Monday, November 5, 2012

August Week 1, Year 5

Match 1. The Encore vs. Primo and Epico
This is a 3-on-2 handicap match. The Encore consists of Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre. The Colons hit a tag move on Mahal. Primo held Mahal on the ropes and Epico landed a headbutt. The Encore fought back as Slater held out his boot and Drew drove Epico's face into it. The Colons landed a double forearm smash and Epico landed a backstabber to win.

Match 2. Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock
The Rock apparently won, but I do not know how.

Match 3. Brock Lesnar vs. Antonio Cesaro  WWE Championship
Cesaro ran down and cashed in his briefcase. He immediately landed a tilt-a-whirl slam and the Neutralizer. Lesnar left the ring and hit Cesaro with a chair. Cesaro got up and grabbed the WWE Title. He hit Lesnar over the head and landed another Neutralizer to win.

Match 4. Mark Henry vs. Brodus Clay 
I'm controlling Henry to drop Clay. It's a big man vs. big man match. Henry and Clay went back and forth with suplexes. Henry left the ring and grabbed a chair. He hit Clay a couple of times and landed military press and the World's Strongest Slam. Clay kicked out and Henry landed a second-rope splash. Clay kicked out again. Henry picked up Clay and forced him to tap from a bearhug.

After the match, Henry grabbed a chair. He went to hit Clay, but Kurt Angle ran down. He took the chair and Henry left, but Angle hit Clay anyway.

Main Event. Undertaker vs. The Miz
I interfered with John Cena and attacked The Miz. Cena went for an AA, but Miz reversed it. It didn't matter as Taker connected with Old School and won.

Match 1. Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries
Jeff landed a springboard splash from the second rope onto Aries. Aries fought back with a running knee and bulldog, similar to CM Punk. He then locked Jeff in the Horns of Aries. Jeff broke out but Aries continued his attack. After a suplex, Aries got the win.

Match 2. Jay Lethal vs. Joey Ryan
This is Ryan's first appearance on TNA. He defeated a few stars on the WWE/TNA live event in order to make it to the main roster. Angle ran down, attacked Lethal and hit Ryan with an Angle Slam. This is a new side to Kurt Angle.

Match 3. Kaz and Daniels vs. Robbie E and Rob Terry
Kaz and Daniels have held onto the tag titles since TNA debuted in my Universe. They are a successful team and it will take a lot for them to lose it. Robbie E and Rob Terry were taking their turn with Daniels. Terry landed a huge powerslam. Kaz came in and hit Terry with a swinging STO. Daniels was back and hit Robbie E with Angels Wings. Rob Terry and Robbie hit Daniels with a double flapjack and defeated the tag champs.

Main Event. RVD vs. Crimson
Crimson landed a tiger suplex, but RVD came back with a bulldog and a heel kick to the back of Crimson's head. He then landed the 5-star Frog Splash and won.

After the match, RVD left the ring, but was stopped by the returning Bully Ray. He ran down and tossed RVD into the steel steps.

Recap: Glad to see Angle back. His heel turn allows him to face new opponents on his way to the title. Are Kaz and Daniels on the verge of losing their titles? Thank God Bully Ray is back.

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