Kennedy when Evan Bourne ran in and saved Kennedy.

Match 1. Batista vs. Sin Cara
Is this a bad match-up or what? Oh, fuck the Sin Cara lighting. Why does he get his own lighting? Anyway, Batista speared Sin Cara. McIntyre interfered. He watched Batista hit the Batista Bomb, but broke up the pin afterwards. After a two-handed chokeslam, Batista won.

Match 2. Sheamus and Cody vs. Kofi and Del Rio
Sheamus and Cody were walking down the ramp when Kofi and ADR left the ring and attacked them on the ramp. Kofi hit Sheamus with an SOS early in the match. Kofi and Del Rio kept Rhodes away from Sheamus for most of the match. Kofi caught Rhodes in a crucifix pin and won.

Match 3. Christian vs. Drew McIntyre
Drew landed a nice slam and an STO. A couple of minutes later, Christian connected with a spear, but Drew kicked out of the pin. Both men went back and forth with their offense. Christian hit a tornado DDT from the second rope. He hit another spear and won.

Main Event. Undertaker vs. Antonio Cesaro
WHAT?! Cesaro is making is WWE debut and what better way to do it than against The Deadman. The rookie was taking it to Taker. After a back suplex, Cesaro landed a picture perfect dropkick. The match spilled to the outside where Cesaro landed the Neutralizer. Taker got up and hit the Last Ride. Cesaro hit another Neutralizer and won.

After the match, Cesaro grabbed a chair and attempted to shatter Taker's ankle. He was stopped by Jericho, who saved Taker.

Recap: Jericho is officially back. Kofi and Del Rio formed a team. What? Michaels is the only one injured. 

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