Wednesday, September 26, 2012

December Week 4, Year 4

Match 1. Alberto Del Rio vs. Prime Time Players and Brock Lesnar
The PTPs spent a lot of time in the ring. When Lesnar did come in, he hit Del Rio with a chair a few times. He then landed a fisherman suplex and a release German suplex. Lesnar continued the beat down. He knocked Del Rio out with a shooting star press.

Match 2. Magnus vs. Kofi Kingston
Magnus was walking to the ring when Ziggler appeared and beat Magnus down. Magnus recovered from the attack and landed a back breaker on Kofi. Kingston got up and caught Magnus in a crucifix pin and won.

After the match, Ziggler, Tensai and Cesaro stood at the top of the ramp staring down Kofi.

Match 3. JeriShow vs. Tensai and Cesaro
Cesaro and Tensai double teamed Jericho multiple times. Show came in and Cesaro lifted him up for a torture rack. He then connected with a bicycle kick. Show got up and lifted Tensai over his head and dropped him on the mat. After a Showstopper and a Codebreaker, Show got the win.

Main Event. Punk vs. John Cena
Cena brought in a chair and hit Punk multiple times. Santino ran down and just walked around the ring as Punk and Cena fought. Cena landed the AA on the chair. Cena went for a suplex, but Punk reversed it into a suplex. He locked in the Anaconda Vice, but Cena broke out. Cena landed a clothesline and won.

Match 1. RVD vs. McIntyre
RVD landed a northern lights suplex into a pin, but Drew was able to kick out. RVD continued his offense with a rolling fireman's carry and a heel kick. He then climbed the ropes and attempted a 5-star Frog Splash, but Drew put his knees up. Drew hit the Future Shock. RVD got up and kicked Drew in the back of his head and got the 3 count.

Match 2. Orton vs. Angle
What?! The Olympic Gold Medalist is on Smackdown too? Why? Angle was in control of the Legend Killer when he came out of nowhere with an RKO. Angle recovered and landed the triple German suplexes. He then connected with an Angle Slam, but Orton kicked out. Orton planted Angle's face into the mat with a DDT and won.

Match 3. Ryback vs. Swagger
Swagger came out and introduced Slater as his replacement for Ryback. Ryback landed a couple of clotheslines that looked like they could behead Slater. He then hit Slater with some thunderous forearms to his back. Slater landed his finisher, but Ryback got right up and landed a bulldog to win.

After the match, Slater and Ryback continued their fighting at the top of the stage.

Main Event. Triple H vs. Sandow
Sandow went to punch Triple H, but he ducked and took out the ref. Sandow landed his M14 finisher very early. Triple H got up and connected with a pile driver. A few minutes later, he hit the spine buster and got 2 close pinfalls. He then hit the Pedigree and won.

After the match, Legacy came out. They stared down Triple H to close the show.

Recap: I need to think of a team name for Tensai and Cesaro. What are RVD and Angle doing back on Smackdown?!

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