Thursday, September 13, 2012

September Week 1, Year 4

Because of his latest injury, JBL has decided to retire.

Match 1. Jeff Hardy and Barrett vs. Jeri-Show
Jeff and Wade attacked Jericho and Show from behind as they were walking down the ramp. Show hit the WMD on Jeff early, but Jeff kicked out. Jericho hit Wade with a body splash from the apron and then a heel kick. Jeff was in control of Show. Somehow, he lifted him up for a body slam. He then went for the Swanton, but Show moved and hit the Showstopper to win.

After the match, Show and Jericho shook hands and celebrated.

Match 2. Brodus Clay vs. Randy Orton
This is Clay's first match on Raw since teaming with Miz. Orton connected with an RKO, but Clay wasn't ready to stay down. Orton had a few near falls, but Clay kept kicking out. Orton landed another RKO. Clay fought back with a couple of chops. Orton caught him in an Angle Slam-type move and won.

Match 3. CM Punk vs. Kane
Kane hit an uppercut and a leg drop. He then went for an early pin, but Punk kicked out. Jeff walked down the ramp holding a chair. He distracted the ref from Kane's pin. He made it into the ring, which gave Punk the advantage. Punk locked Kane in the Anaconda Vice, but Kane broke out. After a double underhook back breaker, Punk hit the running knee/bulldog combo and a GTS to score the win.

Main Event. Kennedy vs. Bourne
Bourne was walking down the ramp when Kane appeared in the crowd and punched Evan. Kennedy landed the rolling fireman's carry. He then busted Bourne open with a few right hands. He then hit the Mic Check to win.

After the match, Kane came in and attacked both men.

Match 1. Batista vs. Del Rio
Sheamus ran down and hit the High Cross on Del Rio. Batista then hit the Batista Bomb. Somehow, Del Rio kicked out and landed a German suplex from the corner. He then locked Batista in the cross armbreaker, but Batista broke out. Del Rio hit an enziguri and got the win.

Match 2. Sheamus vs. Rhodes
Cody was walking down the ramp when Kofi appeared in the crowd and punched Rhodes. Cody went to the outside where a cutscene showed Del Rio sitting in the front row. He stood up and punched Rhodes, too. Sheamus landed a short-arm clothesline and the Irish Curse. He missed the Brogue Kick, but was able to hit the High Cross to win.

After the match, Sheamus left and Kofi came back in. Sheamus turned around and saved Cody.

Match 3. John Cena vs. Drew McIntyre
Drew was surprisingly holding his own against Cena. He landed the Future Shock DDT. Cena wouldn't stay down so he landed another Future Shock after an STO. Cena fought back and hit a back suplex. After some mounted punches, Cena won.

Main Event. Undertaker vs. Edge
Taker ran to the ring and took down Edge before the bell rang. It was weird seeing Taker run. Taker hit the Tombstone around 1:30. He then hit Old School a few minutes later. Edge fought back with a northern lights suplex. Taker got up, hit a chokeslam and got the 3 count.

Recap: It's interesting on Raw that someone who just had a match makes an appearance in the following match. Jeri-Show is official. Awesome! Smackdown was quick and painless. 

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