Wednesday, November 14, 2012


As we enter the second PPV in October, this is flying by. The two main title matches will take place in a Hell in a Cell.

Match 1. Team Hell No vs. Sandow and Del Rio   WWE Tag Team Championship
This match went over 11 minutes and was a good way to kick off the PPV. Kane and Del Rio started it off. Del Rio and Sandow landed a clothesline/spear combo on Kane. Both teams continued their tag moves. Del Rio and Bryan were fighting on the outside while Kane hit Sandow with a Tombstone. He then hit Del Rio with a Tombstone of his own to win.

Match 2. Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero vs. Kofi Kingston
Ziggler has a new manager in the cougar herself, Vickie Guerrero. After an arm wrench, Ziggler hit Kofi with a ZigZag. Kofi fought back with a gut buster and a Russian leg sweep. He hit an arm drag and a huge springboard body splash. Kofi hit the Boom Drop and Trouble in Paradise. Kofi went for a clothesline, but Ziggler caught him in a roll-up and won.

Match 3. Miz vs. Jack Swagger   United States Championship
Miz is allowed to defend either the IC or US titles. What's this? Vickie is also accompanying Swagger to the ring. Swagger was in control for most of the match. Vickie climbed the apron to distract the referee. Miz was called for a disqualification, but he retains the title.

Match 4. Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett
Wade hit a back breaker then busted Orton open with some right hands. Mark Henry slowly walked down to the ring with a chair. Orton landed an RKO. Big Show then ran out from the crowd and broke up Barrett's pin. Wade landed a swinging slam and Wasteland to win.

Match 5. Hell in a Cell - Big Show vs. Triple H vs. CM Punk   World Heavyweight Championship
This title match went over 18 minutes and it was entertaining from beginning to end. Triple H went for the spine buster early, but Punk reversed it. Triple H got up and eventually landed it. Triple H busted open Big Show with some right hands. Triple H reversed a Showstopper and hit Punk with the Pedigree. Show hit Punk with a Showstopper. Punk got up and locked Show in an Anaconda Vice. Show took Punk down with a DDT and Triple H got the 3 count.

Main Event. Hell in a Cell - Antonio Cesaro vs. John Cena   WWE Championship
Triple H was shown sitting in the front row. Cena and Cesaro traded blows in the opening minutes. Cesaro landed a tilt-a-whirl slam. He then hit the Neutralizer. Cesaro wanted to end this match early. Cena got up and went for the AA, but Cesaro broke out. He caught Cesaro and connected with the AA. Cena got a couple of near falls. Cena reversed a DDT into a Russian leg sweep and won.

Recap: I'm shocked that Triple H was able to win the title. The Miz/Swagger match was a complete mess. With John Cena's win, both main titles changed. It's been a while since that happened.

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