Sunday, September 16, 2012

October Week 1, Year 4

Match 1. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels
Former partners are now facing each other. Triple H was walking down the ramp when HBK came out from under the ring and attacked The Game. HBK threw HHH into the ring and hit the Sweet Chin Music. Triple H fought back and hit a spine buster. He then won after connected with a Pedigree.

After the match, Clay came in and celebrated with Triple H.

Match 2. Jericho vs. Kane
Jericho used every move in his arsenal to take down Kane. Big Show ran down and hit the Showstopper on Kane. Kane got up and hit Jericho with a chokeslam. Jericho kicked out of the pin and connected with the heel kick. He went for the Codebreaker, but Kane blocked it and hit another chokeslam to win.

Match 3. Ziggler vs. R-Truth
Ziggler was in complete control of Truth. He landed the Name Dropper. He then went for the ZigZag, but Truth reversed it and hit the Lie Detector. Ziggler caught Truth in a roll-up and almost won, but Truth kicked out. Truth landed Consequences and another Lie Detector to win.

Main Event. Big Show vs. Orton vs. Punk  #1 Contender's Match
The winner will face Triple H in a Hell in a Cell match. Punk ran down and took out Orton before the bell rang. This match was amazing. Show was punching Punk in the corner when Orton hit Show with an RKO. Show tossed Punk out of the ring. Orton then hit Show with a back breaker. Punk got back in the ring and locked Show in the Anaconda Vice. Orton just stood there as Show tapped out.

After the match, Jericho checked on his partner, who was laying face down in the ring.

Match 1. The Usos vs. Hunico and Camacho
I can't tell which one is Jimmy or Jey. Uh oh. I'm gonna say Jimmy hit Camacho with a super kick and a powerful Samoan drop. The Usos hit a few double team moves on Hunico. Camacho made it back in and received a huge splash from Jey (or Jimmy) off the top rope. After a double hip toss, Jey hit a leg drop and got the win.

Match 2. Sheamus vs. Alex Riley
Del Rio came out and grabbed a seat next to the announcers. Sheamus hit Riley with a running powerslam. Sheamus then landed the Irish Curse and Brogue Kick to win.

After the match, Del Rio and Sheamus battled at the top of the ramp. Referees and officials had to break it up.

Match 3. Undertaker vs. Antonio Cesaro
Taker hit a couple of DDTs. Cena ran down and hit Cesaro with an AA as he was setting up for the Neutralizer. Taker got up and hit the Last Ride and Tombstone to win.

Main Event. Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio
Del Rio couldn't take down Christian, so he brought in a sledgehammer. Del Rio hit a suplex and a heel kick. Christian landed the spear and the Killswitch after ADR kicked out of the pin. Christian then hit an atomic drop and a seated shoulder tackle before getting the win.

After the match, Del Rio was taken away on a stretcher. 

Recap: Show is not listed as injured. ADR is injured.

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