Wednesday, September 19, 2012

October Week 4, Year 4

The draft was held earlier today. The results are down below. The roster will take full effect next week.

Match 1. Brodus Clay vs. Shawn Michaels
Before the match began, Michaels put out his arm for a handshake. Clay was debating if he should do it, but Michaels kicked him in the gut. About 30 seconds into the match, Michaels left the ring and walked up the ramp. Clay followed him. They both got in the ring at the 8 count. Michaels ended it with a Sweet Chin Music.

After the match, Michaels grabbed a chair. He went to hit Clay when Darren Young saved Clay.

Match 2. Triple H vs. Orton, Rhodes and Barrett
This match took place all over the arena. Triple H was fighting all three men by the announce table. He connected with a spine buster and Pedigree on Barrett. Cody busted Triple H open by throwing him head first into the steel post. Triple H knocked out Barrett with another Pedigree to win.

Match 3. Sin Cara vs. Kane
Kane was beating down Sin Cara. Daniel Bryan ran down and locked Sin Cara in the No Lock. Kane then hit a running powerslam. After getting his dropkick reversed, Kane landed a chokeslam and won.

Main Event. Titus O'Neil vs. Brock Lesnar
This is Lesnar's first match back since attacking John Cena. This was a typical squash match. Lesnar hit an F5 just as Darren Young ran down. Young was perched on the top rope, but didn't jump down. Lesnar landed a belly-to-belly and a military press before hitting a second F5. The ref stared down Young as he walked back up the ramp. Lesnar had O'Neil pinned for about 20 seconds before the ref counted the 3.

Match 1. John Cena vs. Randy Orton
Cena hit Orton with a couple of different suplexes. Despite being injured, Del Rio walked down the ramp with a chair. He hit Cena once and then left. Orton went for an RKO, but Cena pushed Orton away. He then landed an AA to win.

Match 2. Antonio Cesaro vs. Homicide and Drew McIntyre
About 30 seconds into the match, Hernandez ran down and attacked Homicide. Both men stayed fresh with constant tag team moves. Cesaro produced the most offense against Homicide. He landed a couple of body slams. He then hit a bicycle kick. Homicide got up and knocked Cesaro out with Da Cop Killa.

After the match, Hernandez came back in the ring and attacked Homicide with a lead pipe.

Match 3. Triple H vs. The Miz
Both men brought in a chair. After a spine buster, Triple H went for a Pedigree, but Miz countered it. He then landed 2 Skull Crushing Finales in a row. Somehow, The Game kicked out and landed a pile driver. Triple H continued the attack which ended with a Pedigree on a chair to win.

Main Event. Big Show vs. Sandow
In his second match, Sandow has to take on the world's largest athlete. Show displayed his power with a back suplex and a military press. Sandow landed a swinging neck breaker. A couple of minutes later, Sandown landed the M14. Show kicked out which led to Show hitting the Showstopper and winning.

After the match, Show checked on Sandown. Damien was faking it and hit Show below the belt.

Recap: I like how Smackdown has veterans taking on the younger stars.

Draft results: Raw - Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, Antonio Cesaro, Mark Henry, and Sheamus
                    Smackdown - Randy Orton, Triple H, Jack Swagger, Big Show, and Jericho

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