Monday, September 24, 2012

December Week 1, Year 4

Match 1. Tensai and Cesaro vs. Del Rio and Titus O'Neil
Before the match, Del Rio and O'Neil were debating on who gets to start the match. Del Rio won, but Titus didn't look happy. Del Rio was getting the crap beat out of him. He received a two-hand chokeslam and a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Cesaro ended it with a Neutralizer on O'Neil.

After the match, Cesaro grabbed a chair for himself and Tensai. They hit their opponents a couple of times each.

Match 2. Sin Cara vs. Wade Barrett
Barrett was in control in the early minutes. He landed an elbow drop from the second rope and then hit Wasteland. Sin Cara kicked out of the pin attempt. He hit a crucifix on Barrett, but that was the end. Barrett connected with a back breaker and won.

Match 3. Lesnar vs. Brodus
Lesnar was dominating Clay. He landed suplex after suplex. Lesnar connected with an F5, but Clay immediately kicked out. Both men did everything they could to put the other away. Clay had a couple of near falls himself. Lesnar connected with another F5 and won.

After the match, Clay was taken away on a stretcher. 

Main Event. Magnus and Ziggler vs. Santino and CM Punk
Magnus and Ziggler attacked Santino and Punk from behind as they were walking down the ramp. Ziggler hit Santino with a ZigZag. Punk was tagged in and hit Ziggler with powerful moves. Magnus was tagged back in and landed the MDD on Punk and won.

After the match, Magnus and Ziggler hit their opponents with chairs.

Match 1. Ryback vs. Mahal
Swagger ran down and hit Ryback with the gutwrench powerbomb. Ryback locked Mahal in a sleeper hold.  Ryback got right up and hit Mahal with a few short-arm clotheslines and got the win.

Match 2. Jimmy Uso vs. Jack Swagger
These two were staring down each other when Jimmy turned around and hit a cross body on Slater and Gabriel. The match spilled to the outside where Jimmy landed a super kick and a Samoan drop. Swagger came back and hit the gutwrench powerbomb to win.

After the match, Swagger, Gabriel and Slater attacked Jimmy. Swagger then hit him a few times with a chair.

Match 3. Triple H and John Cena vs. Orton and The Miz
The two champs were working over Miz in their corner. Cena came in and hit him with the AA. Triple H and Cena landed a double DDT on Miz. Triple H then hit a back suplex and a pile driver. He then finished the match with a Pedigree.

Main Event. Big Show vs. Hernandez w/ Sandow
With the distraction from Sandow, Hernandez was able to hit a huge spine buster and back suplex. After a second failed pin, Show came back with a back suplex and spear. Hernandez was able to hit the Border Toss. Show got right up and hit the Showstopper and won.

Recap: Clay is injured. So many chair attacks on Raw.

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