Tuesday, September 18, 2012

October Week 3, Year 4

Match 1. Clay and Michaels vs. Prime Time Players
Clay was walking down the ramp. Michaels was nowhere to be seen. During the match, Michaels made his way down to the ring. A cut scene showed him attack Clay and then Darren Young. Michaels then took his spot on the apron. The PTPs hit a double hip toss on Clay and Young got the 3 count.

After the match, Young stuck his arm out for a handshake, but Clay walked away.

Match 2. Jericho vs. Orton
Both Orton and Jericho brought a chair into the ring. Ziggler walked down with a chair. Jericho kicked out of a pin and landed the Codebreaker. Orton hit an RKO outside the ring. Orton went for a suplex, but Jerichi countered and caught Orton in a roll-up to win.

Match 3. Big Show vs. Kane
These two big men had a hard time building momentum. Show connected with the WMD at around 4:30. Kane kicked out and easily lifted Show over his head and then slammed him on the mat. Show got up, hit a huge back breaker and won.

Main Event. Triple H vs. Wade Barrett
Barrett went for a clothesline, but HHH flipped Wade over his head. Wade landed a tilt-a-whirl slam outside the ring. He then went to grab Triple H for Wasteland, but he ducked. Triple H then hit the Pedigree. Wade went for a suplex, but The Game reversed it and hit another Pedigree to win.

After the match, all of Legacy came out. Orton signaled that he wants Triple H's title.

Match 1. Rey and Sin Cara vs. Slater and Gabriel
Rey and Gabriel battled on the outside. Rey wrapped his legs around Gabriel and flipped him over for a nice powerbomb. Both teams hit some nice tag team moves. Sin Cara spun around Gabriel and locked him in an armbar. A minute later, Sin Cara landed a tornado DDT and won.

Match 2. 3-on-1 - Cesaro vs. Hernandez, Homicide, and ???
It appears the two men who were clapping for Cesaro last week go by the names of Hernandez and Homicide. Who are they and what do they want with Cesaro? The third man is Drew McIntyre. Homicide and Hernandez landed a double shoulder tackle. Drew hit a suplex then the Future Shock to knock Cesaro out. 

Match 3. Christian vs. Damien Sandow
The (self-professed) Intellectual Savior of the (unwashed) Masses makes his debut on Smackdown. Christian was in control early. He called Sandow to the corner. Christian kicked him in the face and then hit the Killswitch. Sandow landed a swinging neck breaker. He hit another one soon after. Sandow finished the match with a pinning northern lights suplex.

Main Event. Steel Cage - Undertaker vs. Sheamus
Taker landed a chokeslam fairly early in the match. He then continued with a DDT and fall away slam. Taker clotheslined Sheamus and picked him back up for a Last Ride. Taker was pulled off the cage by Sheamus, but he got up and hit a Tombstone to win.

Recap: I don't like that Homicide and Hernandez are on Smackdown. Orton and Triple H feud? OK!

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