Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The card was horrible. I mean, the matches were the worst. Only two titles were on the line.

Match 1. Ziggler vs. Kofi vs. Tyson Kidd  Intercontinental Championship
Kofi brought in a chair and hit Ziggler and Kidd. Tyson went for a couple of pin attempts on Ziggler, but Kofi broke them up. Kofi busted Ziggler open with a tornado DDT. Ziggler hit Kidd with a German suplex and the Name Dropper. He then locked Kofi in a sleeper hold. Kidd hit a swinging neck breaker on Kofi and a northern lights suplex pin on Ziggler to win.

Match 2. John Cena vs. Swagger vs. Mahal vs. Sandow  United States Championship
Sandow landed a back suplex on Swagger. He then picked him back up and landed the M14. Sandow and Cena both went for pins at the same time, but neither got the 3 count. Swagger landed the gutwrench powerbomb on Mahal. After a couple of punches to the back, Sandow pinned Swagger to win the US Title.

Match 3. Hell No vs. Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio
This was a tornado tag match. Rey hit a springboard leg drop on Bryan as Kane hit Sin Cara with a sidewalk slam. Kane then landed a chokeslam. Kane landed a pump handle slam on Sin Cara and won.

Match 4. Ladder - JeriShow vs. Legacy  WWE Tag Team Championship
Rhodes quickly brought in a ladder. Ted added to the mix by bringing in a sledgehammer. Rhodes somehow lifted Big Show up for an Alabama Slam. Jericho then hit Cody with the Codebreaker. Jericho climbed the ladder, but DiBiase pushed him down. Jericho and DiBiase were both on the ladder. Jericho pushed him down and then grabbed the belts to win.

Match 5. Triple H vs. Randy Orton  World Heavyweight Championship
Orton hit The Game with a back breaker. Triple H wouldn't stay down as he landed a Pedigree. Orton got up and received a pile driver. Triple H landed his signature spine buster. After a hip toss, he got the 3 count to retain.

After the match, Lesnar ran down and attacked Triple H. He then cracked The Game over his head with the World Title.

Main Event. CM Punk vs. Henry vs. Barrett vs. Del Rio  WWE Championship
Punk hit the GTS on Del Rio. Henry then lifted Punk up for a military press and a World's Strongest Slam. Punk got up and hit Wade with a back breaker. Barrett turned his attention to Del Rio as he threw him up in the air, letting him crash chest first onto the mat before scoring the victory.

After the match, Barrett was about to leave the ring, but he turned around and attacked Punk.

Recap: About damn time Cena lost the US Title. Wade Barrett taking the title off of Punk. I see this leading to another rematch, especially with the attack afterwards.

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