Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Here it is. The pay-per-view where dreams come true.

Match 1. Sheamus vs. John Cena  United States Championship
Sheamus landed a few right hands. He then went for a chokeslam, but Cena reversed it. A minute later, Cena hit back to back AAs. After Sheamus kicked out, Cena landed a belly-to-belly and won the US Title.

Match 2. Edge and Eddie vs. DX  Unified Tag Team Championship
Triple H was dominating Edge with a bulldog and his signature spine buster. Eddie finally entered the match to take on The Game. Triple H hit Eddie with a Pedigree. Edge came back in and received a Sweet Chin Music. Michaels then hit Edge with a back breaker and a springboard elbow from the apron to win the belts. Two matches, two new champs.

Match 3. Smackdown MitB - Rey vs. Shelton vs. Del Rio vs. Christian vs. Bryan vs. Miz
Del Rio quickly brought in a ladder. Bryan blocked a punch from Shelton and put him in the Yes Lock. Christian and Del Rio were pushed off the ladder by Miz. Christian busted Rey open with a DDT. Christian then climbed the ladder and pulled the briefcase down. This match was only seven and a half minutes long.

Match 4. Undertaker vs. Cody Rhodes  WWE Championship
Can Rhodes defeat The Deadman and win the WWE Title? It would be a miracle if he does. Taker made quick work of the second-generation star. The match lasted a little over 3 minutes. Cody locked Taker in a rear naked choke, but Taker was too powerful. He finished the match with a Tombstone.

Match 5. Jericho vs. Big Show  World Heavyweight Championship
Can Big Show regain the World Title? About a minute into the match, Kane ran down and took out both men. Jericho hit a bulldog and somehow got Show up for a back breaker. He then connected with a Codebreaker. Show recovered and speared Jericho. He then lifted him up for the Showstopper to win.

Main Event. Raw MitB - Dolph vs. Orton vs. Kane vs. Truth vs. Swagger vs. Bourne
I forgot Kofi was injured, so Kane was a last-minute entrant. Ziggler and Bourne each brought in a ladder right away. Kane and Orton were the two shining stars of the match. They each hit multiple finishers. However, Bourne was still flying around the ring 15 minutes into the match. Orton busted Bourne open with a float-over DDT. Truth hit Orton with a Lie Detector. Swagger knocked Truth off the ladder which allowed him to pull down the briefcase himself.

Recap: I like the two MitB winners. I wasn't happy about Show getting the World Title back.

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