Wednesday, September 19, 2012

November Week 1, Year 4

Match 1. Brodus vs. Michaels
Before the bell rang, HBK hit Clay with brass knuckles. Michaels lifted Clay up for a pile driver. He then leaped off the top rope and connected with a moonsault. Clay hit a side belly-to-belly, but HBK got up and hit the Sweet Chin Music to win.

After the match, the Prime Time Players stared down HBK.

Match 2. Triple H vs. Orton
Although they are both on the blue brand, this feud continues on Raw. Orton was walking down the ramp when Rhodes appeared in the crowd and punched Orton. Orton got up and stayed on the outside when Barrett showed up and hit Orton, too. Triple H busted Orton open and then got the win.

After the match, Triple H left the ring and Rhodes entered. He stomped all over Orton. Triple H turned around and saved Orton.

Match 3. Sin Cara vs. Brock Lesnar
Looks like another squash match for the Next Big Thing. Lesnar's opponents seem to get easier as Sin Cara's get tougher. Sin Cara got in some offense. He hit a crucifix, but no pin attempt. Lesnar hit a German suplex and a fall away slam. He then landed an F5 and a fisherman's suplex to win.

Main Event. Sheamus and CM Punk vs. Wade Barrett and Mark Henry
All four of these men can challenge HBK for the title at some point. Both teams worked surprisingly well together in the early going. Sheamus and Henry went back and forth with reversals. Henry lifted Sheamus up for a military press slam. Sheamus hit the High Cross on Barrett. Punk then came in and hit the running knee and bulldog. He then locked him in the Anaconda Vice and won.

Match 1. John Cena and Undertaker vs. Hunico and Camacho
The US and World champs have formed some alliance. Let's see if it pays off. Taker tagged in Cena and they both flipped Camacho over their heads. A few minutes later, Taker hit Camacho with the Last Ride and Tombstone. It was now Hunico's turn to receive a beating from The Deadman. Cena came in, landed a fireman's carry and got the win.

Match 2. Ryder vs. Miz vs. Mahal vs. Riley  #1 Contender's Match
The winner will face John Cena at Survivor Series. This match was fast paced and full of action. Miz hit Riley with a snap DDT. Mahal landed a huge full nelson slam on Miz. Riley hit Ryder with a tilt-a-whirl slam. Riley hit Ryder with the A-Bomb and then the Riley Elevation on Mahal. After a running neck breaker, Miz got the 3 count on Mahal.

Match 3. Ryback vs. Drew McIntyre
Another debut taking place on Smackdown. Ryback is here! Ryder was shown sitting in the front row during this match. Ryback landed a bulldog (odd) and a back breaker. Ryback locked Drew in a sleeper hold but Drew broke out. Drew got in some offense as they battled in and out of the ring. Ryback locked in the sleeper hold again and Drew immediately tapped.

Main Event. Big Show vs. Damien Sandow
The ref was checking Big Show when Sandow hit him with brass knuckles. Damien hit a back suplex and then a northern lights suplex. Show got up and landed the Showstopper out of nowhere. Sandow reversed a body slam into an STO. He then locked Show in a camel clutch and forced him to tap.

After the match, Sandow left the ring and grabbed a chair. He went to hit Show when Hernandez ran down and took the chair from Sandow. He then turned and hit Show.

Recap: I hate the Sin Cara lighting. I want Hernandez off of my Universe.

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