Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NO MERCY, Year 4

Match 1. John Cena vs. Cesaro  United States Championship
Cesaro was in control of Cena. Cena showed his frustration as he brought in a chair. Cesaro stopped him with a DDT. Cesaro landed the Neutralizer. Cesaro then hit a huge power slam, but Cena kicked out of the pin. Cena got right up and landed the AA. Cena hit a body slam and the Throwback face buster to win.

Match 2. Big Show w/ Jericho vs. Kane w/ Daniel Bryan
This was the longest singles match I've ever seen. Jericho and Bryan were fighting just as much as Show and Kane. Kane hit Show with a sidewalk slam. He then lifted Show up and connected with a chokeslam. Show got up and speared Kane. He then hit Kane with his own chokeslam. Show hit another spear and got the win.

Match 3. Raw vs. Smackdown - CM Punk vs. The Miz
Punk locked Miz in the Anaconda Vice a couple of times, but Miz broke out. Ted DiBiase walked down to the ring with a chair. He entered the ring and broke up Punk's pin. Punk hit Miz with the running knee and bulldog. He then locked in a third Anaconda Vice and won.

Match 4. Extreme Rules - Triple H vs. Orton vs. Shawn Michaels  World Heavyweight Championship
There were weapons all over the ring. Michaels grabbed a title belt from the fans. Orton pulled out a table from under the ring. Michaels hit Triple H with the Sweet Chin Music outside the ring. Orton then hit The Game with an RKO. Orton busted Triple H open with a DDT. Michaels won with a pinning fisherman's suplex.

Match 5Undertaker vs. Sheamus  WWE Championship
One of the shortest title matches ever. Sheamus landed a couple of short-arm clotheslines. Taker blocked a Sheamus punch and hoisted him up for a Tombstone. After a leg drop, Taker scored the 3 count.

Main Event. Christian vs. Undertaker  WWE Championship
Christian is cashing in his Money in the Bank contract. Surprisingly, Christian was dominating Taker. He cracked Taker over the head with a chair. Christian then landed the Killswitch. Taker got up and connected with a Last Ride. Taker landed the Tombstone a minute later to retain the title.

After the match, Jericho came in the ring and celebrated with The Deadman.

Recap: Both MitB winners lost when they cashed it in. Taker is just too dominant.

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