Friday, September 21, 2012

November Week 4, Year 4

Match 1. Ted DiBiase vs. Rey Mysterio
Ted hit a DDT and a running powerslam. Rey fought back and hit the 619 and West Coast Pop. Mark Henry ran down and hit Rey with the World's Strongest Slam. Ted put Rey in the Million Dollar Dream, but Rey broke out. Rey hit a sunset flip and won.

Match 2. CM Punk vs. Wade Barrett
I interfered in this match using Triple H. The Smackdown champ has some beef with Punk defeating HBK. I landed 3 Pedigrees and Barrett got the win.

Match 3. Titus O'Neil vs. Tensai
Titus held his own against the 300-pound man. Titus landed a huge DDT and went for the pin, but Tensai kicked out. Tensai gained momentum and hit a powerslam and a back breaker. He then lifted Titus up for a Razor's Edge-like move to win.

After the match, Tensai grabbed a chair and went to injure O'Neil when ADR ran down and saved Titus. 

Main Event. Magnus vs. Santino Marella
What? Why is a man who is neither on Raw or Smackdown a part of the show. Ziggler was shown sitting in the front row. Santino hit a reverse DDT and a back breaker. Magnus got up and hit the MDD to win.

After the match, Ziggler grabbed a chair and handed it to Magnus. Before he could hit him, Punk ran down and saved Santino.

Match 1. John Cena vs. Jack Swagger
This match was all Cena. He hit Swagger with a hip toss and a spin-out powerbomb. He then lifted Swagger up and connected with the AA to win.

Match 2. Ryback vs. Jimmy Uso
Ryback was heading to the ring when Slater attacked him from behind. Jimmy busted Ryback open with a diving fist. This angered Ryback as he beat down Jimmy. He went for his finished, but Jimmy reversed it and landed a Samoan drop. After a couple of chair shots, Jimmy hit a super kick and another Samoan drop to win.

After the match, Swagger, Slater and Gabriel appeared on stage. They stared down Jimmy Uso.

Match 3. Triple H vs. Orton
I interfered with CM Punk in this match to return the favor from Raw. Before the match, Punk attacked Orton. I took control of Punk and attacked both men. Another cutscene showed security escorting Punk out of the arena.

Main Event. Big Show vs. Hernandez
Sandow took a seat next to the announcers. Hernandez hit a spine buster and a side slam. Show came back with a military slam and a spear. He then hit a Showstopper, but Hernandez kicked out of the pin. Hernandez got up and hit the Border Toss. Show wasn't affected and hit the WMD to win.

After the match, Sandow attacked Show with a lead pipe.

Recap: Del Rio is officially back. He and Punk are both faces now. 

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