Thursday, September 27, 2012

January Week 1, Year 5

4 weeks until the Royal Rumble. Here we go with the beginning of year 5.

Match 1. Alberto Del Rio vs. Darren Young and Brock Lesnar
Young was in the ring at the beginning of the match, but he didn't hesitate to tag in Lesnar. Brock landed a back breaker. Del Rio got right up and hit Lesnar with a gut buster. Young came back in and hit Del Rio with a crossbody. Lesnar ended the match by knocking ADR out with an F5.

Match 2. Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler
These two were staring each other down when Kofi turned around and hit a crossbody on Tensai and Cesaro. Kofi landed the SOS not even a minute into the match. Ziggler got up and landed a German suplex, but it didn't seem to faze Kofi as he landed the Boom Drop. Ziggler kicked out of the pin attempt and locked Kofi in a sleeper hold, forcing him to tap.

After the match, Tensai, Ziggler and Cesaro all beat down Kofi. Ziggler then hit him with a chair multiple times.

Match 3. Sheamus vs. Mark Henry vs. The Miz
In order to compete with these two big men, Miz brought in a steel chair. Sheamus went for the High Cross on Miz, but Henry broke it up. Miz was able to land a snap DDT on Henry. Sheamus got up and connected with the Brogue Kick on Miz and won.

Main Event. CM Punk vs. John Cena  #1 Contender's Match
Punk had Cena in the corner as he drove his boot into his face. Cena threw Punk into the corner and then went for a suplex, but Punk reversed it into one of his own. Santino ran down in order to help Punk, but it didn't work. After breaking out of the Anaconda Vice, Cena landed a hip toss and won.

Match 1. Matt Morgan vs. Alex Riley
Morgan was dominating Riley. He landed the Carbon Footprint, but Riley somehow got up. Riley attempted to build momentum, but Morgan was just too powerful. He lifted Riley up and landed a pump handle drop to win.

Match 2. Ryback vs. Jack Swagger
Justin Gabriel came out and stood in Swagger's corner. Swagger quickly landed a sit-out powerbomb and then the gutwrench. Ryback came back and landed the Shell Shocked suplex. Swagger got up from that, but Ryback took him down with a Samoan drop and won.

After the match, Gabriel and Swagger were arguing. Gabriel just walked away from Swagger.

Match 3. Anderson vs. McIntyre
Drew was taking it to the returning Kenne...I mean Anderson. He landed a back suplex pin, but Anderson kicked out. Drew landed the Future Shock, but Anderson got right up. He then began his offense with a rolling fireman's carry, neck breaker and capped it off with a Kenton Bomb to win.

Main Event. Triple H vs. Sandow
This match was all The Game. He landed a back suplex and then the spine buster. He picked Sandow back up and hit the Pedigree. Sandow kicked out of the pin, but Triple H was on the attack. He hit a running clothesline and won.

After the match, Wade Barrett came down and hit Triple H with the WWE Title.

Recap: First Angle and RVD, now Morgan and Kennedy...Kenn, I mean Anderson. What is going on?

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