Thursday, April 26, 2012


That's right. This pay-per-view is Souled Out. With some WCW guys still left on the roster, I needed to have a PPV in their honor. Like I said, there will be no title matches. Foley, Show and Angle are the newest members of the WCW roster.

Match 1. JBL vs. Chris Benoit
JBL hit a back suplex on Benoit. Chris came back and hit a snap German suplex in return. Benoit clotheslined JBL over the top rope. He then hit the Three Amigos and put him in the Crossface. Bradshaw was going for the powerbomb but Benoit rolled out. Benoit went to capitalize, but JBL caught him in a school boy and won.

Match 2. Extreme Rules - Foley vs. Flair
These two men literally hate each other. So, I put them in a match where they can exude the most pain on each other. Foley fell to the outside. He grabbed a garbage can and began chasing Flair. Later, Flair pulled a ladder out from under the ring. More weapons were added to the match. Foley locked in the Mandible Claw to win.

Match 3. RVD vs. Lesnar
Holly walked down to the ring holding a chair. Lesnar hit the F5 but RVD kicked out at 1. RVD hit the 5-Star Frog Splash but Holly distracted the ref from counting. Brock hit another F5 but RVD rolled out of the ring. RVD reversed Lesnar's two attempts at a back breaker. RVD missed a springboard splash and Lesnar capitalized for the win.

Match 4. Chavo vs. Ultimo vs. Jericho vs. Rey
Again, this is a non-title match. Chavo hit Jericho with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Ultimo was taking a break outside the ring. Jericho returned the favor with a snap suplex. Rey hit Chavo with an unorthodox sunset flip and got the 3 count.

Match 5. WWE vs. WCW - Kane, Triple H and Test vs. Show, Scott Hall and Warrior
Once enemies, Hall and Warrior are teaming up for the greater good against WWE tonight. This is not an elimination match; one fall to a finish. Hall and Triple H were the legal men. They looked like they didn't want to face each other. They eventually did as Triple H hit him with the Pedigree. All 6 men got involved throughout the match. Triple H hit a Pedigree on Show and got the win.

After the match, Test and Kane shook hands. It looks like they are an official team.

Main Event. Undertaker vs. Stone Cold
Sting attacked Austin on his way to the ring. Austin reversed Taker's back breaker and hit the Stone Cold Stunner. Austin was going for another Stunner but Taker pushed him away. He turned Austin around and hit him with the Tombstone. Taker pinned him and won.

After the match, Triple H, Angle and X-Pac came out. HHH signaled that he wants Taker's title.

Recap: That may have been the longest 6-man tag ever. Survivor Series is going to be a good PPV.

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